Live, Die, Repeat - (Re)Building the Perfect Killing Machine

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Nebula desencadenada - Santuario de Campeones 7 7 0 1.0
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AlwaysAngryJay · 881

"I am every inch the warrior you are. The screams of my victims fill every field."

Nebula initially perplexed me. Unlike almost all the rest of the heroes in Champions she doesn't have many direct synergies with cards like Martial Prowess, knowing foes like Thanos had stalwart kept me from seriously considering Drop Kick and Press the Advantage, and I was surprised she didn't come with weapons so many of the deck styles I am used to playing didn't fit with her kit as well. I came to understand this wasn't a limitation at all and came up with this brutal Aggression list.

With a plethora of capable allies ready to hit hard and die for the cause, this deck plays almost like Leadership but with a red spin. Between her AE power, Daughters of Thanos, and Knowhere you have some serious draw power to dig and set up cards like Boot Camp and C.I.T.T. and get an Energy Spear into the hands of Bug.

Allies - As mentioned Bug is the all star of this list being able to repeatedly attack turn after turn for a meaty 3-4 damage with little set up. Energy Spear even has Piercing which makes Tough a non-issue. You can also increase his health to 3 with Honorary Guardian you can alternate double attacking with Bug and Yourself to heal him using C.I.T.T. and also avoid some deadly removal such as Rubblestorm in the Ebony Maw encounter.

Drax, Angela, Martinex and Marvel Boy are mostly fire and forget style allies, get their hits in then take a hit for you. Drax and Martinex can be worth investing a spear into but it's not the goal of the deck to try and keep them around.

Gamora is of course special for the purposes of Daughters of Thanos but her and Star-Lord both I tend to use for Thwarting more than dealing damage with their 2 Thwart, even with things like Boot Camp in play.

Events - Nothing special here, I wanted to lean more towards allies and permanents so nothing felt necessary.

Resources - I can't get enough of playing Guardians and using The Power in All of Us with C.I.T.T. and this deck really takes advantage of it either when you yourself are kitted out with Techniques like Unyielding Persistence or getting extra swings in with your speared up allies. In other decks these 2 resource cards can become redundant after you play all your big cards but this deck doesn't have that problem.

Supports - Most of this was already covered but Helicarrier helps you drop techniques easily and is always useful in multiplayer. Part of Nebula's playstyle does utilize flipping to keep her Techniques primed and allow you to capitalize on her amazing draw potential mean Crew Quarters will pay off in spades helping you stay in the fight with your low health pool.

Upgrades - Endurance to help bump up our 9 health which while not as fragile as she seems with Wide Stance and Unyielding Persistence able to help her shrug off damage I never leave home without the safety net Endurance brings. Unlike Honorary Avenger you can only put 1 Honorary Guardian on Bug and I tend to use the other on Nebula but you can use it to squeeze out an extra attack on an ally when needed too. While the goal is to set up Bug with Spear and Honorary I cut down one of each to fit in a pair of Hand Cannons for extra oomph. Those along with Combat Training makes you more than formidable.

Strategy - As always with playing Aggression, it's not your only purpose to deal damage and in the early game you should use your options to help thwart before worrying too much about putting hurt on the villain. Luckily you have a few allies to help in that regard. Wide Stance brings an insane amount of utility for manipulating the encounter deck and helping you anticipate danger before it happens.

Be careful with Combat Ready and avoid using its discard ability as you are likely to lose valuable allies and possibly cards like Daughters of Thanos. Typically if I don't have Techniques to add back to my deck, I either use it as a resource or spend 2 Techniques as resources, then use CR to put them back into my deck.

Don't hesitate to sacrifice your allies to keep the party healthy. Bug and Gamora are helpful to keep around but everyone else is expendable. This list is largely mean for controlling and taking down minions and taking hits for the team. Eventually the goal is to all in on the villain but again that's not your only purpose.

Substitutions - Cosmo and Groot fit perfectly well if you prefer them. Cosmo partially synergizes with Wide Stance but to me that's not enough support to take him over Marvel Boy personally. Groot is fantastic but in my personal playgroup every like running him more than me so I tend to play assuming I won't have him but absolutely slot him in if you can.

Overall this is my refined list that I feel brings the most out of the bald, blue badass and is an absolute blast to play. Aggression can be more than just damage and her kit is extremely versatile to let you focus on yourself or your minions or both and have multiple lines of play each game. Unleash your full potential and let me know what you think in the comments, Thanks for checking out my list!


Sep 21, 2021 dr00 · 40709

looks like a fun deck. i agree about Cosmo. i think it's a neat interaction but probably not necessary. i do like cosmo in general as an 'attack or thwart until he takes consequential, then just block with him' kind of ally, but probably needs to be more consistent about avoiding the damage if you start adding upgrades

also i love Boot Camp with a bunch of solid allies. seems like really solid choices all around. i was going to want to try aggression next, but was wanting to see if there was anything to the Cutthroat Amibition interaction of giving your events overkill and piercing. it's probably not as consistent though, and i love C.I.T.T. with a big voltron guardians ally

Sep 21, 2021 Saan · 3630

Nice, I built a very similar deck just yesterday, and it's a blast! Glad to see someone else was thinking in the same direction =)

Sep 22, 2021 pedrogl · 20

i am groot

Sep 23, 2021 Lerysh · 17

@dr00Energy Spear makes Cutthroat Ambition's text practically useless. Plus the Hand Cannon already confer Overkill. Let's just say Nebula does not care if you are Tough.

Sep 23, 2021 Myztery · 1

Pretty dope red leadership deck. Looks fun and the assortment of cards doesn't really take from most other standard red builds. 10/10!

Sep 23, 2021 celric · 432

If you are going to invest in allies with spears and boot camp, First Aid seems better to me than Honorary Guardian.

Sep 23, 2021 AlwaysAngryJay · 881

@dr00 I really wanted to put a Clobber in since it stuck around when the Cutthroat turns came up but it just seems more cute than functional, similar to Cosmo. Down the road it would very likely be worth revisiting.

@Saan It's so fun, dying to hit the table again.

@pedrogl I am sorry I didn't slot you in the deck, maybe next time.

@Lerysh She is a wrecking ball for sure. Sometimes its hard to keep track of all the buffs she has but she has a solution for nearly everything.

@MyzteryWould Red Leadership be Purple?

@celric Bug is the only Ally I am really trying to keep around, and he only has 2 hp so First Aid doesn't really help him as much. With Honorary Guardian I can swing twice in a turn using CITT and ideally avoid aoe damage in certain fights if I can help it.

It's certainly a playstyle preference and I can see First Aid being good too.

Oct 01, 2021 Dougler · 20

just a note re: the Honorary Avenger comment, it's actually been errata'd to contain the same max 1 per character text as Honorary Guardian

Oct 03, 2021 voidstar · 14

Trying out Surprise Attack, given that Nebula wants to flip forms regularly.

Oct 08, 2021 gam7 · 1

@AlwaysAngryJay The Power in All of Us says - Double the number of resources this card generates when paying for a Basic (gray) card. Key words "when paying for". Can you use this to fire off C.I.T.T ability??

Oct 09, 2021 camsimps · 1

@gam7, Yes, the Power in All of Us generates double resources when paying for C.I.T.T.’s ability. I can’t remember the exact ruling that covers this, but I think it might be the one for Spider-Woman that says that Finesse can be used to trigger Jarnbjorn’s ability.

Oct 11, 2021 gam7 · 1

@camsimps anyway to confirm this?
@AlwaysAngryJay if I may make a suggestion? You should include the name Nebula in your title so we can find this deck better in searches! Had a hard time relocating it.

Oct 11, 2021 Lerysh · 17

@gam7 It's the ruling for Spider Woman's Finesse resources. They are capable of paying for Jarnbjorn fists even when it's on the table because it is an aspect card. It doesn't stop being an aspect card when it's in play. Similarly C.I.T.T. does not stop being a grey card and Power in All of Us generates 2 when paying for grey cards.

Oct 11, 2021 dr00 · 40709

there has been some discussion about C.I.T.T. and whether or not The Power in All of Us does indeed generate 2 resources for it.

the Finesse ruling doesn't 100% match up, the argument being that Finesse 'generates a for an aspect card' while The Power in All of Us doubles when paying for a Basic card'; is 'paying for' available outside the normal 'pay a card's cost to play it and place it into play' or does it also included using costs on the card.

basically, the argument isn't necessarily saying CITT and TPiaoU don't work together, but that the Finesse ruling doesn't necessarily confirm or deny it

Feb 11, 2023 SpiderPK · 89

Great deck Side arm for Bug to have +1 atk and reach.