Spider-Woman - T.A.H.I.T.I.

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Dr. Lucky · 15

This deck has primarily been used in solo play and was designed with that in mind.

Once you get built up, avoid going back to alter-ego unless the villain is confused. Use Agent Coulson and Rapid Response to keep Coulson in a loop of thwarting and blocking every turn. Get lots of cheap allies out to fuel Strength In Numbers, allowing you to keep playing cheap aspect cards, in turn fueling Spider-Woman's Superhuman Agility ability. Bolster that further with other opportunities to draw cards, like Clear the Area, Skilled Investigator, Maria Hill, Avengers Mansion, and Captain Marvel. Don't be afraid to use Rapid Response for allies other than Agent Coulson if you need to - it can be especially helpful to bounce Squirrel Girl in the right circumstances (like dealing with Ultron Drones).

This deck is unreasonably efficient. I don't regret the inclusion of Avengers Mansion and the Helicarrier at all - the increased efficiency is well worth losing two potential aspect card slots. At this point, the only card I'm iffy on is Jessica Jones - if Justice had another 1-2 cost ally besides Quake, Jones would be out. I suppose this slot could be a Beat Cop instead, but neither option is entirely satisfactory.