Affairs of State

Q: If I draw the Affairs of State obligation, can I choose the second option if I have no Black Panther upgrades in play?

A: No. You cannot choose an option that would have no effect on the game, unless you have no other viable options. If you are in alter-ego form and ready, and you have no Black Panther upgrades in play, you must exhaust T’Challa. -(Developer Ruling , Hall of Heroes)

Chase Them Down

Q: Can you trigger Chase Them Down after defeating a villain stage?

A: Yes, defeating a villain stage is defeating an enemy. -(Developer Ruling , Hall of Heroes)


Q: A minion enters play with a static effect like "Surge." or has a When Revealed effect. The arrow counter defeats the minion after it enters play. Does the Surge or When Revealed trigger?

A: Yes. The minion was still revealed, so any Surge or When Revealed effects would still occur. -(Developer Ruling , Hall of Heroes)


Q: If Vision leaves play and re-enters play during the same phase after activating his Action, does the new Vision retain the +2 stat bonus from the previous activation?

A: No, it will not. The Vision that was boosted left play, and the Vision that entered play after has not triggered its ability yet. -(Developer Ruling , Hall of Heroes)

Concussive Blast

Q: What happens if I defend a villain attack with an ally with 1 HP and Concussive Blast is drawn as a Boost ability?

A: If a defending ally is defeated by a boost card effect, then the rest of the attack must be resolved as undefended. -(Developer Ruling , Hall of Heroes)