Iron Man Standing By

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Pink_Viking · 37

14/01/20: Current version of my IM Protection deck.

Energy Barrier is complete game changer for Iron Man, 2 cost for 3HP AND 3dmg is bonkers good. The chance of drawing Tech upgrades early is much higher and you can get into your suit sooner than in other aspects.

Three copies of Enhanced Awareness are great for reliably triggering Aerial from Rocket Boots, which is essential in most scenarios.

Preemptive Strike, Endurance and Med Team are there to let you stay in Iron Man mode as long as possible.

Haymaker is good because of its icon and gives additional damage output once the suit is built.

I find myself not playing allies very often, but these four are chosen for their specific abilities:

Black Widow- The only available 2 Thwart ally (that's not Lockjaw).

Luke Cage - Best ally for blocking, afterwards he has 2att, great HP pool and the icon, what's not to love?

Mockingbird - Giving the villain conditions is super useful (imho one of the strongest mechanics in the game alongside blocking with allies).

Nick Fury - I really like his versatility and he rarely disappointed me. Icon for Aerial.

I tried Nova but found him subpar compared to these.

Priority on the first go through the deck is to get the suit done, even at the cost of Support or Allies.

Things to test: Swapping Avengers Mansion for third Med Team