Danger Zone (Captain Marvel Protection)

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dr00 · 18766

Danger Zone

This here's my hyper aggressive Protection Captain Marvel. It definitely plays into the idea that the best defense is a good offense.

The general strategy with this, unlike say a Spider-man or Captain America Protection build, is pretty much never use the DEF action and instead lean heavily on Danvers' and Protection's kit to avoid, redirect, or heal as much damage as possible.

Firstly, all the Basic staples are here: Nick Fury, Mockingbird, the resource cards, Avengers Mansion, and Helicarrier. They work solidly in almost any deck and still work here as well.

Secondly, there's plenty of sustainability available with Captain Marvel's own hero ability as well as Med Team and a single copy of Endurance. Luke Cage can also tank a couple of hits, but he can also be used as in a pinch.

To help complement your healing, the deck includes Energy Barrier, Nova, and Preemptive Strike. This three-card combo does very well for dealing with damage in lieu of defending. Nova is a strong contender for MVP of this deck and can kill minions before their attack finishes or also help ping the villain if you need just a little push at the end. Energy Barrier can redirect damage back to its attack or even at another enemy. Keep this in mind for strategic plays by redirecting attacks towards something that hasn't attacked yet so that they die before they can even activate. Preemptive Strike feels so great cancelling a 3-icon boost card, but it's still efficient at 2 or even 1, but the best part is it's still useful even if you don't use it for its ability, but more on that later.

To help fuel her abilities, this deck includes as much as possible--28 in fact (including Energy, Energy Absorption, and Enhanced Reflexes). Extra synergy exists with the previously-mentioned Nova and Energy Channel, allowing nearly every to be converted to 2 damage if nothing else.

My favorite part about this deck is how cohesive it is and how it kind of enhances the mechanics of the game. Every card in your hand is a resource or a card you play for its effect, but for about three-quarters of the deck, you can also convert it to 'free' healing, damage, damage prevention, or extra card draw.