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KingOfRohan · 4084

Thanks to Scion0110 for feedback on this deck!


A key to this deck is using Mjolnir as a resource. Unlike Steve Rogers, Odinson's ability is an Action rather than Setup, meaning you can and should be drawing and spending Mjolnir as many turns as possible (even every turn). This essentially allows Thor's hand size to be +1 most turns.

For example, a great first two turns might look like this:

Turn 1: Draw a resource card (like Genius), a 4-cost ally (Nick Fury, Daredevil, or Lady Sif), and God of Thunder. Summon Mjolnir. Spend the resource card to play God of Thunder. Switch to Thor. Use God of Thunder, Mjolnir, and the other two cards in hand to play the 4-cost ally. Thwart with Thor and the ally (if facing Breakin' & Takin' or The "Immortal" Klaw).

Turn 2: Attack with Thor, use God of Thunder and a card to play a 2-cost card like Under Surveillance. Switch to Odinson. Summon Mjolnir. Use Mjolnir and the other card to play another 2-cost card.

On the following turn, summon Mjolnir again and it's your choice whether to spend it as a resource or play it to boost your attack and allow for Hammer Throw.

Just remember, playing Hammer Throw later in the game, you can go on another spree of switching back and forth between hero and alter ego using Mjolnir as a resource until you want or need to play it again.

This use of Mjolnir as a resource allows you to have the hand size to focus on taking care of early issues (like a bad side scheme). It's still very helpful to get out Asgard or Avengers Mansion (you don't necessarily need both), but lean into the Mjolnir-as-resource until you have one of those out later on. Prioritize mulliganing into a strong opening hand to deal with early threats (like a 4-cost ally or Jessica Jones) rather than searching for Asgard.

Use For Asgard! to trigger Concussive Blow. Use Thor's Helmet or Lightning Strike to trigger For Justice!.

You can wait for just the right moment to play the 1-cost Support/Upgrade cards (Down Time, Endurance, Interrogation Room).

Remember this cardinal rule: END EVERY TURN WITH AN EMPTY HAND.

The deck rewards clever, intelligent use of Mjolnir as a resource. If you play it right, I think you will really enjoy this dynamic.

Have fun in Hel's Kitchen!


May 20, 2020 KingOfRohan · 4084

I say DON'T prioritize drawing into Asgard, however, an amazing opening hand is Nick Fury and Asgard. You can use the other three cards and Mjolnir to pay for Fury, then spend the three cards he draws to play Asgard, then thwart with Thor and Fury to clear a side scheme, and finally block with Fury in the villain phase and you are pretty amazingly well set up.

May 20, 2020 Scion0110 · 1259

I like this version it looks a lot cleaner.

May 20, 2020 KingOfRohan · 4084

It really feels like it.

May 20, 2020 KingOfRohan · 4084

First version was tested only through card draw - this version has been tested several times solo against expert Rhino and I'm excited to face down Klaw and Ultron.

May 20, 2020 KingOfRohan · 4084

I just mowed through Expert Klaw with this deck! I think I’m going to pair it with Black Panther Aggression and start trying some Heroic Klaw!

May 20, 2020 Scion0110 · 1259

Heck yeah man. I don't know if you noticed if any of the changes made a difference but I'm glad it worked

May 20, 2020 KingOfRohan · 4084

Oh absolutely. For Justice and Concussive Blow were awesome. I also felt like I had three or four great options every turn and had the chance to think through what would work best with the exact situation and knowing what Klaw can do.

I’m certain I can handle Ultron! Another Under Surveillance might be clutch against him, though. (And maybe Emergency?)

May 20, 2020 Scion0110 · 1259

You need under surveillance in your opening hand against Ultron then it's all about minion control. If he goes to his second scheme he buries you.

May 20, 2020 Scion0110 · 1259

From personal experience followed is trash against ultron

May 21, 2020 neothechosen · 9692

Really like this, I've been looking for ways to play Thor in a more efficient way, seems like you beat me to it!

I'll try it ASAP.

Thanks a lot!

May 23, 2020 gustave154 · 21

Just beat Ultron Expert with this deck. He was stuck on the first scheme for the whole game!

May 23, 2020 KingOfRohan · 4084


I’ve been playing a ton of Expert Rhino, switching out one Followed for a second Under Surveillance since it’s just so essential against him.

I’m also realizing just how essential Concussive Blow is to the deck. It allows you to switch back and forth between hero and alter ego without fear of the villain’s scheming. And yet I think two copies is enough - you only need to play it every other turn, and four turns will put you through your whole deck most times.

May 23, 2020 KingOfRohan · 4084

Crazy good, crazy fun team-up is this deck with Ms. Marvel Aggression. I just tried Hel’s Kitchen with the Teen Angst Ms. Marvel deck here:


Took down Expert Rhino with Legions of Hydra. So many turns, we’d be facing down a crazy group of minions and side schemes (Legions of Hydra came out at least three times, Madame Hydra five times), but there were just so many tools to remove threat and deal damage in just the right amounts every turn.

Normally, the Hel’s Kitchen deck has enough threat removal on its own to mostly use Defender of the Nine Realms as a trigger for Concussive Blow, but here Thor would you use DotNR, remove threat, draw cards, and let Ms. Marvel kill the minions and build up Hall of Heroes.

Highly recommend this team-up.

May 23, 2020 Scion0110 · 1259

Yeah concussive blow is one of the best cards in any Justice deck in one two and three player. Less good in four player but still a good card. Been playing with this deck as well it's really good.

May 23, 2020 KingOfRohan · 4084

Yeah it’s always a great card, but it’s handy in this deck because you’re hopefully switching almost every turn when you’re using Mjolnir as a resource.

May 27, 2020 KingOfRohan · 4084

I made a video with this deck versus Standard Ultron. It was not a challenge, but it did perfectly showcase how to use Mjolnir as a resource as often as possible, so do check it out:


I switched out the second Surveillance Team for a second Under Surveillance, and that’s become standard for me, it’s too helpful getting that card out.

Jun 01, 2020 KingOfRohan · 4084

Great discussion of Mjolnir's dual use in Marvel Champs Monday:


Jun 06, 2020 Loveu3000 · 1

Thank you for posting your deck and play through. When I first played the Thor pack out the box I was really disappointed..but that was because I played it wrong! What a great set! Just played Rhino a few times on expert and had a blast

Jun 06, 2020 KingOfRohan · 4084

Wow, thanks for letting me know that, I feel really appreciated. So glad you’re enjoying Thor.

Jun 20, 2020 KingOfRohan · 4084

If you like this deck, check out the 3.0 version:


It requires Black Widow but I do think it’s definitely better.