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Drazatis · 13

Cap has an amazing set of 15 in his core deck. You have respectable damage, AOE, CC, and some great tools for tanking. This build is looking to take Cap’s most readily available tool in his Captain America's Shield, and blow it up to be his greatest asset. By adding more Thorns type effects in Electrostatic Armor and Nova, we can easily deal 3-5 damage per combat and take little to none in return. With his “I Can Do This All Day”, we are normally dumping any redundant cards to deal Thwart to the main scheme and holding on to key cards like Desperate Defense and Shield Block for when the Villain Phase begins. As such, we are placing a heavy emphasis on cards like Unflappable and Electrostatic Armor (which is why we have the dual copies of both, despite us only being able to have one out), and making the rest of our deck’s choices in lieu of that. While this deck is primarily designed with Solo in mind, you can very easily play this in a multiplayer setting and block for your team mates early if you draw a few Indomitable or Desperate Defense's early on. This deck is heavily inspired by Tycho's Cap build, I'd recommend you guys go check it out. I have taken some liberties and tweaked it to my liking; and wanted to make a write up describing my experience with it.

The basic play pattern of this deck is fairly simple:

  • Mulligans: Drop any Events, look for upgrades. Make sure to drop your shield since you will just add it to your hand during the Setup phase of the game. You REALLY want an early Unflappable and/or Electrostatic Armor; so mulligan aggressively for them. Also keep an eye out for Quincarrier and Nova, as with this pairing your damage will double.

  • Hero Phase: Drop everything to establish your "board". Play your Serums the moment you get them, and be sure to use your cards to untap Cap so you can keep swinging. You really shouldnt be holding on to more than one card each turn; and honestly you should rarely be holding on to that. You have 8 different defensive options in Shield Block, Preemptive Strike, and Desperate Defense; so there is a very high chance you will draw one when you move to the Villain Phase.

  • Most Importantly... The most crucial part to this build is having your Armor, Unflappable, and Nova on Board; so DO NOT swing with Nova if you don't have to. There are far too many things in the game that can accidentally kill your Allies, and Nova dying will take away your mob control AND your primary damage to the Villain. Even though this deck is named after Unflappable, Nova is your best card.

... And that's about it. Just keep trucking and keep Shielding Up!

This “guide” is mostly me just adding notes to help me rationalize my choices to myself, so bare with me. Some of my choices here are bit off the wall so I’d like to explain them below:

  • No Genius or The Power of Protection: So this is something that is very much in testing at the moment; but the way I see it our curve just does not facilitate the need for the burst of ramp these cards provide, and we don’t need the to pay for any abilities. We can deal with the other two as they have the dual purpose of paying for either Heroic Strike or Nova respectively, but considering the vast majority of this deck costs a whopping 1 and we hardly have 3 or 4 drops, the resouce cards often just pay for a 1 drop event and that slot could easily be filled.

  • No Iron Fist: I am aware Fist is one of the best cards in the game, he pumps out rediculous damage and stalls for time in a huge way; if this were a multiplayer deck I think I’d fit him in easily. However, since this deck is so reliant on self buffing and emptying our hand so we can draw into our Desperate Defense, I can just rarely find the time to play him. Run him if you wish, you could easily drop a Barrier for him if you feel the need.

  • No Brother Voodoo: So we are running some amazing Events in this list; some of them being the peanut butter to our Unflappable Jelly, but this style of deck simply can’t afford to dump some of them; we want to keep any Desperate Defense, Preemptive Strike, or Shield Block we come across once we are set up, and the rest of our deck is an overwhelming majority of Upgrades. With how low of a cost this deck comes to, 3+ resources is a big ask, and is reserved for the literal best cards we have access to. Voodoo just doesn’t fit that mold for me. Hell, I hardly have the time to cast Quincarrier, and that's one of the main focal points of the deck!! If you find you need the extra thwart out of Voodoo, be my guest; but in my experience Cap can deal as much thwart as you need.

  • No Helicarrier or Avengers Mansion: I simply cannot find room to play these, similar to my issue with Iron Fist and Brother Voodoo. With Cap having a max hand size of 5, I typically have to take an entire turn off to play either of these, NOT deal any Thwart damage to the main scheme, and then hope to god I draw into a reactive event during the Villain phase. These are amazing cards, but tend to be more valuable to decks like Iron Man or Spiderman Protection than Cap imo.

  • Preemptive Strike: This is essentially a bad Desperate Defense for us, but combos well if we have an Indomitable on board. Between this and Energy Barrier, we soak up enough damage passively that I don’t find the need for many heals most of the time; and If I do need to heal it’s probably a game loss anyways, since taking that time away from Thwarting is HUGE against certain Villains.

  • Down Time: I’ll be honest, I don’t want to run this card; but I also don’t want to not be able to heal up fully without Steve's Apartment; as early in the game I tend to rank the apartment low and will gladly ditch it to play one of my more important upgrades. Gotta get some more sustain somewhere, this is it. Down Time becomes a tad bit more useful in a multiplayer game if you have to block for some more frail allies; as eventually the chip damage will add up and going into Steve Rogers is not that uncommon.

If anything comes up in the future that I feel like needs to be re added into the fold, the answer will probably be to drop an Energy Barrier or Indomitable, and while I know someone would look at the list and say that trimming an Unflappable and Electrostatic Armor would be best, I just REALLY want to set those up early, and will gladly use them both as resources late. Let me know if you guys have any ideas to help trim or improve the consistency of this deck!