Doctor Strange "Tough Enough" Heroic Ally Swarm

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Mag · 7016

[This deck has cleared every scenario on Heroic 1]

The purpose of this deck is to shore up Doctor Strange's strengths with tons of allies to block for him: allowing him to stay in hero form all game and use Wong to cycle cards for him (read: you never have to swap to alter-ego).

This deck cuts out a lot of the chaff, like situational cards that don't focus on the ally swarm and toughening them up. In normal and expert, x3 tough allies can net you three entire free turns to do what you wish with the board: his Invocation deck can deal damage, thwart, it can do it all.

Doctor Strange has no need for ramp cards like the "Enhanced" set. He doesn't need recovery or hero healing gumming up his deck as he and his allies shouldn't be taking damage regularly due to his Seven Rings of Raggadorr Invocation. Strange is "on" from turn 1 and you should focus on your strengths: your Invocation deck.

x3 Get Ready allows for Doctor Strange to constantly re-ready Wong, which in turn lets him cycle Vapors of Valtorr: one of his more situational Invocation deck cards. Make the Call can bring Wong back into play, or bring any pricey meatball ally back into play after playing the Winds of Watoomb Invocation: allowing you to pay for those big-cost allies.

That said, note that it's perfectly okay to use Vapors to convert an ally's "tough" to a "confuse/stun" depending on the ally (confuse for an attack-only ally, stun for a thwart-only ally). This concession allows you to cycle out Vapors manually and get to the more heavy-hitting Invocations. As a reminder, you need a legal target to cycle Vapors without trickery like Wong.

A great combo is to bring in Mockingbird (you have options like Make the Call) to stun the villain, tough her with Strange, then block the next villain attack with tough, then block another villain attack without tough, then Rapid Response her back in, stunning the villain again. You've just negated four attacks: crucial for Heroic games where you're taking multiple villain activations per turn.

Also don't forget about the combo of using Maria Hill, then Get Ready to attack/thwart to kill her off, then using a pre-played Rapid Response to bring her back in, then playing another Rapid Response, then killing her off again with an attack/thwart (she comes back with 1HP), then Rapid Response-ing her in again. If you go first in a four player game, your table will thank you.

The Iron Man ally is a literal wildcard and is in the deck for three reasons:

1) This DB doesn't have all the new cards yet. 2) He's an ally: even without upgrades his stats are baseline. 3) He's a wild resource to help feed Magic Blast.

If you wish, you can substitute him for The Sorcerer Supreme

Make sure to check out Hall of Heroes!


Jul 05, 2020 Scottydog · 1

Really enjoyed playing this deck. I played Klaw, who I've only beaten once with Dr Strange, and won fairly comfortably. Having so many allies meant I only flipped to alter-ego once and was able to utilise the Invocation deck far more effectively that I have previously. Thanks to Hall of Heroes for this deck - great fun and very effective.

Jul 07, 2020 KennedyHawk · 7386

This deck rocks. I love allies. What I love more is tough allies! Make everyone Luke Cage for the cost of 1 resource!

Jul 09, 2020 M3t4lB0x (TLM) · 1699

Love this deck! Reminds me so much of my Goku Allies Deck I ran back when Score DBZ was still around. After playing it a bunch the last 2 days, the only real tweak I made was taking out Inspired and Heimdall and putting in 2 Quinjets. The Quinjets fit my play style and can really give you big swing potential where you can drop a big cost ally for free and still play your hand, play extra allies, use a spell, etc. Love the heck out of this deck and it will only get better as the ally pool increases! Nice work!

Jul 10, 2020 celric · 143

Lockjaw is feeling very left out right now.

Jul 11, 2020 seanpaul7 · 1

Really enjoying this build. Heimdall seems to be a bit expensive for most builds IMO. I like his Response but man, he's expensive. I never seem to put him in play, just used as a resource. I'm thinking of swapping him out with The Triskelion. I always find myself with a few more Ally options in hand but my limit of 3 in play has already been reached. Great job with this!

Jul 17, 2020 count-zero · 1

Great deck. My question would be whether you get a lot of value from Sanctum Sanctorum since the plan is to stay in Hero mode. Would it be more beneficial to swap it for The Sorcerer Supreme?

I also like the idea from @M3t4lB0x (TLM) to get the 2x Quinjet in. Will try out

Jul 17, 2020 count-zero · 1

I am silly it is part of Doctor Strange deck :s

Jul 17, 2020 Ryson · 111

There is so many allies in this deck that I never use make the call. I always have something better to play.

Get ready is only really useful for wong. For other allies, not so much. And reading wong might not be necessary because you can change the top card of the invocation deck by Being into alter ego.

So I removed the get ready and make the call. I include 3x inspired and 3x first aid to keep allies strong and Alive. (I had a while game where I had an inspired Iron man from the beginning. Between healing and though status, it never die.

The last card was replaced by a teamwork but I am not very convinced. I will maybe replace it by a queenjet.

Note that if heimdall was not so good with rapid response, I would exclude it to limit myself to avengers and get the tower of avengers.

I might test with quinjet or triskelion for the last cards.

Jul 19, 2020 M3t4lB0x (TLM) · 1699

@count-zero heh, yeah you cannot take out the sanctum, but I agree with you that Sorcerer Supreme is a strong add since you almost never flip to AE.

@Ryson yah, in my playing with it, I never really used Make the Call, but Get Ready saw lots of use for me. I like the idea of the First Aid x3. :)

Jul 27, 2020 dr00 · 9991

is this the best deck of all time? i mean maybe? who cares? allies for days is fun as hell.

Get Ready to cycle faster with Wong is just truly chef's kiss

Aug 12, 2020 Lee102 · 30

I'm curious to know if anyone has had any success with this deck up against heroic Mutagen Formula? Really struggling to lay any damage on the villain as we get swamped by goblin soldiers and side schemes! (X2 player game on Tabletop Simulator)

Aug 12, 2020 Ryson · 111

I have been able to beat Expert Mutagen Formula (with the Electro set instead of Goblin Gimmick) in a solo game.

I have not tested the Heroic mode however

Aug 19, 2020 DoxaLogos · 70

Cool deck. I haven't had a chance to play. Is there a reason you didn't put The Triskelion in this deck to increase the ally limit? Seems like you could do more work. Was it just too inefficient to put an extra ally out instead of a calling back up another one you needed?

Sep 05, 2020 Vortilion · 28

@Hall of Heroes: „tough her with Strange“, how?

Sep 05, 2020 Vortilion · 28

Never mind. ;)

Sep 08, 2020 stoolpigeon · 1

@DoxaLogosI assume it isn't worth the slot. You don't need a very wide board in this deck since you can protect 3 with status effects just as easily as 4. Unlike most leadership lists which use a wide board as a draw engine, this deck just wants to stay in hero mode and go off with spells every round instead of developing a board in the traditional sense.

Also I assume Black Knight is an upgrade over Iron Man. 1 thwart isn't worth 1 cost.

Oct 14, 2020 dudu_urban · 3

Nice deck. Strange really is the most OP character of this game!

Nov 19, 2020 malakav · 21

I made a new version, hope you like

Jan 27, 2021 VasThePirate · 1

Excellent deck! Just beat Ultron on Expert for the first time, with my first time playing Doctor Strange ever.

Jan 29, 2021 kartana · 1

Insanely fun and very strong deck.

Jan 29, 2021 gustave154 · 9

Yeah this deck (or should I say the invocation deck) is literally broken as hell. It's fun for awhile but then gets hilarious after a few games.

Feb 02, 2021 WingsOfDaidalos · 220

As someone new to the game and loving Doctor Strange, thank you for creating this insanely fun deck.

Has it been updated at all since its conception with all the news cards? I have all cards released atm and wonder if there are any tweaks I can do to make it even better (like using some of the newer allies or something). Would love to hear your thoughts!

Feb 07, 2021 Hongkia83 · 1

Hi all, keen to try constructing this deck. May I ask is an Invocation deck separate from the main hero Dr Strange's deck?

Feb 08, 2021 norsah1947 · 1

Yes it is separate for the main deck

Apr 06, 2021 Siris101 · 16

Really great deck. I updated it a bit with the new cards.

Apr 17, 2021 AK01 · 1

What do you think about spiritual meditation from scarlet witch? I think digging for cards is useful.

May 19, 2021 The_Wall · 11

Cosmo's wording is wrong on this site, the actual card says "discard the top card of a deck"; so you can choose invocation and have him act as a second Wong while also being Black Cat.

Would you drop Iron Man for this? Also is it worth dipping deeper into upgrades and Yondu territory, or would this just be a different deck at that point?

Jun 10, 2021 adsarf · 139

I've just added yet another deck to the 'inspiration for' list on this one. So many of us have tried to improve on it, but I don't think I succeeded.