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KennedyHawk · 17491

You've seen Ms. Marvel as a mall-rat https://marvelcdb.com/decklist/view/10009/let-s-go-to-the-mall-today-1.0 with dr00 but have you seen Kamala Khan the gym rat? I wanted to like a Ms. Marvel deck and I also wanted to feel The Power of Protection and it turns out this mash-up is really fun. So while I thought using new cards like Fighting Fit and First Hit with Kamala might feel like this...


they didn't. This is the MCM deck of the week deck for 7/10/2021!

You can catch the audiocast here: https://mcm-podcast.com/2021/07/11/dotw-2-ms-marvel-protection/

or watch some Gameplay videos here: Coming soon

or read the write-up right here!

Ms. Marvel - long have I avoided playing this kit. Not because I dislike Kamala. I think she's an amazing character with lots of fun themes and attitude to boot but her kit never really jammed with me. It didn't help she came our around the same time as Captain America who I adore and play constantly, I wanted to find a way to play a reliable Ms. Marvel deck for solo and multiplayer and with the new 1.4 defense ruling Ms. Marvel has a lot to offer.


This deck revolves around keeping Ms. Marvel fighting fit. You are going to want to hover somewhere from 8 to 13 hit points and use the (then) extremely efficient event Fighting Fit to be your damage source. With a 1 DEF statline this may seem impractical but almost every card in this deck helps Kamala get there. You want to use your resources wisely to reach this peak damage output in what turns out to be a very aggressive protection deck.

The Wombo Combo

There are a few combo pieces you'll want in play to optimize Fighting Fit. First, you need Embiggen!. This allows this event to be 2 cost for 7 damage, this far out damage most attack events in the game. On top of that Ms. Marvel can bounce it back to hand so that one card can deal 12 damage in a round, or be saved to deal another 7 next round! You'll want to have your Biokinetic Polymer Suit suit in hand as well. An optimized turn might include. Playing Fighting Fit twice (using Power of Protection) for 12 and then a First Hit to swing for 14 at the villain all without drawing any additional cards!

Mitigation Plans

As mentioned you want to keep your HP high to ensure your Fighting Fit is actually worthwhile. There are many forms of mitigation in this deck. We have recurring allies to block for Kamala (Clea and Starhawk) we also have allies that can stun the villain (Iron Fist and Mockingbird). These allies aren't great at thwarting but hopefully combined with Sneak By they can maintain some threat balance.

On top of allies we have lots of protection cards to help out. First Perseverance this is the card I'm least convinced on. It's nice to have that tough status on Kamala. It allows you to heal up and stay that way for Fighting Fit but can often be drawn at the wrong time. You could consider a Hard Knocks but I wanted to keep my cost curve a bit lower. Ultimately, this card serves it's purpose and is cheap so it's been kept. Momentum Shift is a game changer with Kamala. You can heal for 2 (setting up Fighting Fit) and deal 2 (or 4 with Embiggen). This lets you clear guard minions and enable your triggering conditions! It also means in the villain phase you don't HAVE to exhaust and bounce Wiggle Room to stay healthy - because you can heal up and smash!

First Hit is a really interesting card. It can be used as a 1 for 2 damage attack (4 with Embiggen) or it can be used as mitigation. Wait? A mitigation attack? How does that work. Let's say a Hydra Bomber is attacking you. You can play first hit to eliminate the attacker BEFORE it damages you! Pretty neat. But there's more. Maybe Thomas Edison is the one attacking you, well you can Embiggen! to boost that first hit to 4 and clear the minion to avoid damage. Wait there's more. Do these minions even lift? Let's say Madame Hydra is swinging at you. And you don't want her to stick any damage. You can play First Hit boost it to 4 damage with Embiggen! bounce it and play it again to kill her all before she swings!

Endurance is the final card to help out with Fighting Fit by boosting your max HP to 13 you are able to sustain some damage to leave room for Momentum Shift all while keeping your Fighting Fit boost enabled. We run 3 copies because often one is spent early as a resource but we want to get one out on the first pass.

What to Aamir?

With Aamir you want to set up your combos. Placing a The Power of Protection, Momentum Shift and Fighting Fit sets up an end of deck turn for healing and 9-14 damage which can be game ending for the villain. Depending on health and status you may want to put different allies on the bottom and never forget. You'll have a card in your deck that allows you to shuffle those Aamir'd cards. Clea!

What to Bruno?

A lot of your deck is a bit situational. Maybe you draw into Momentum Shift when at full health? Stash it under Bruno. Maybe you draw Fighting Fit but you are down on health. Save it for a sunnier day. Same goes for other situational mitigation like Perseverance and Wiggle Room.

What's flapping?

Unflappable may seem like an odd choice. Remember as of RRG 1.4 Wiggle Room now counts as a defense action. So if you play Wiggle Room and avoid all damage you can now draw 2 cards instead of 1. Even if you exhaust to bounce the card and play it again you could draw 3 cards which is great for setting up big turns.

Hot Swaps

Some swaps to consider.

-3 Perseverance

+3 Hard Knocks

You get the same effect but with additional attacks! Also helps clear minions.

-1 Endurance

+1 First Hit

I'd probably recommend this one as 3 Endurance is overkill and first hit has some in so handy.

-3 Perseverance -2 Endurance

+3 Hard to Ignore +2 Side Step

This is a large change. You are going to trigger Unflappable quite a bit more but you'll hopefully set up large thwart removals with Hard to Ignore


I hope like me you consider trying out Kamala Khan in an all new green tint. She can be super fun in protection which is what she came packaged with just make sure to do some extra stretches and keep yourself Fighting Fit!


Jul 11, 2021 dr00 · 40709

such a great deck! i've been wanting to sit down and make Kamala work in green as well, and i'm happy to see the work you've done for her.

i'm also glad you mentioned Side Step. i think it'll help a lot for triggering Unflappable as well so you don't have to exhaust to defend. it also pulls double duty with keeping her healthy and can potentially help ping away a minion before it can attack

so glad to see someone else realise green is the best colour and kamala is one of the best heroes :D

Jul 11, 2021 adsarf · 359

I really want to try the Side Step/Hard to Ignore version. The new protection cards recently have really opened up some different kinds of deck.

I've been trying a She-Hulk protection deck. It probably isn't as good as this one, but again the new cards let you take a more aggressive approach.

Jul 15, 2021 celric · 432

Unflappable exhausts when you use it, so it will never draw you more than 1 card per turn.

Jul 15, 2021 dr00 · 40709

@celric he's talking about 2 total cards from playing Wiggle Room and using Unflappable. he also mentions that if the attack is doing 4-6 damage, you can bounce Wiggle Room back to your hand, play it again, and draw 3 total cards.

Jul 15, 2021 celric · 432

@dr00 Ms Marvel has 5 cards in hand when she gets attacked for 6.

1) You play Wiggle Room to reduce 3 damage

2) exhaust to use Ms Marvel’s ability and return Wiggle Room to hand

3) play Wiggle Room again to take 0 total damage and Wiggle Room goes to your discard pile

4) exhaust Unflappable to draw 1 and you have 5 cards in hand again


Jul 15, 2021 dr00 · 40709

@celric you would have 7 cards because Wiggle Room draws a card each time you play it

Jul 15, 2021 KennedyHawk · 17491

Yup @dr00 nailed it.

1) You are attacked for 6 with one Wiggle Room in hand. [5 cards in hand]

2) You play Wiggle Room to prevent 3 damage and draw a card (from the card text). [5 cards in hand]

3) Exhaust Ms. Marvel to bounce Wiggle Room [6 cards in hand]

4) Repeat Step 2. Now taking 0 damage and drawing your Wiggle Room replacement. [6 cards in hand]

5) The attack has resolved and you defended without taking damage (thanks to Wiggle Room). So you exhaust unflappable and draw a card. [7 cards in hand]

Jul 15, 2021 celric · 432

@dr00``@KennedyHawkgotcha, thx for the clarification!

Jul 19, 2021 Ganzgut · 1

This looks like a lot of damage for a protection deck. I will try this for sure.

Sep 07, 2021 camsimps · 1

This deck was a lot of fun! I just took it through the GMW standard campaign and didn't run into any significant trouble until Ronan (shocking, I know), but I eventually took him down as well. The only modifications I made were swapping out Unflappable for The Night Nurse, and swapping out the 3 copies of Perseverance for 3 copies of Hit and Run. The latter brings the cost curve up a bit, but it can be such a great card with Ms. Marvel when she has Embiggen! and Shrink on the table. It's really nice to be able to clear a minion and thwart a nice chunk of threat off of a scheme with a single card! But survivability became such an issue against Ronan that I had to eventually replace it with 3 copies of Side Step instead of relying on just the 2 copies of Wiggle Room for damage mitigation.