Pikachu Protocol (Iron Man Protection)

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“Iron Man CHUUUUUU!!!!” - Pikachu playing Marvel Champions probably....

About This Build

It’s common knowledge that Energy Barrier is a Tech Upgrade, which Iron Man loves. Here’s my take on it.

I played this build this evening and recording my thoughts after a satisfying performance against a Standard Mutagen Formula deck solo.

This builds quite quickly thanks to the three extra tech upgrades. It stays at 40 cards so you can Futurist through your deck quickly.

It delivers some solid consistent damage over time as you can easily get your boots to fire off and deliver a 8 damage Supersonic Punch. Repulsor Blast (aka Thunderbolt) for around 5ish+ damage (YMMV) thanks to the number of cards with energy resources in the deck.

Iron Man is prickly and shocking thanks to Nova and your Energy Barrier tech which can potentially deliver up to 5 damage each time the enemy strikes. It’s a satisfying feeling to smite the opponent on both ends of the round without a sweat.

Notable Potential Revisions, Some Omissions, and Counterpoints

Further revisions may include Black Widow in place of Mockingbird or Enhanced Reflexes to give another outlet for your mental resources that you get from Enhanced Awareness.

With how fast he sets up, I feel the Mansion and Helicarrier aren’t necessary and not worth the turn to play as there’s a bunch of enhanced abilities as well as Ms. Potts to help get things going. Gotta go fast after that suit is online.

Because this deck is energy resource focused, beware of your nemesis cards and mean villains making you spend resources that aren’t energy.

Deck Evolution & Experience

  • Swapped Indomitable for Emergency. Indomitable didn’t fit too well in this tech build. Emergency addresses when you’re in Alter Ego.

  • Nova is a countering BEAST with all the energy. Included 2x Enhanced Reflexes to help him out. Dropping 1 Med Team and Armored Vest.