Symbiotic Teamwork, AKA Big Stat Allies Profit

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GhostWithKnife · 71

Vision has been put in Leadership to help showcase how good Vivian is for some time. The robo-daddy has had enough, mostly because he got a fun case of Symbiosis and is feeling more emotional and impulsive. So, today we're gonna build around a card that I don't see too often: Teamwork

Y'see, Vivian is a BEAST that can get 3 Attack or Thwart depending on Vision's mass form. Everyone has tried to make a Voltron deck with her, but her low HP hurts a bunch. So....why not just use Teamwork to get full advantage of her stats? Slap an Inspired on her, and you get a whooping +4 to your Attacks and Thwarts with the power of Teamwork......but why stop with just Vivian? Ronin gets more stats when equipped, and cards like Spider-Man get bigger as you play them! Goliath can get 5 Attack in desperate situations, or if you let him sit until you're ready to start going on the offense with Vision! Machine Man is another ally that can break your stats, so we crammed all of them in the deck! The best part is, if you don't have a Teamwork, these cards still get the full of their inflated stats!! To make our stats as stacked as possible (and to help dig deeper for this weird selection of cards) we also add in a Symbiote Suit to give us even more stats and card draw, and Reboot can let us use our Teamwork multiple times, or just allow us to keep up offensive tempo!

Outside of this, we have lots of grey cards, so obviously we want The Power in All of Us to help get out our cards. Big value allies like Professor X and Nick Fury are always welcome if we can pay for them, and Quincarrier is a great addition as well! Even the Symbiote Suit becomes even easier to slam down with it!

Other than these, we use Deft Focus to help pay for our (rather expensive) in kit events. These are great at most points of the game, but aren't really the focus of the deck sadly. I tried to add Moxie and Go All Out for a fun combo, but sadly these are better in Ant-Man decks in my experience. If you have any feedback or advice, feel free to leave a comment! I am hoping Teamwork can be a valid strategy, and I'd love to to talk shop until we can all make it work!!