Avengers Tower

Q: If I have 3 Avenger allys out with Avengers Tower in play, what will happen if I play Maria Hill as my 4th ally?

A: The ability on Avenger’s Tower doesn’t come into play in this scenario because Maria Hill does not have the Avenger trait. Instead, the regular limit of 3 is what’s at play. The rules for playing an ally when you already control your max is that you must immediately discard one you control. This happens simultaneously to the new ally entering play, so that the number of allies you control never changes. So, to resolve the situation you described, you would play Maria Hill and discard one of your other allies at the same time. After Maria enters play, then you can resolve her Response effect. -(Developer Ruling, Hall of Heroes)

Focused Rage

Q: Can you use Focused Rage to take 1 damage, then use Energy Barrier to prevent that damage and still draw a card from Focused Rage?

A: No. You must pay the cost fully before you can trigger the effect. If the cost is to take a damage but you prevent the damage, then you have not paid the cost and therefore cannot resolve the effect. -(Developer Ruling, Hall of Heroes)

Superhuman Strength

Q: Can I keep Superhuman Strength in play if the attacked enemy is already stunned?

A: No, you must discard Superhuman Strength after She-Hulk makes a basic attack regardless of whether or not the villain is already stunned. -(Developer Ruling)

Q: Does Superhuman Strength discard after only using a basic attack or any Attack event?

A: You can play an Attack event to trigger Superhuman Strength and stun the attacked enemy. While it can create a situation where you miss out on the +2 ATK, that is ultimately the player’s choice. -(Developer Ruling, Hall of Heroes)

Energy Channel

Q: Is Energy Channel's damage dealt in separate instances per energy counter or is all damage dealt at once?

A: It's all at once. -(Developer Ruling, Hall of Heroes)