Cost: 1.

Alter-Ego Action: Search your deck and discard pile for a card with the Asgard trait and add it to your hand. Shuffle your deck.

"For honor! For glory! For Asgard!" — Thor
Thor #4. Thor #5.
For Asgard!

The most useless card in Thor's deck? Probably. What do you really want to pay 2 cards out of hand, or 1 if you're lucky, for when paying for For Asgard!? Well, not Lightning Strike. Maybe Thor's Helmet, if you'll die otherwise, but really there's only 1 prime target, Hammer Throw. You only have 3 of these, so that's 24 damage you can lay on the villain. You know who else has that damage capability? Spider-Man with Swinging Web Kick, but he only gets 3. Thor, theoretically could use a fourth copy by bringing it to hand with For Asgard! Not that likely, but even so you want that card to be in your hand because you'll be 8 damage points closer to victory once each time you play it.

I would play this card for Lady Sif. She's that awesome. — gustave154 · 14
You can’t get Hammer Throw, it isn’t Asgard traited. What you really want is Asgard to make up for his bad hand size. — Servicious · 1
Exactly, you can not use it to retrieve Hammer Throw. At first, I thought this card was quite bad. However, in practice, I use it often, mainly for Lady Sif, and sometimes to search for Asgard. — ekalel · 1
This card got a big buff with Angela from the Gamora deck as she has the Asgard trait. — Butthorn · 14