Hulk - Solo Justice, Draw and Smash!

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neothechosen · 574

Trying this deck!

Soloing Hulk is no easy task. I tried building a deck that makes up for his flaws and allow you to play him to the fullest as a solo character, keep threath levels in control, draw cards, and SMASH!


With a THW value of 0 and only Sub-Orbital Leap in his deck, Hulk is by far the worst character to manage threath. Even if you draw Sub-Orbital Leap, it is too costly for what it does. This deck has what Hulk needs to get rid of the problem: Clear the Area, For Justice! will help with whatever threat comes into play.

It isn't all: you need a solution for when you have to recover. That's where Concussive Blow and Counterintelligence come in, preventing scheming.


Hulk has a terrible hand size, even as Banner, and to worsen things up, has to discard everything at the end of turn. You can, however, mitigate this using a few cards in here to dig for useful cards, namely you MVP, Hulk Smash. Clear the Area can be used to draw more options, and also Avengers Mansion. The real gem here is Espionage. Use Agent Coulson to get it, put it in play. You may even keep Mockingbird in play just to be able to play Espionage - or Spycraft - when you get it.

I know some people hate Espionage, but it's really worth it when you can have a 6-7-8- 9 cards Hulk. Being able to play Hulk Smash AND THEN Concussive Blow, flip to Banner to draw 5 is incredible.


Your ideal game is to be able to play Skilled Investigator, Avengers Mansion, Helicarrier and Espionage. With some luck, you may eventually get to this:

  • You're Banner, got 5 cards in hand.
  • Surge happens on your encounter, use Espionage: 7 cards.
  • Your turn comes. You use Avengers Mansion: 8 cards.
  • Flip into Hulk. Exhaust Helicarrier to play a free Clear the Area.
  • Clear a side scheme, use Skilled Investigator and get the card from clear the area: 9 CARDS.
  • SMASH!!! I got to SMASH twice in one turn as a finisher... feels awesome!

    Yes, it is quite rare to get EVERYTHING from this list right. However, a 6-7 cards Hulk from Espionage being triggered and Avengers Mansion is very possible. And that's from starting in hero form.


In order to play Espionage, Agent Coulson, Mockingbird and Nick Fury had to be in here. I've also thrown in Daredevil and Lockjaw because they're and can help with thwarting.

I also considered putting in "To the rescue" because it's a , but Clear the Area does the same job and maybe more for half the price. To the rescue doesn't help much with the draw thing.

So there you have it. Have fun!


Nov 17, 2020 Pololol · 1

First time I can beat some expert villains playing solo with last!!! Thanks a lot for your decklist, it’s a big yes for me!

Nov 17, 2020 neothechosen · 574

Hey thanks for the nice words! Have fun!