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fionandon · 19

Aggression She-Hulk from the Core Set. Stomps all over normal Rhino, wins most of the time against normal Klaw, and seems to have normal Ultron under control as well.

This deck leans a bit into having around to power Hulk, Tenacity, and to juice Relentless Assault:

  • 3 Combat Training — You can only have one out — and you definitely want it out — but that fist means you won’t be sad to see it again.
  • 3 Helicarrier — Ditto.
  • 3 Uppercut — This tends to get used as a resource more than as an action, but sometimes you do need that extra big swing (cough Titania cough).

Getting good card draw so you’re not stuck the turn after hulking out, because a 4-card hand is no fun with Aggression’s expensive cards, and isn’t even guaranteed to be able to play Gamma Slam. That means all 3 of Avengers Mansion, Focused Rage, and Helicarrier. Attacking and then using Helicarrier to play One-Two Punch for free is a nice feeling. It’s also good to make your Split Personality a bit cheaper so you can pay for something else besides.

For mulligans, I’ll ditch anything that’s not a double resource or one of the above economy/card draw helpers. You probably won’t flip on your first turn unless you really need that 2 damage. Jen’s “I Object” ability gives you some breathing room, and you’re going to want 2 turns in a row of a 6 card hand.

Once you get going, though, you’ll be tanking a lot of damage, both because your 15 hit points can handle it, and to make your Gamma Slam that much better. If you draw Gamma Slam early, you’ll need to spend it as a resource and hope it comes around again. You don’t have the hand size to save it for later, and TBH you’re not hurting for ways to deal damage.

You have 3 cards for stunning the enemy: two Superhuman Strength and one Mockingbird. Being able to keep a final form villain (who might have some nasty upgrades) from attacking you can let you stay relatively safe in Hero mode when your threat removal runs thin.

Don’t toss away Superhuman Law Division if you can at all avoid it. It’s only a 1-of, and Jen doesn’t go through the deck very fast to cycle her discard (you can’t guarantee a reshuffle with Klaw, though you’ll get at least one with Ultron). Remember that Hellcat can bounce to your hand and you can use her resource to power it.

Tigra is going to be your MVP when fighting Ultron, since she’s guaranteed to remove one drone a turn (at least until Hulk or Concussive Blasts do her in). When playing solo it’s nice to have Ground Stomp as an insurance policy against drone overrun, but you’ll probably be ditching it as a to Superhuman Law Division instead.

Chase Them Down and Tenacity are the cards I’ve been most on the fence about. Chase Them Down is your best chance at removing threat as a Hero, but it requires there to be minions (which is not a constant in a solo game) and has the risky resource. Tenacity can give your turns some extra oomph, but it always feels expensive to play.

This deck omits Tac Team because it’s costly and I didn’t find myself playing it. She-Hulk’s on-flip ability is a built-in Tac Team, and has been sufficient for clearing away Toughs.