Nebula - Quickdraw Warrior (Project Post-con) [J]

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Michaelangelo · 1146

This deck is part of Project Post-con: building a ready to use deck for each existing hero, just using the available card copies of buying each pack once. This does not only enable fast pick-and-play, but it also makes each deck feel unique, as not everyone is using the same powerhouse cards. Each deck is intended to be fun and usable in expert mode, but none will be the absolute strongest possible due to the card limitations. Looking for other decks? Search for the Post-con tag.

Project Post-con builds: V1, V2 (cf comments for minor changes)

This nebula deck is fast-pace with good card draw and low card-cost. As a result, she can quickly react to most situations, even tough her techniques have a delayed output. She likes to flip every single turn to get all out of her techniques. This makes her a natural fit for Justice. The whole deck revolves strongly around her techniques, which provide a play-style a no other. The techniques are not only very cheap for what they can do, they also give her even more cards in alter-ego. This makes her feel very powerful throughout, though a lot of planning is often needed. Not an entry-level hero.


Before reading this section, have a quick glance at the cost curve. This deck, together with Drax, has one of the lowest cost-curves in the project. However, the basic resources still have their value. With the strong card draw (alter-ego ability, One Way or Another and Daughters of Thanos) you can rack up power from these with Lethal Intent.


  • Gamora is a great signature ally who synergises perfectly with Nebula's strong technique events.
  • Eros is powerful in any situation due to his low cost. His minion confusing is a nice bonus for your next alter-ego turn.
  • Wraith is like having 3 Target Acquired in one and remains consistently on the field. With the increasing amount of terrifying boost abilities, he is more than worth keeping on the field with First Aid.
  • Cosmo is mainly here to get optimal use of her Wide Stance, which will activate a lot.


But then we come to her core: techniques:

  • Unyielding Persistence is one of her best techniques, providing a stat boost and a tough. The stalwart should also not be underestimated, as it removes active stun/confuse as well. Not surprisingly, she only has this card once.
  • Evasive Maneuvering is her other top technique. This puts even more value to Wide Stance, as it gives control on whether cards are seen as boost or encounter. The ability to stun or confuse ensures a free villain activation. the passive ability when equipped is situational.
  • Weapons Master is critical in justice as damage output is your biggest challenge.
  • Cutthroat Ambition is cheap threat removal. Piercing can also be useful.
  • Wide Stance has been discussed at length already for encounters. But also the passive ability is great since Nebula is a bit frail.


  • Nebula's Ship is a free resource, what's not to like. It gives you one free technique per turn or pays for any other card with the desired resource type.
  • Crew Quarters helps you heal as defence is not your major strength. This also leaves more basic actions for ATK and THW.


  • Combat Ready has two great options to choose from. Just be sure to remember it is an alter-ego action only. But as Nebula flips every turn, you can always use it.
  • Lethal Intent is a powerhouse. It converts each resource in a strong special effect that would cost multiple resources in any other deck.
  • One Way or Another helps you get card draw to find your techniques. It is insanely powerful as you can choose the scheme. With Justice served on the field, this side scheme set-back is even less relevant.
  • with Making an Entrance you can even change the new scheme into HP, is your own THW is not sufficient to destroy it.
  • "Think Fast!" plays into Nebula's need to flip a lot. A scheme-free villain turn is worth a lot more than the 1 HP cost.
  • Lay Down the Law is great THW for ER cost and is usable every other turn, as Nebula flips so often.
  • Daughters of Thanos is just so much fun to pull of to set up the right technique combo.
  • First Aid is foremost intended to keep Wraith alive or stretch more time from Gamora until you draw your team-up card. In a pinch it can also heal Nebula, as she is quite frail with 9 HP.

In conclusion, definitely a deck that requires some experience, but Nebula has so much potential. Once you get the hang of her techniques, she is a force to be reckoned with.


Jan 06, 2022 Sippik · 1

Hey ! I'm not talking about this deck, but about this project, which I think is very interesting. I love this philosophy of play and I admire your leaderships decks in general. I'm kind of upset to see everytime the same cards/mechanisms (strength in numbers and power draw) in leaderships decks and I think yours are very refreshing.

Is there a page somewhere where we can follow/discuss the evolution of those decks when new packs are released, and the construction of news decks when new hero are leased?

Jan 06, 2022 Michaelangelo · 1146

@Sippik Happy to hear that. Thanks for your interest in the project!

Still looking for the best place to facilitate discussions/interaction, so suggestions are always welcome. Would love to hear everyone's experience with the decks.

When new hero's get released, I rebuild my own decks offline and then will update any impacted deck here by creating V2.0. The old decks will then get "Legacy" in the title in stead of Project Post-con. Already looking forward to Vision (hopefully next week). So searching "Project Post-con" should always give you only the current builds for each hero.

Jan 23, 2022 Michaelangelo · 1146

With the release of vision I changed following contents: Removed 1x Daughters of Thanos and x1 Followed in favour of 2x Chance Encounter.

  • Chance Encounter shows similar synergy with the other side-scheme cards and helps get back Gamora for even more technique triggers.

I will create a V2.0 of all the decks in the future, but I don't want to flood the site with new decks every month with each new release.