Captain Marvel [LEADERSHIP] - SPIRIT BOMB!! (solo/multi)

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alexkimak · 951


This deck revolves around Captain Marvel's amazing draw power. At the start, your allies will provide great buffers to mitigate any schemes, minions, and attacks as you build up your upgrades/supports. Once you have your support/upgrade items set up, your allies will now serve as a means of draw power using Strength In Numbers. When this deck works, you will be able to get huge turns where you'll be easily dishing out 10 damage Energy Channel as well as Photonic Blast to burn the villain down in a round or two. ALternatively, you will be able to flex your allies with Lead from the Front and do massive damage/thwart. With Captain Marvel's natural drawing power/high resource cards this deck will feel super versatile and handle just about any situation you find yourself in.


Deck Edit:

Deck Edit Explanation: After trying to push some more heroic modes, I found that there may have been one too many Strength In Numbers in the deck. I also wasn't playing Enhanced Reflexes as often as I would've liked since the situation often forced me to play more high impact cards like events/allies rather than build up my resource generating arsenal. I decided to start with Morale Boost since it still uses and allows my allies (or Captain Marvel herself) to pack a bigger punch (or thwart) to mitigate situations. I will report back once I play test this some more though.

Starting Hand Strategy:

  • Discard to try and get your resource cards + support cards.
  • Alpha Flight Station -> this is a definite must as far as putting down early.
  • Maria Hill -> keep her if you draw her!
  • Energy Channel -> I don't like this in my starting hand but if I do draw 2 of them, I will keep at least 1. It's 0 cost to put down and a great way to deal with high HP pool minions when needed.

Playing this Deck:

Early Game: In the beginning, priority is a balance of drawing up/playing your supports while balancing an ally or two to help mitigate current threats on the board. I will generally toggle between alter-ego and hero form to maximize the card drawing potential/cycle through my deck to lock down the cards I want to play early. Getting an ally such Maria Hill will be great. She allows you to draw a card and has 2 THW (to keep the schemes in check). Playing Alpha Flight Station/Helicarrier/Avengers Mansion as soon as possible will be priority. However, don't be afraid to play other allies (especially if you have The Power of Leadership) to mitigate situations that come up with Main Schemes/Side Schemes/minons. I tend to abuse my allies at this point of the game, letting them ATK/THW/take hits just to buy me time to get

Mid Game: I will start to play things like Avengers Tower and The Triskelion. At this point in the game, I'm generally able to start playing much more allies because my drawing power is almost at it's peak. You can flex at this point to handle just about any situation that comes up. If there isn't any pressing situation, you can start using Strength In Numbers at this point to transition you to your late game potential. I'll use the card draw to get out things like Cosmic Flight, Captain Marvel's Helmet, Enhanced Reflexes as well as playing events/building Energy Channel (if required).

Late Game: At this point, you are going to be going through your deck at least once a round. You'll get more encounter cards but it really doesn't matter too much. You have built the deck up to the point where you can easily deal with anything the villain has to offer. I'll focus on using Strength In Numbers (and all the other draw potential you have) to get 5 counter Energy Channel, Photonic Blast, and fishing for Avengers Assemble!/Lead from the Front to dish out HUGE damage.


  • Alpha Flight Station:This card will bring you so much mileage in a game. At 1 cost, the ability to discard a card and draw 2 in alter-ego feels brokenly good. You get to get rid of cards you couldn't care less about in the early stages such as Avengers Assemble! or Strength In Numbers to fish for the cards you really want to play early such as Avengers Mansion, Helicarrier or more resource cards.
  • Maria Hill: Only non-avenger for your allies but its okay. She has a lot to offer, she is cheap to play, allows you to draw a card (helping you get through the first draw through of your deck to grab the cards you want) and she has 2 thwart. In the beginning you will want to keep her to thwart the schemes to keep them in check.
  • Strength In Numbers: As you start to fill your board with allies, this will be great for cycling through your deck to get more resources to build Energy Channel/use Photonic Blast or fish for Avengers Assemble!/Lead from the Front to have a huge swing for ATK/THW with all your allies (and when the stars align, both). I've ended up having huge swing turns dealing 35+ damage in one turn.
  • Avengers Assemble!: Will generally use this as a resource card until the late game. I only added one in the deck because by the time I'm ready to use it, my deck size will be ~25 or so cards with Capt Marvel being able to draw an additional ~10 cards per round (with her alter-ego ability, her hero ability, Alpha Flight Station, Maria Hill, Avengers Mansion, and Strength In Numbers. Because of this, you are able to fish for it when you actually do want to use it.
  • Lead from the Front: Such a great card at only 2 cost. +1 ATK/+1 THW when you is awesome in the mid/late game to mitigate any situation. Get much more mileage out of the heroes like Squirrel Girl and Maria Hill (both of whom already are amazing allies).
  • Energy Channel: Once this deck starts to ramp in it's drawing power, you will be able to dish out at least one fully loaded energy channel per turn. I have found that I'll be able to use this and fill a second one up with at least 2 counters on average. Other option is to use Photonic Blast instead.
  • Photonic Blast: This card is great. 5 damage will either chunk the villain or kill any high hp minion. In addition, this deck has no shortage of so you will almost always get to draw an additional card.
  • Enhanced Reflexes: Paying 2 resources for 3 is a nice investment. It sometimes is the key reason you're able to afford that extra ally, event, or upgrade on your turn. That being said, I have found myself using this most often as a way to tap into Captain Marvel's action of healing 1 and drawing 1. Just helps you heal over the turns and draw that extra card.



  • Rhino [The Doomsday Chair]
  • Klaw [Masters of Evil]
  • Ultron [Under Attack]
  • Mutagen Formula [Goblin Gimmicks]
  • Risky Business [Goblin Gimmicks]
  • Wrecking Crew [Version B]


  • Rhino [Bomb Scare] (HEROIC 1)


  • Rhino [The Doomsday Chair]
  • Klaw [Masters of Evil]
  • Mutagen Formula [Goblin Gimmicks]
  • Risky Business [Goblin Gimmicks]
  • Ultron [Under Attack]


  • Rhino [The Doomsday Chair] (HEROIC 1)

Jun 16, 2020 Jabberwocky300 · 1

I was able to drop a 10 damage energy channel and load a second one up with 3 charges in one turn. That was fun.

Jun 16, 2020 alexkimak · 951

@Jabberwocky300haha that is awesome! Glad to hear it =]. Tested this deck against Rhino on Heroic 1 difficulty yesterday in a multiplayer game. Being able to build up those huge damage spikes was crucial in that game haha. Love getting 5 allies out and using Strength In Numbers and then Avengers Assemble!. Such great mileage!

Jun 16, 2020 TheDarven · 1

I played this deck last night against Ultron on expert mode and beat it. It played really well. Thanks for the share

Jun 16, 2020 artyzipp · 1

Holy crap this was fun. Your description was great. I didn't even use strength in numbers and I was drawing cards like crazy. 25 damage in my last round finished it off with an 11HP Carol. So good, thanks for sharing.

Jun 17, 2020 alexkimak · 951

@TheDarven nice! Awesome to hear. That fight gets tedious because he burns through your deck just as mcuh as you burn through your own xD but overall its not too bad!

Jun 17, 2020 alexkimak · 951

@artyzipp hahaha wow that's huge damage, glad you liked it! Who did you play against?

Jun 21, 2020 fergan · 1

Wow, amazing job I have to try this, really good and detailed job man, thanks a lot. Hey, maybe you don't have the Black Widow pack, but what do you think about adding the Quincarrier? I think it could even replace the Helicarrier if not another card, but it is basically the same but you can also use it a a resource to charge Energy Channel.

Jun 22, 2020 alexkimak · 951

@ferganthanks man! And oo actually that's a really good idea. I haven't actually gotten the black widow pack yet so I didn't add them to this deck but I think that the Quincarrier would def be a great addition to this deck. Especially since I'm play testing the removal of one Strength in Numbers and Enhanced Reflexes

Jun 22, 2020 fergan · 1

@alexkimak great glad I can help, I think it could be a nice add.

Aug 03, 2020 TurkeysAreGreen · 1

Looks really fun. It will be the first thing I play when I get the cap.

Aug 06, 2020 alexkimak · 951

@TurkeysAreGreen let me know how you like it! any suggestions/feedback is super helpful in tuning this to be even better =]

Aug 10, 2020 TurkeysAreGreen · 1

I played it and it was really fun. I had 2 20+ damage turns against risky business heroic 1.

Aug 12, 2020 alexkimak · 951

@TurkeysAreGreenhaha wow that is awesome. It's such a good feeling when you get those big swing turns! Glad you enjoyed the deck =]

Aug 24, 2020 flakbait42 · 1

Just about to try this one out, but one minor point: Morale Boost won't work on allies, as it specifies "hero."

Aug 25, 2020 Alatreon · 1

This deck will surely enjoy Antman's Stinger, a Leadership ally that doesn't count into the ally count limit.