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Brian-V · 27812



  • I wanted to design a deck that: 1) Has an interesting concept that works well in solo & multiplayer, 2) Is thematic and synergistic with my Thor deck, and 3) Is fun to play and above all, wins (no one likes to lose!).

  • Results: I've done a lot of playtesting on Expert with this deck over the last month or two using proxies until I got my cards. It has gone through many iterations, but this deck has a unique idea, and I feel like I've finally got to a version I like that works well and is fun to play).


This deck uses Honorary Avenger and Sky Cycle on Annabelle Riggs so that you can constantly use her ability as a source of card draw at least twice per turn when you flip. I also use Command Team x3 to where you can potentially draw 5 extra cards per turn with her ability.

Aerial Annabelle:

  • I also like this deck because it solves a lot of the inherent problems that Valkyrie has while soloing -- threat and flipping in order to be able to use her cards like Annabelle Riggs. You'll find a lot of situational uses for her throughout the game as well. Often you'll flip to Alter-Ego and maybe you just need a resource or two to put down an ally. Or perhaps you need a specific icon for Adam Warlock. She'll help you set up early and throughout the game you're basically always diving for Chooser of the Slain.


  • Because Sky Cycle gives her the Aerial ability and you have Aerial with Aragorn, it also taps into using Air Supremacy with her as well to kill minions that has synergy with her other cards. Normally, I don't really like Air Supremacy as a card normally, but in this deck it actually really works well since Valkyrie benefits from killing minions. The use of this card is also really helpful when you are exhausted or stunned to ready yourself because Death-Glow only requires you to defeat the target and not attack it like Valhalla does.

Shadows of the Past (ouch!):

  • The other difficulty outside of flipping/thwarting that Valkyrie has is that when she gets Shadow of the Past it is devastating! Like traumatically so. In my testing with Valkyrie, Seduced can just lose you a game in solo. You can't flip or you lose to scheme, and you can't attack because of Seduced. This deck actually gets around this backbreaking pitfall in two ways:

    • Air Supremacy is not an attack! This is actually really beneficial. I've had games where Enchantress (SCH 2) is on the board and I can't flip because of her and I can't attack her. Normally this is a loss! But with Air Supremacy you can still attach Death-Glow to Enchantress and then use Air Supremacy to kill her because it's not an attack. Also Flight of the Valkyrie will still proc off of this to get rid of the Nemesis side scheme, so you can then flip. And you'll still be able to ready off of Death-Glow because you only have to defeat the enemy to ready, not attack it.

    • Band Together (along with Quincarrier are godsends for Valkyrie because she has to get rid of Seduced ASAP.

The Cards & Combos:

Annabelle Riggs:

Air Supremacy:

  • As mentioned above, this card not being attack is actually a benefit. The other reason I like this card in this deck is that each of Valkyrie's cards are a little different. Only Valhalla requires you to actually attack for its use. This card still works with Flight of the Valkyrie and Death-Glow readying.

Adam Warlock:

  • He has the Aerial ability natively for Air Supremacy and I use his ability to thwart and heal. Especially early game, and with this deck I really never play Shieldmaiden but I use it with his ability to thwart. He works so well in this deck because you're really able to manipulate what card is the last one in your hand with Death-Glow, way more than you'd think. You also use Annabelle Riggs & Kaluu to get the symbol you need for him.

Command Team:

  • Get these down to use with Annabelle Riggs (you can also use it in Alter Ego) & late game use with Goliath for a 15 damage if you have the entire set-up using his ability.

Team-Building Exercise:

  • This card will help you get your set-up early, so nice to get it down as quickly as possible if you can. This will also allow you to play a lot of your allies for one less cost throughout the game. Late game, once you get Aragorn](/card/25007), don't forget you can play Air Supremacy for 1-cost. Another great reason to have it in the deck.

Band Together:

  • This card really helps if you happen to pull Enchantress aside from its usual resource ability. Also great to use for Have at Thee!.



  • He's is amazing in this deck for obvious reasons. Chooser of the Slain is one of Valkyrie's best cards, and you'll want to have him on the board when you're using it.

Beta Ray Bill:

  • Theme! But not just themes, I found out that this card is actually really useful in this deck with thwarting, and often use with Command Team.


  • Like Heimdall in my Thor deck, this really helps you to know when you can flip to draw cards with Annabelle Riggs.


  • I didn't have him in the deck for the longest time, and if I had to cut a card he might be it. But the fact is, Chooser of the Slain is so good and he also has synergy with Adam Warlock in getting you the card you need.

Early Game:

  • The cards I try to get down as soon as possible are Annabelle Riggs & Dragonfang. Dragonfang is really a must and Valkyrie really doesn't shine until she gets it, so you Annabelle to get it for you if needed. Obviously you want to get Riggs set up with Sky Cycle as quickly as possible. The Triskelion is also a card you really need to get down early, because Riggs isn't doing much for you other than card draw and you really need that extra ally to almost get the 3 you'd normally have. Adam Warlock is also a card that I really like to get early so I can manage threat without having to pay a cost for it.

  • Team-Building Exercise is also a card I like to get down early for set-up purposes early game and late game when you get Aragorn, don't forget you can play Air Supremacy for 1-cost.

Late Game:

  • Once you have your set up, I then start to concentrate more on maximizing my flips and drawing as much as possible with Annabelle Riggs and making sure I have Aragorn so I at least have two Aerial targets for Air Supremacy.

  • A typical turn will be making sure it's okay to flip to alter-ego when it's safe, using Annabelle Riggs ability twice if needed to search for Chooser of the Slain to have for next turn or to get Visit Valhalla to get it. You can also use her at the end of your turn if you just need a resource for an ally or if you need a specific icon for Adam Warlock. The next turn you'll dive for Chooser of the Slain or Valhalla to get it, use Command Team situational depending on how many resources or what cards you have left in your deck. You'll then flip to Hero Form and use Chooser of the Slain twice to draw more cards.

  • At this point you'll also start to look for more for damage with Have at Thee! and Goliath doing 15-damage with Command Team.

Multiplayer (with my Thor deck):

  • Thor deck: Ride the Lightning - Thor (A)

  • I really like using this deck with Thor, because there is so much synergy. Both can pull out minions for each other and capitalize off all of the cards that benefit from minion killing.

  • You'll find that often it is really beneficial for constantly calling for actions for whoever has the cards to get minions out and kill them for example: Chooser of the Slain, The Bifrost -> Angela, Defender of the Nine Realms, & Looking for Trouble.

  • You'll then call for actions to kill them, especially with your AOE tools. I don't like multiplayer so much when both are just playing their own game and there isn't much interaction. But I've been 2-hand solo'ing these decks and having a ton of fun.

  • Death Perception is also an action that you might call for, because she can still ready or use Flight of the Valkyrie even if Thor kills the target.


Dec 23, 2021 Guanciale · 1

Great deck! Looking forward to trying it out once I get my pack... Whenever that is: (

Dec 23, 2021 Brian-V · 27812

@Guanciale Thanks! I know, super frustrating. I had to use proxies for the longest time and then order internationally. Luckily seems like January we'll be getting it in the US.

Jan 07, 2022 wehehe · 95

I've tested the deck in solo, in OCTGN, and it worked very well, and it was a great fun to play. I really love how Valkyrie pairs with Thor in two player games. (Valkyrie's Chooser of the Slain follwed by a Thor's Get Over Here! is superb).

Some questions: How do you think it will work to switch the aspects for both heroes (Aggression Valkyrie and Leadership Thor?) I know it is not the core of the deck, but Air Supremacy is easiest to set-up with Thor, thanks to Mjolnir, while Valkyrie can get a lot of benefit from having access to some attack-boost cards in Aggression.

In my opinion Valkyrie really needs to "kill" things, while Thor only needs to "reveal" them.

Jan 09, 2022 Vortilion · 91

Awesome deck, just played it against Klaw standard. No comparison to the precon, with which I failed miserably. I still lost (got him down to the last HP then he attacked me with the encounter card a second time with 6. I blocked and had exactly 5 HP left -.-). Still an awesome deck. Managed to use Annabelle 3 times in my turns, but cause of the first acc token I couldn’t switch anymore. Limit of 8 in single player is quite low for a switch to alter ego… ;)

Jan 12, 2022 ShadyViking · 1

How does one attack three times with Goliath? You can only ready him once with command team? Unless you have multiple on the board

Jan 12, 2022 Vortilion · 91

@ShadyViking You did answer yourself. ;)

Jan 17, 2022 fixeddice · 9

Just a note: Valkyrie only readies off of Death-Blow if she kills the minion it is attached too. She recollects the card no matter how they die, but "If Valkyrie defeated that enemy, ready her".

Jan 18, 2022 eapfel · 1

I've read through your section on Shadows of the Past several times, but I still can't figure out what you mean when you say that you can't flip because of the Nemesis side mission (Powerful Enchantments), but after getting rid of it with Flight of the Valkyrie, you can. How does that side mission stop you from flipping?

Jan 18, 2022 eapfel · 1

Okay I think I get it now. Powerful Enchantments isn't stopping you from flipping, it's just making it pointless because you still can't get rid of Seduced.

Jan 24, 2022 DOHK1014 · 14

Just got Valkyrie today. Will be giving this a try once I give the pre con a game or two.

Jan 26, 2022 journeyman2 · 3682

Finally got around to playing this deck after receiving Valkyrie this weekend. Played it multiplayer with the Thor deck and really enjoyed it.

After running one game of it, I think the two cards I would drop to get to 40 would be Goliath and 1x Command Team. Getting to Annabelle, Dragonfang, and Aragorn as early as possible is so important so I wanted to find a way to get thin the deck size a bit. Goliath is nice for the 2 THW and synergy with Command Team, but early game when not set up, he isn’t an aerial ally (useful for if you haven’t found Aragorn) and he’s pretty expensive so it becomes difficult to play him if you have both him and Band Together in hand with no other allies. I really like Command Team, especially to cycle Maria, White Tiger, and get Beta Ray Bill twice. I was lucky enough to play Team Training early, which helped facilitate this. But just having 1-2 at a time usually felt like enough, and it’s another card I wouldn’t want to see in my opening hand over Annabelle et al.

This was just one play though. Things may change. My biggest concern was how prone she is to terrible opening hands and wanted to mitigate that a bit.

Thank you for the excellent deck!

Jan 26, 2022 Guanciale · 1

Just played this with your Thor Ride the Lightning deck. So much fun! Really funny when Family Feud comes up so set up with 20 threat on haha.

Feb 06, 2022 IceHot · 14

Chooser of the Slain is really a marginal card (two cards for two cards) as you have to play a card to attach Death-Glow. It's really only good with Hawkeye (which is what makes this a nice deck).

It is sad the design space for Valk is so expensive for Death Glow and only one use of Valhalla per turn, The Bifrost not working if there are no allies left in your deck, not enough Hero cardrs that have the Asgard tag to allow for a non-leadership build, etc.

Even Hawkeye has problems if the villain/module deck has no low health villain that he can one shot. Space Pirates and Kree Militants eat Valk for breakfast unfortunately.

Feb 07, 2022 journeyman2 · 3682

@IceHot Chooser of the Slain has 0-cost, and when you draw it off of Annabelle it just becomes a free two cards (at the expense of “choosing” weakest minion in the scenario). It does not require Death Glow to play. It does put the Death Glow related effect online though by making sure you reliably have a minion out to target.

This same author made a deck, linked above, using Bifrost in a “non-leadership” build (Aggression Thor).

Feb 16, 2022 RichT_21 · 1

Any recommendations on what to substitute command team for? War machine is not out in the UK yet. Looks like an invaluable card for this deck build.

May 09, 2022 Christopherdw9 · 1

Nice deck! I was looking at using this deck with my friend who is playing as Thor. Isn't there an issue here with this Valkyrie deck and the recommended Thor deck both using the Bifrost in their decks as it's a Unique card? Seems like that'd be a pretty significant nerf to one or the either not being able to run that card.

May 09, 2022 Brian-V · 27812

@Christopherdw9 There is no Bifrost in this deck actually. It doesn't hurt this deck because there's only one Asgard ally anyway.

@journeyman2 I like those changes. I might try and update this and the Thor deck soon.

May 12, 2022 Christopherdw9 · 1

Thanks, I confused myself when looking at the part of the guide talking about Thor.

Aug 10, 2022 Rocketman176 · 1

I just tested this out and I made a major screw up that really affected my game. I didn't realize that killing the death glow target let you ready valkyrie. I took it up against the green goblin mutagen deck with scorpion side deck and I was scratching my head as to why I was taking so damn long to get damage on the villain! Such an idiot I am!