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NocturnalAnimal · 12618

I was really excited for Rocket when Galaxy's Most Wanted came out. Really excited. Then the cards were spoiled recently, and a proper look at Groot's cards got the gears turning. Protection obviously is very strong with Groot, but I'm a sucker for those yellow aspect cards and decided to branch out into a different one. Boy, was I surprised at how good it is! I couldn’t be-leaf it! (okay, I’ll give the puns a rest now...)

Deck Basis:

The idea of the deck is to keep flipping to AE every other turn (where possible), and get maximum use out of his ability to add Growth Counters, as well as getting extra cards. This way, we can utilise best his hero cards that do X of a certain thing based on the number of counters Groot has. Justice is best placed for this, thanks to a couple of cards and being able to have a decent handle on schemes.

Hero cards:

I really like how Groot's hero cards play out around the concept of Growth Counters, very unique amongst the heroes. Definitely something I've appreciated with the spoilers so far with the Guardians of the Galaxy and how they've tried to shift up how different they are, as I was expecting something a little more standard. My favourite card so far is Fertile Ground. Groot can be a bit slow so getting extra card draw is fantastic, and it's been a card I've tried to hard mulligan for. As you're mostly flipping between forms every other turn, you get maximum use out of this and the Growth Spurt ability. Between these and the 2 copies of Fruition, this leads you to having turns with the max counters possible for dropping a 10 DMG "I. AM. GROOT!" or removing 10 Threat with "I am Groot"

I havn't generally much used the four cards that trade Growth Counters for a boost to stats or ready Groot, but they're handy in a pinch and having them sat on the board helps thin the deck (as well as being Superpowers, Deft Focus helps make them 0 cost cards). "We Are Groot" is incredibly useful, I'm more than happy to drop a couple of counters to give Groot and Rocket Tough, to help against a big attack on Groot removing more counters, or letting Rocket get another turn of attacking minions.


I always start here, and this deck runs a healthy amount of them. First up is the star of them, Agent Coulson. He has a handy 2 THW and let's you pull a Preparation card from the discard/draw deck, and Counterintelligence is incredibly good for keeping a lid on large numbers of Threat just dropping and suddenly flipping a scheme. As Justice doesn't have the strongest set of allies, I have included the best of the rest in Quake and Wiccan. Not only are they great chump blockers at 2-cost, but they also offer a little minion damage (in their own unique ways).

Ironheart is a cheap chump blocker and helps with some card draw. Mockingbird is there primarily to take a little heat off Groot and enable him to keep those Growth Counters around a little longer. Having played this deck a fair few times now, I've had turns where I've drawn so many resource cards with little to play, so I've been trying out Lockjaw, who has proven to be quite helpful. Lastly, Rocket Raccoon; I'm really impressed with how good Rocket is. Helps keep minions down with some hefty damage so Groot can in theory focus on hitting the villain.


There's not a lot to say about Justice really; as of present, it's really quite one note in what it does, so whichever threat removal cards you use are probably slightly dependant on the hero and what you fancy playing. As Groot isn't particularly great with resources, I added in a copy of Sense of Justice. Being able to make a copy of any of the 3 For Justice! or 2 Clear the Area cheaper is handy in a pinch, but in concert with Deft Focus it can make I Am Groot a lovely one cost card. Under Surveillance is in as I generally play 1/2 Handed or 2 player and can just help stop those 1 Scheme Villains like Rhino or The Collector taking you out in one turn with Threat. Skilled Investigator and (usually) Clear the Area help out with card draw now and then. 2x The Power of Justice rounds out the aspect to help pay for the pricey Justice cards

And the Rest:

Filling out the gaps, I've got Helicarrier and just a single copy of The Power in All of Us for more resource smoothing (the latter is a bit of a flex card). Lastly, a single copy of Deft Focus is added. Of all the heroes currently available, Groot has the most superpower cards, and this has been incredibly handy to have on the board for a hero with no built in resources/generation (Fertile Ground aside).

With the deck built, I try to mulligan as hard as possible for any combination of Fertile Ground, Deft Focus and Sense of Justice just to get the ball rolling. Flip as often as possible. Protect those Growth Counters but don't also be afraid to spend them if you need to, and it's certainly another way to play Groot. As you flip between forms, it's really easy to get those counters back.

If you're playing more than 2 players, I'd probably change a couple of cards up. If Rocket is being played by another player, chuck the basic Rocket ally. I'd also lose Under Surveillance as it's effect lessens with more players. You can add in more copies of Skilled Investigator to help thin the deck and aid the other heroes. Flora and Fauna is useful if Rocket is played as a hero. Maybe one of the other basic allies too, and possibly a 3rd Clear the Area if you feel the scenario warrants it.

All in all, this deck has proven to be quite strong. I've so far taken out Drang, The Collector, Nebula, Rhino, Klaw, and Crossbones all in Expert (as a side edit, you may want to try changing up a few cards when facing the Collector. I'm potentially looking at Foiled! instead of Counterintelligence, as though it's down to when you draw it and variable, it's a 0-cost event that can be used in both forms). It's also been great to play a deck that actively wants you to go between both forms and get the best out of both. Hopefully, if you use this deck as a basis for your own, you have as much fun as I have had with it so far!


Apr 03, 2021 HearMeRoar · 1

Nice write up! Had thought about a different aspect with Groot, and my copy has just turned so gonna pull apart the pre-con and try this. Looks good.

Apr 03, 2021 amustoe · 25

Great write up!

Apr 03, 2021 neothechosen · 7789

Cool as always! THX!

Apr 03, 2021 ImpossibleGerman · 12195

This is very similar to how I’ve built Groot, and I love this deck. Did you experiment with Lay Down the Law? I found that I flipped down with Groot often enough to include it.

Apr 03, 2021 NocturnalAnimal · 12618

Thanks all! @ImpossibleGerman I’m trying them both out atm, the only reason I’m using For Justice! at present is that I only seemed to draw Lay Down The Law every turn I was going from Hero to Alter Ego mode, ha!

Apr 03, 2021 ImpossibleGerman · 12195

Yup, that’ll happen haha. Cards are evil, man.

Apr 05, 2021 dr00 · 29072

good write-up and nice name

how often are you using power of justice for 2? do you don't the relevant? still waiting on my box, but it seems justice is a good shout for groot

Apr 05, 2021 NocturnalAnimal · 12618

@dr00 thanks! Honestly, I think I’ve had one turn in 15 games with this deck where I didn’t have a Justice card in hand that didn’t cost 2 or more. With Fertile Ground giving me an extra card, and my Rocket deck I paired this up with usually handing me one from Avengers Mansion, I always seem to have something in hand. The allies don’t stay on the board long and I’ll drop a Counterintelligence when I can so there’s always something to play. Honestly it’s the first time in quite a while I’ve actually used the ‘Power of’ resource cards.

Apr 07, 2021 Mathetes · 43

Very nice! I’ve been trying a similar deck concept myself lately, but I’ve run into a buzzsaw with the Collector.

Apr 07, 2021 NocturnalAnimal · 12618

@MathetesI didn't fair too badly against The Collector, mainly as Groot's deck is relatively cheap, so usually had spare resources to hand in order to bring cards back. Plus a lot of the time Groot didn't really want to do any basic abilities so could exhaust to for it too. Once you're set up and have a lid on the counters, found I was raring to go. Did it solo and with Rocket Aggression (who is pretty hand at Thwarting in a pinch too).

That said, the Psyonic Ghosts are an absolute pain in the derrière.

Apr 08, 2021 M3t4lB0x (TLM) · 2579

Was going to build my own Groot Justice deck after I finished my Rocket Justice and then I saw this! Love the writeup and deck build! Gonna throw it together later today :)

Apr 08, 2021 NocturnalAnimal · 12618

@M3t4lB0x (TLM)that's awesome, thanks! Be good to hear how you get on with it :-) if you need any advice, or have any suggestions of your own, I'd love to hear them too!

Apr 09, 2021 Siris101 · 18

I used this deck against Drang solo. Wow! It is really strong. Had no problem keeping off the threat with Justice cards and the Milano combined. Also was able to dish out good damage with the groot events.

Great Job! I'll let you know how it plays against the collector.

Apr 12, 2021 NocturnalAnimal · 12618

@Siris101 Excellent stuff! Be interesting to hear how you fared against The Collector! I found that I sort of coasted until I built up my Growth Counters, then had blow out turns using "I am Groot" and "I. AM. GROOT!" (it was rather satisfying being able to play the former and 2 copies of the later in the same turn!)

Apr 15, 2021 jrec15 · 140

2 games in my first campaign so far with a really similar deck to this and love it! Glad I picked this as my introduction to Groot/GMW. Groot's growth counters are his most unique thing... they are fun, incredibly flexible, and really strong. But playing protection especially in GMW you're not going to want to switch to alter ego. His alter ego ability + fertile ground (omg what a card) are really what makes him shine and justice takes full advantage of that on, on top of being incredible for the massive threat level in GMW.

Only playing on standard but this could definitely handle expert kind of wish I started there, I crushed Drang in 4 or 5 turns, Collector was a little tough but mostly because I was getting use to his mechanics next time around shouldn't be as bad.

Apr 17, 2021 Mathetes · 43

@jrec15 I also really like Groot with Justice for the reasons you described. But, fair warning, the Collector in an Expert Campaign is brutal, especially in solo. I made the “mistake” of diving straight into an Expert Campaign, and while Drang was fine, the Collector was a very rough experience.

@NocturnalAnimal Have you used this deck against the Collector on Expert? I’m wondering if you have any strategy advice, or if I should just stick to Standard for a solo campaign with Groot. I really want to go through the whole campaign with Rocket and Groot for thematic reasons before using any of the other heroes.

Apr 18, 2021 Lightningjak · 13

Nice write up. I built Groot in a similar way after Protection with him didn’t work for me. An odd card that I like in Groot is Great Responsibility in a 2 player game. You’ll sacrifice growth counters but preventing 5 threat as an example is key if you’re paired with a teammate who needs to switch down fairly often (Ms. Marvel in my case).

Jun 10, 2021 FrankensteinDMS · 1

This is my favorite deck I play. Thank you for sharing.

Jul 19, 2021 DaveL · 1

I replaced Lockjaw with Jack Flag . I never liked that dog. But great deck dude. I never thought that Groot could do anything else than protection.

Sep 23, 2021 Shadowfighter1710 · 28

This deck plays out smoothly. Thank you for sharing.

Sep 13, 2022 Atrixmann · 1

I really like this deck and maybe I'm stupid, but Agent Coulson only let's you draw preparation cards which I can't find in this deck. Or am I playing something wrong? Is he that good without the card draw?

Sep 13, 2022 dr00 · 29072

@Atrixmann Counterintelligence is a preparation

Sep 13, 2022 Atrixmann · 1

@dr00 Looked through the deck three times yesterday after playing and must have overlooked it every single time. Thanks! Now it makes more sense and I can stop doubting my understanding of the game and start doubting my eyes :)

Sep 13, 2022 dr00 · 29072

@Atrixmannno worries! happens to the best of us lol

Oct 05, 2022 wojciech · 7

I've played against Klaw on true solo and lost 5 times in a row. It looks like Groot is difficult for me on true solo...