Decked Halls 2021: Carol Barrel Rolls

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KennedyHawk · 9990

Welcome to Decked Halls 2021 - Each year KennedyHawk (me) from the MCM crew puts out some decks near the holidays - this will probably be our last year making a deck for every hero so I wanted to try something new. What I'll be doing is visiting each characters preconstructed deck and reconstructing it. Each character will be able to drop 10 cards and add 10 replacements from other sets. Characters will stay in their preconstructed aspect. Cards are limited by a playset (how many you have in your collection if you buy one of every pack). So by the end we will be making some real sacrifices. Watch for audio casts on the MCM podcast and youtube feed in the coming weeks going over these decks.

If you are hesitant to deck building you can try using these decks in your collection as a new set of preconstructed decks that fine tune each one.


First up are the core set heroes - here is a Captain Marvel deck with a few thoughts.

Carol Danvers comes with a precon leadership deck - strong hero + strong aspect = a real winner. So how are we going to shake things up? There are a lot of Captain Marvel decks that go 6-wide allies and go bonkers with Strength In Numbers but I'm saving that for another Leadership precon - who may just be the best character ever... here we went the voltron route building up allies with a ton of upgrades.

Carol has enough economy to drop The Power of Leadership and still play some beefy allies like Iron Man and Yondu. We also add Ronin for more voltron synergy and White Tiger because Carol likes drawing cards (who doesn't?). We kept Vision in our deck because this is something we all tried to do with Carol in the hayday of the core set - voltron Vision and keep him pumped with energy resources.

We had to make room for these allies so we dropped some of the others that may be more useful for other heroes Hawkeye, Maria Hill and Mockingbird departed out deck. We dropped the rather weak basic package of Haymaker, Emergency, and Tenacity (seriously someone is going to get stuck with this - but who?). Finally we added our upgrades an additional copy of Inspired, 2 copies of Sky Cycle, and 1 Laser Rifle (for Yondu). Yondu is also your Honorary Avenger target. Testing the deck I was pretty happy with it's performance. It keeps some of the basics that were in Carol's deck like Get Ready and Make the Call but really pushes the voltron beat just a tiny bit more. You'll see a big focus on Carol's kit once your allies are set up and should have a blast!

I hope you enjoy this reconstructed version of Captain Marvel. What cards would you remove or add to her precon deck?

Happy Holidays!


1 Mockingbird

1 Maria Hill

1 Hawkeye

2 Lead from the Front

2 The Power of Leadership

1 Haymaker

1 Tenacity

1 Emergency


1 Iron Man

1 Yondu

1 White Tiger

1 Ronin

1 Laser Blaster

2 Sky Cycle

1 Honorary Avenger

1 Inspired

1 First Aid


Jan 04, 2022 Schmillt · 1

Were you tempted to include Enhanced Reflexes? I play it in every Captain Marvel deck as it essentially becomes a Heal 3, Draw 3 with her hero ability.