Iron Man for Justice - My first deck-construction

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angie666 · 4

Iron Man needs his time to setup his gear. So in the first rounds of the game, be sure to control the thread and try to get the tech cards out as soon as possible. Stark Tower is helping you with getting the right cards back of the discard pile. Also Tony Starks action helps you, to get the more cards into your hand. In combination with Stark Tower you could also discard a tech card for another card, to get it back with it.

If the thread is increasing too fast, don't worry to switch to your hero form. If you have Avengers Mansion and Stark Tower in play, you can get more cards in your next round, once you switch back to your alter-ego form.

Stark Tower is a very good source for drawing tech cards back from the discard pile. But it's also helpful, if you need more cards in hand to pay for other cards.

Daredevil is quite expensive but once you have him in play, he is good in reducing thread. In combination with First Aid, you can also heal him and keep him alive longer.

War Machine is a must have when there are more minions engaged with you. Also here, the combination with First Aid is amazing.

Repulsor Blast in combination with much in this deck works well. The possibility to draw a few is increased, because of my energy-based deck.

Enhanced Awareness is a good combo with For Justice! and Rocket Boots.


Jun 22, 2022 dafair · 1

If you have access to the Ironheart pack, Ingenuity is a great upgrade for Enhanced Awareness... same cost, but not limited to 3 uses, and Tony Stark can play it since he is a Genius. Quincarrier is another great resource generator, and comes in the Black Widow pack, and a few other packs as well.

Overall, looks like a fun deck to play. I would drop Emergencyto get another First Aid in there, though.

Jun 22, 2022 angie666 · 4

Thanks dafair for your tips :)

I do have the Black Widow pack and definetly will drop Emergency for First Aid. Good idea! :) And yeah, I can remember that I also have the Quincarrier. Sure, it comes with the Black Widow pack :D

Thanks a lot. I didn't know that deck building is so much fun in MC... with LOTR I had big troubles and it wasn't fun for me either!

Jun 22, 2022 journeyman2 · 11133


If you have Venom, you can add a Sonic Rifle! Usually the second confuse is better than the conditional 3 damage from Concussive Blow. It is also a tech that can be played to increase your hand size, and it creates a confuse-lock with Stark Tower!

This old deck for instance:

Jun 22, 2022 angie666 · 4

Thx journeyman2!

Unfortunately I don't have the Venom deck yet, but I'm sure it will be in my collection soon... like the other missing things ;)

Ahh good hint that there are also other non Iron-Man tech cards available!

I'll try your deck once I have the missing decks. I added your deck to my favorites :)