Decked Halls 2021 : Panther Protection

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KennedyHawk · 9990

Welcome to Decked Halls 2021 - Each year KennedyHawk (me) from the MCM crew puts out some decks near the holidays - this will probably be our last year making a deck for every hero so I wanted to try something new. What I'll be doing is visiting each characters preconstructed deck and reconstructing it. Each character will be able to drop 10 cards and add 10 replacements from other sets. Characters will stay in their preconstructed aspect. Cards are limited by a playset (how many you have in your collection if you buy one of every pack). So by the end we will be making some real sacrifices. Watch for audio casts on the MCM podcast and youtube feed in the coming weeks going over these decks.


If you are hesitant to deck building you can try using these decks in your collection as a new set of preconstructed decks that fine tune each one.

First up are the core set heroes - here is a Black Panther deck with a few sentences of thoughts. Going through the core set you are going to see a lot of dropped tenacity cards "I wonder why".

Black Panther came with a preconstructed Protection deck and we stuck with a lot of those protection cards. We removed the healing cards as we have Vibranium Suit which already allows for hero form healing. Even after adding 2 Energy Barrier we only have 5 cards in Protection that are 2+ in cost - with Panther also packing Vibranium we were able to drop The Power of Protection as well.

We traded Counter-Punch for True Grit as I think T'Challa prefers to have a bit more threat control and his upgrades do fine taking card of damage. Hopefully with Desperate Defense, Armored Vest, and Energy Barrier you are able to trigger your Desperate Defense and ready.

Final thoughts. I really like the inclusion of Brother Voodoo in Black Panther as it basically reads: Find a Wakanda Forever! which is great! The solo Enhanced Reflexes may seem a bit strange but I've really been digging it. Late game often Vibranium ends up overpaying for Wakanda Forever! and you can turn those 2 resources into 3 Wakanda Forever! or Nova triggers.

I hope you enjoy this reconstructed version of Black Panther. What cards would you remove or add to Black Panther's precon deck?

Happy Holidays!


1 Tenacity

1 Mockingbird

1 Black Widow

1 First Aid

2 Med Team

2 Counter-Punch

2 The Power of Protection


2 Energy Barrier

1 Enhanced Reflexes

1 Electrostatic Armor

1 Nova

1 Brother Voodoo

2 Desperate Defense

2 True Grit


Dec 04, 2021 Board Game Lawyer · 33

Thanks for building these Kennedy!