I got 99 problems, but threat ain’t one

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Man-is-Obsolete · 4146

I got 99 problems, but threat ain’t one

Multitasking never looked so easy

Side schemes? I clear that

Ms Marvel is the rare hero that no matter the player count wants side schemes and doesn’t get flustered when seeing 3/4/5 side schemes in play. So obviously One Way or Another is a must! Then of course Multitasking with Shrink and Overwatch are going to do most of the heavy lifting for us with threat removal. Turn the Tide can create some incredibly fun moments as Morphogenetics can pull it back to hand after an Embiggen! and play it again after clearing just one scheme! But where’s the rest of the thwart events? Don’t need them, because

Drawing Cards? I do that

So much card draw, and combined with Teen Spirit you will be flying through your deck! It is a very normal turn for Ms Marvel to play Nick Fury AND Moon Girl in the same turn, and One Way or Another because why not‽ So because of that you are bound to run across your thwart events. Aamir Khan also ups the consistency of all this by being able to dictate what you will draw into at the bottom of your deck, one trip to AE you can load a The Power in All of Us/Genius and Nick Fury/Moon Girl or just load up the thwart combo of Multitasking and Overwatch. Go the direction the game is taking you!

Ms Marvel? She's the best!

This is hands down my favorite hero in the game. She has an amazing AE ability and personas, and Shrink and Embiggen make every new release fun to dig through to find new and exciting Thwart/Attack events. I hope that you consider giving this deck a try and bask in the glory of Ms Marvel Justice as you tell your partner(s) "dont worry about threat, I'm clearing all of that!"


This decklist is for 1-2 players, if you go to 3-4 players then I'd suggest the following

-3 Turn the Tide

+3 Even the Odds

at higher player counts you can specialize more and thus can drop Turn the Tide and go for a more impactful high count thwart event that combos well with One Way or Another, which is usually taboo to play at this count, and Passion for Justice


May 26, 2023 journeyman2 · 21343

Thanks for playing Justice :)

May 29, 2023 Charles · 540

Hey, thanks, it's a really cool deck ! If you use Passion for Justice with Multitasking, you add +1 threat X2 or juste once ?

May 29, 2023 Man-is-Obsolete · 4146

Good question! Anything that boosts the amount, Shrink and Passion for Justice, will increase the amount for both. So yes using Passion for Justice to pay for Multitasking will cause it to remove 3 from 2 different schemes, 5 each if you used Shrink. It's really good!

May 29, 2023 Charles · 540

Thx for your answer ! Yes, really strong combo ! I just loose against Green Gobelins expert but with à really bad luck, anyway that was fun and really good ! I’ll defeat him tonight for sure

May 31, 2023 dansport005 · 7

This has been really fun to play! Except Red Skull but I beat him anyway. Just took out One Way or Another for 3 more allies :)

Oct 18, 2023 Oh Hey, Kevin · 13

Curious as to what changes you'd make to this deck now that Player Side Schemes are out.

Oct 24, 2023 Man-is-Obsolete · 4146

@Oh Hey, Kevin easiest place to start would be to remove 1 One Way or Another for Superpower Training. If I were to add Build Support I think o would find a way to cut a second card, maybe Skilled Investigator, just to make room for Helicarrier.

Feb 29, 2024 SpannerPlanner · 1

If using Build Support maybe cheese in a Quincarrier for the resource for even more reliable Moon Girl / Multitasking / Even the Odds.

PS, thoughts on Operative Skill?

Mar 01, 2024 Man-is-Obsolete · 4146

@SpannerPlanner That could be a good call. I generally steer clear of cheating in supports because I find myself in a situation where it would be more advantageous to have played a support. For example if I have a Power in all of Us in hand and nothing better to spend it and Quincarrier, in that moment I rather have Helicarrier.

As for Operative Skill, it is a fine card. Space is a concern here and I would rather be playing events, allies, and Ms Marvel's own Persona Supports than more build cards. With the amount of card draw and Aamir Khan being able to stack the bottom of the deck you can more easily use Passion for Justice as your thwart boost.

Mar 03, 2024 SpannerPlanner · 1

@Man-is-Obsolete Thanks for the thoughts. Yeah that makes a lot of sense (on both topics).

I guess the other reason I was drawn to Quincarrier was that until it's put into play, it can always be pitched as another handy resource, whereas Helicarrier is an awkward . Not tried either yet though as I'm not keen on cutting much (the extra copy of Skilled Investigator is particularly nice as I usually play 3-4 player, plus it just makes it more likely to get it into play early).

Did play a couple of games with a similar deck (4-player) plus Operative Skill lately & I think you're absolutely right. Found myself spending it more often than playing it. As fun as it was when things lined up just right, overall it just kind of added friction to what's usually an incredibly smooth deck.

Anyway thanks again for the thoughts & also for the build. Agreed that Ms. Marvel is (Big) Hands down one of the most fun heroes to play.