Q: Can I trigger Jarnbjorn after I play an Attack event?

A: Yes. A hero is considered to make an attack both through their basic attack power and actions with the (attack) label. -(Official FAQ)

Q: Will defeating an enemy with Jarnbjorn count as me defeating an enemy?

A: Upgrades are things your hero wears and wields, so when you use an upgrade to defeat a minion that count as your hero (or you) defeating that minion. -(Developer Ruling , Hall of Heroes)


Q: Can Melee deal damage to the same enemy twice?

A: No. When Melee deals damage a second time, that damage must be dealt to an enemy that is different from the first. -(Official FAQ)

Q: If I am stunned, can I discard the stun status with the first instance of damage and still use the second instance to deal damage to an enemy?

A: No. Melee is one attack with two separate targets. You resolve the damage separately, but it is still a single attack. That means that if you are stunned, playing Melee will only remove the stunned status card and nothing else. -(Developer Ruling , Hall of Heroes)

Q: If a minion with Guard is in play, can I defeat the minion with the first instance of damage then target the villain with the second instance of damage?

A: Yes. You resolve each line one at a time, meaning that if you defeat a guard minion with the first line you can target the villain with the next line. -(Developer Ruling , Hall of Heroes)

Q: If the first damage from Melee defeats the current Villain Stage, can the second instance of damage hit the next Villain Stage? (Are the different stages considered different enemies)

A: No, different stages of the same villain are not different enemies. -(Developer Ruling , Hall of Heroes)

Q: Can I use Superhuman Strength to give Melee stun and stun two enemies?

A: Superhuman Strength says “Stun the attacked enemy” singular, so choose one of the enemies you attacked with melee and stun that one. -(Developer Ruling , Hall of Heroes)


Q: If Nova’s ability defeats an attacking enemy, does that enemy’s attack still deal damage?

A: No. Although the attack sequence has initiated, damage from that attack has not yet been calculated. If Nova defeats the enemy during this step, the rest of the attack sequence fails to resolve. -(Official FAQ)


Q: When playing Emergency, can I exhaust Shrink to remove 2 threat from a scheme?

A: No. Shrink increases each instance of threat removed by a thwart event. Because Emergency only prevents threat and does not remove any, Shrink will have no effect. -(Official FAQ)


Q: If an Attack event deals multiple sources of damage (such as the Aggression event, Melee), how does Embiggen work?

A: Embiggen increases all instances of damage that an Attack event deals by 2. For example, if an event were to deal 3 damage, then deal 3 damage again, that event would now deal 5 damage, then 5 damage again. -(Official FAQ)