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MilkyWilson · 91

The purpose of this deck is to make Star Lord easier to pilot, and a lower risk hero. Antithetical to his nature? Maybe. Fun? Definitely. I had played our main man a bunch in leadership and while abusing blaze of glory is always a good time, I found it frustrating building up to that point and would struggle with keeping him alive, needing to keep the allies alive to abuse the combo. With enough built in damage and threat, the logical conclusion to me was protection. Little did I know this would work out so well. This deck plays similar to the leadership decks in that it has a high ally focus, but they serve to protect himself and his allies, while getting as much value as possible out of their activations with the help of Leader of the Guardians. The main focus is to keep a steady string of allies up to thwart/attack and then take hits for the team while building up large sliding shot turns (less so than leadership, but it still puts out ALOT of damage). This deck is able to make use of What could go wrong almost every turn as we bring ways to handle the threats and then some. So lets get into the card breakdown.


Multiple Man - My favorite ally in the deck. Combo'd with Leader of the Guardians this ally will get you a whopping 6 thwart and 3 blocks for just 1 resource with What could go wrong cheating him into play. I will try to mulligan as hard as possible for him to start as he provides you tons of breathing room early game which is always the hardest part of the game.

Gamora- Gamora is just great overall, good stats and card draw on each activation. Most useful late game when trying to pull big sliding shot turns.

Iron Fist - 2 stuns, good damage and a block? Incredible value with What could go wrong

Martyr - Honestly a flex card, but i find she works well with SL, minions are becoming tankier, but with a 3 damage element gun swing, she is easy to get tough cards working with that.

Starhawk - Another great value card for SL,with Leader of the guardians you can turn him from2 atk / 2 thw per life, or a whopping 6 thw if you are needing threat control.

Black Widow - We are going to be ending up with more treacheries than anyone else due to our hero ability, she will save you a lot of headache.

Nick Fury - Its Nick Fury, I dont feel he needs any explanation.


Ever Vigilant - We get aerial off of booster boots making them a higher priority than usual, but the payoff is strong. With leader of the guardians, this card is effectively a 5 thwart for 3 ER which is higher curve than Justice thwart events even. And with taking more encounters, thwarting is never a bad thing

Shake it Off - Cheaply costed, if for some reason you have to face tank this will keep you fresh, can also spend on another player if they are playing guardians.

Side Step - Cheap cost, you will get attacked alot as Star Lord. With this and Shake it off you can be greedy and most of the time get full use out of your allies before chump blocking.


Nothing crazy here, we taked Avengers Mansion, Helicarrier to support our heavy curve.

Knowhere - We are playing 10 Allies, you will find value out of this very quickly.

Endurance - Flex card as their is alot of defense in this deck, but SL is prone to crazy swing turns so I like having the extra padding just in case The Night Nurse - With our hero ability your are more likely than anyone else to be taking stun/confuse cards, she solves this.

Overall this deck is quite strong, I have completed all scenarios on expert except Ronan (which i never play however since I do not find him fun, would also not recommend ANY Star Lord deck against him). To note I do typically play 2 handed or with a duo partner.


Oct 07, 2021 HalifaxBrent · 13

I found it odd that you suggested not using Star-Lord against Ronan. I've found Star-Lord to be one of the best, if not the best hero, to use against Ronan. Element Gun is perfect against Ronan, as it pierces both his starting and second stage Tough. Combined with the constant damage Star-Lord can dish out every turn while still dealing with threat, and he's one of the best at knocking off the big bad. Mind you, I play true solo, not 2-handed, so maybe that makes a difference.

The key thing about playing Star-Lord against Ronan - or any of the more difficult scenarios - is not to use his hero ability unless absolutely needed to avoid defeat or to set up a game-ending turn. That extra encounter card is for dealing with emergencies. Ideally you use it once, at most twice, a game.

Anyway, pairing Star-Lord with Protection makes sense, especially an ally-heavy one like this. He doesn't benefit much from going to alter-ego (except through Bad Boy) so a deck that keeps him in hero form as much as possible should work well with him.

Hope you have fun with the deck!