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Schmitty · 271

This deck is all about the interaction between Sneak Attack and Rapid Response, where, as it is currently understood, if an ally played via Sneak Attack dies and comes back via Rapid Response, that card is considered a new iteration of said ally and is no longer targeted by Sneak Attack's discard.

So how do we abuse that? With Goliath, of course! With this build you can consistently do 11 damage every turn with little to no upkeep. If you would rather thwart for 4 every turn, Maria Hill and Black Panther have you covered.

If we:

  1. SA Goliath in,
  2. use his action to swing for five, and then
  3. use either Get Ready or Command Team to make him swing again,

he'll die to damage, which is a perfect target for good ol' Rapid Response. This means he gets on the board for cheap, deals ten damage plus one for Black Widow's Widowmaker ability, and then RR cancels the discard trigger for both Sneak Attack and Goliath's action. Keep in mind that the only thing that doesn't reset is Goliath's one-per-phase action, so unfortunately we can't abuse it in the same way we can abuse SA.

To better utilize this feature, we're using Natasha Romanoff as our hero. Her Preparations are a great way to control the villain, while being able to recur Rapid Response every turn you don't draw one with Safe House #29 in Alter-Ego. You can also take advantage of Black Widow's Synth-Suit, so you can attack or thwart twice with her in addition to Goliath's big play.

Rapid Response is only usable in hero form, but Sneak Attack isn't. This means you can drop Nick Fury for one resource and a card in Alter-Ego, giving you a lot of options to manage the board or just draw even more cards.

Winter Soldier doesn't play nice with Sneak Attack or Make the Call, but he is great with Rapid Response.

Black Panther is another great Sneak Attack/Rapid Response target, which can pull a copy of Get Ready to remove four threat every turn and then Rapid Response or Make the Call to grab an ally you need from the discard.

Your draw power is Espionage, Maria Hill, and Nick Fury. The Power of Leadership made sense, with eight blue targets two-cost or more.

Target Acquired is in there because in MP I like to play a more support or control role and TA is a great way of doing that. In solo it's a flex slot.

Want more BP/Mariah Hill recursion? Check out teamcanadahockey2002's first combo deck, where he discovered in July how crazy good everyone's favorite prince from Wakanda is. I haven't seen a updated list, but that was definitely a great resource for building this deck.


Nov 10, 2021 KennedyHawk · 8804

This deck is super neat and novel. I love the idea of fudging with the negative of Sneak Attack. Have you considered Call For Aid? With so few Allie’s it gives you a higher chance of seeing Goliath and Sneak Attack on the same turn,

Nov 10, 2021 Schmitty · 271

Hey! Thanks for the positive feedback. Call for Aid was a consideration but it got cut to keep the deck size at 40. If you wanted, you could probably cut the Target Acquired and add x2 CfA.

Nov 10, 2021 KennedyHawk · 8804

Going to try this deck out over the weekend!

Nov 10, 2021 LordVader13 · 1

This deck looks really fun! As soon as I have access to War Machine, I'm gonna give it a try!

Nov 10, 2021 dr00 · 11922

really cool deck! command team is such a great card.

team training or inspired would allow one more goliath swing before he dies, but I guess you'd have to make sure you have all the pieces available. have you tested that out? I'd be curious to know how viable it is and will check your deck for comparison

Nov 11, 2021 Schmitty · 271

Thanks, and I agree. I have not considered Team Training or Inspired, mainly because it would help the first turn Goliath or Black Panther is out, but after Rapid Response it'll have one damage on it, negating a third activation. It would probably work if we went -1 Rapid Response, +1 Make the Call, but again it's not something I've considered. Let me know if it works for you - you definitely have a great approach to deck building and I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Nov 11, 2021 Vinyl · 3

Great deck! Quick question though, have you considered Honorary Avenger ? you give it to Black Widow and that way, you keep the AVENGER trait in AE, and you can Sneak Attack for Goliath or Black Panther

Nov 11, 2021 Schmitty · 271

Cool idea. Only problem I see is that Rapid Response still won’t trigger in AE form, so it will help with a one-time massive swing but that would be it.

Nov 11, 2021 teamcanadahockey2002 · 247

@Schmitty Thanks for the shout out on that summer deck! I havent updated it because I dont own War Machine yet, but honestly, what you did was perfect. I was still using cards like Lead From The Front and Last Stand to fill out the rest of the blue cards, but Sneak Attack and Command Team work even better.

The only thought I did have was to possibly throw in Mighty Avengers, as it would +1 any activation by Black Widow and whichever of Black Panther or Goliath you are recurring. Its likely you'll be getting 2 activations out of each of those characters using Synth Suit and Get Ready/Command Team which would boost your attack or thwart by 4 each turn.

You'd have to be clever about when you put Maria Hill or Nick Fury on the table, but if youre piloting a deck like this that flips every turn to pull Rapid Response, you probably have the skill to know how to time their entries anyways. Not a for sure include, but another one to ponder...

Anyways - Great Deck! Looking forward to trying this as soon as I can!

Nov 12, 2021 neothechosen · 2529


Very cool deck! I was expecting someone to come up with a cool way to abuse Sneak Attack. This is it!

Good job!

Nov 12, 2021 Brian-V · 14965

@Schmitty Nice! I had thought about using Sneak Attack with SHIELD (Nick Fury and Mockingbird) because we never get to use that trait, unfortunately. I was hoping to do something with Regroup, Command Team, Get Ready, and Rapid Response which kind of led me to BW. This deck is it! And a much better version of what I had been thinking of putting together. Awesome idea by you and @teamcanadahockey2002! Can't wait to get this on the table and try it out.

Nov 12, 2021 onurb.the.noob · 28

Nice deck !

Have you tested against any cenario? I'm curious to know the outcome. I love the fact that you created a cool and a theoretically strong deck with only 3 packs.

Nov 12, 2021 teamcanadahockey2002 · 247

Wanted to share a thought after finally trying this out more...

I feel like the combo I'm aiming for here is to save the Rapid Responses on Black Panther. If you're doing the flipping every turn to guarantee it triggers, then you'll always have access to a blue event card. I've tweaked this just slightly to that I have Call for Aid, Make the Call and Sneak Attack as the main targets. Then depending on what's in my hand, discard and draw pile, I'll pick the event that matches the scenario:

  • Big ally in my hand like Goliath or Nick Fury (even Captain Marvel could slot in here) means I use Panther to grab Sneak Attack and then I play that card for an effective cost of 3. Aim to play a Command Team to maximize the value of that turn so Goliath is swinging for 10.
  • Maria Hill is in my discard pile means I use Panther to grab Make the Call and then play her for an effective cost of 3 to draw the table a card, and then immediately thwart for 2. Could also play Command Team to thwart again if that's what's needed, or she's being used as a block
  • If Winter Soldier is my only remaining ally in my deck, I could use Panther to play for Call for Aid to get him in hand, and then ideally play him for free. Winter Solder's ability doesn't play well with the other two blue events, but does with Call for Aid. This gets him in play for 1 ER. Really valuable too if Mighty Avengers is down.

In a way, this sort of reminds me of @Brian-V's Adam Warlock deck where you're tutoring for the card you need - in this deck, you're using Panther to tutor for the blue event that then draws you the ally you want at the time.

Just my two cents... loving this deck @Schmitty!

Nov 12, 2021 teamcanadahockey2002 · 247

(Added Note: Reading over what I just wrote, it may be fair to say that I'm over estimating the ER costs, as the card you tutor using Panther is free anyways. With access to Safehouse and Gauntlets, the Rapid Response you use on Panther may also be entirely paid for too if you have that set up already. What a deck!)

Nov 12, 2021 Brian-V · 14965

@Schmitty @teamcanadahockey2002 I could see Leadership Training being an amazing addition to this deck when it comes out. Wish I could put it in my War Machine deck.

Nov 12, 2021 teamcanadahockey2002 · 247

@Brian-V Totally! Since you'll be flipping to Alter-Ego with Natasha every turn anyways, this is one of those types of new event returning cards that will get regular use!

So with this addition, Leadership Training gives you the ability to put events back in your draw, and Black Panther himself can pull anything from the discard and essentially have it in your hand. Crazy amount of control... I'd expect nothing less from the Widow haha!

Nov 17, 2021 Alexin · 130

@Schmitty Grats on this deck, it is very creative and looks super fun. I have one question tho, you say that after the combo of Sneak Attack on Goliath, attack twice with Get Ready and put him back in play with Rapid Response, you cannot activate his ability again to attack a third time for 5? Why is that? Goliath has been defeated and you have played him again, so I am not 100% sure about the fact that this "another" Goliath can or cannot use his ability even if is the phase. Is there any clarification in the rules about this? Thanks!

Nov 17, 2021 Schmitty · 271

That's a good question that I didn't touch on in my description. The problem has to do with the Max ruling, which I've copied and pasted below:


“Max X per [period]” imposes a maximum across all copies of a card (by title) for all players. Generally, this phrase imposes a maximum number of times that copies of that card can be played during the designated time period.

  • If a maximum appears as part of an ability, it imposes a maximum number of times that the ability can be initiated from all copies (by title) of cards bearing that ability (including itself) during the designated period.

If an effect with a maximum is canceled, the card is still counted toward the maximum.

Therefore, the ability has already reached its max times it could be used (once per phase), which is independent of Goliath's recursion.

Nov 22, 2021 MacGhille · 49

I love this concept. Shame to see the Goliath ability get crushed by the 'max' rule, but maybe swap out for Giant Man? Gets roughly the same job done, right?

Except, now that I'm looking at it, does the combo with Rapid Response even work? RR says the ally has to have been 'defeated'. Does this then mean that it can only trigger if you defend against an attack and it kills the ally? Seems like they specifically worded it that way to stop us from spamming Fury.

Also, Sneak Attack takes the ally out of play at the end of the phase, so you couldn't use an ally that was snuck in to defend because they will be gone during the villain's phase, correct?

Really sorry to be a bummer if these thoughts are correct.