Cost: 3.

Hero Action: Exhaust Focused Rage and take 1 damage → draw 1 card.

Core Set #27. She-Hulk #12-13.
Focused Rage
FAQs (taken from the official FAQ or FFG's responses to the official rules question form)

Q: Can you use Focused Rage to take 1 damage, then use Energy Barrier to prevent that damage and still draw a card from Focused Rage?

A: No. You must pay the cost fully before you can trigger the effect. If the cost is to take a damage but you prevent the damage, then you have not paid the cost and therefore cannot resolve the effect. -(Developer Ruling, Hall of Heroes)

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Mulligan for this card. No matter what aspect you are playing, a She-Hulk with Focused Rage installed is just better than one without it.

Get more oomph out of a Legal Practice play you're planning that round.

Incrementally charge up your Gamma Slam.

Reliable insurance all game against those "If I just had ONE more resource/card" hands.

A three-drop is expensive early on, yes. But this pays dividends all game and is one you want in your opener, no question.

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