Skill. Thwart.

Cost: 0.

Alter-Ego Action (thwart): Choose and discard up to 5 cards from your hand → remove 1 threat from a scheme for each card discarded this way.

"That's the first time I've ever seen someone argue their way out of a fight." -- Spider-Man
Core Set #23. She-Hulk #5-6.
Legal Practice

Since this says remove 1 threat from A scheme for each card... does that mean I can split up the threat removal between multiple schemes/side-schemes?

I really like this stay-in-alter-ego alternate play style for She-Hulk, by the way. It might not be as "competitive", but it's a nice wrinkle.

Dragonclaw · 1
Legal Practice can only remove threat from a single scheme. — Dorkeye · 1