Some Assembly Required. Spidey/Leadership

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Pickles · 19

This deck is trying to leverage some new cards from the Ant-man pack and make baby Iron Man shine along with his buddies Ronin and Black Cat.

The idea of the deck is to get allies into play and load them up with gear then have them do most of the work, healing them as needed but mostly pumping up their HP pools.

To this end there are only 3 allies - this is the number you can most easily boost up and makes it seem worth playing Call for Aid. Iron man and Ronin have the best synergies with upgrades so they are in. Black Cat was in the pack.

The upgrades are all that is available. Inspired gives them great stats. Reinforced Suit multiplies their effectiveness. Honorary Avenger turns on Ronin for cheap or makes Black Cat an Avenger. It is also a one point heal for anyone. As Black Cat does not take incidental damage when attacking she gets a Sky Cycle instead of a suit. Once she is an Avenger that is. As she can attack twice a turn she also gets Power Gloves, since she is now an Avenger.
Team Training is a group heal being almost honorary Avenger for everyone. This makes it OK but often overkill.

Call for Aid is to find your super important but not numerous allies. Trying out a new card. It seems to work more or less though it becomes dead after you are set up. Rapid Response mostly makes finding one for the second time less painful - you will lose any gear they have when they are defeated which makes it less super.

First Aid is to heal your squad, Inspiring Presence the same though usually you also get action compression. (Get Ready burns them out. This is needed as rebuilding them if they get beaten can be a long process. I would like a little more - the spoiled healing leadership card would be in the deck if it were available.

This removes the main job of allies in most decks - jumping in front of angry and dangerous villains who want to do them harm. So to support the allies you need an appropriate Hero. Given you are going to get punched protecting your buddies a lot it helps to have good defences. Of course Steve Rogers could do this but he is remarkably overpowered so we turn to the hero against whom all others are measured Spiderman.

The principle job of the hero in this deck is stopping your allies getting beaten up. Spiderman does this well with his high native defence, defensive cards and the healing his dear old aunt provides. He can chip in bits of damage, or lots if he gets swingin', and a tiny bit of threat removal. He has an OK economy to pay for the cards and his signature ally, Black Cat works really well in the deck. This is of course because of her lack of incidental damage on attack. Normally that means she pokes for one a turn. In this deck she will eventually reach 6 damage every turn in chunks of 2 1 2 1 making it very flexible. Of course that costs 10 cards so it had better be good. This is incidentally more than the other two heroes cost fully geared up.

The deck plays better than expected beating the scenarios I have tried on expert - not Ultron :) It is reasonably easy to set up the allies in fully suited mode and they last well enough with the healing available. The deck stutters because sometimes it takes too long to set up and sometimes it gets hit for a lot of damage and you end up losing more than one expensively geared ally.

It feels very different to a normal deck in that the hero does not do much of the work. Here he is bad at thwarting, outclassed attacking (except those Swinging kicks) but good at neutralising the villain - Webbed Up feels really good if you still have allies to work over the helpless villain.

Why No?

Maria Hill - she is the best leadership ally, single-handedly making the Avengers Keyword sub-optimal. She should probably be in the deck along with The Triskelion to let us play her when she appears, even when you are full.

Giant-Man - another candidate for boosting but very expensive. He was in the 4 ally version of the deck but the cost means it is harder to play an upgrade on him fast and someone had to go.

Goliath - second best ally in the aspect IMO. He also has 2 incidental damage on attack and pops when he uses his ultimate. Popping is not the plan for this deck and while he would probably be great most of the time he reduces the consistency of what you get.

U.S.Agent - Feels too slow to get a return on, though he is in theory good value. Retaliate is no use when you are never defending.

The Power of Leadership. There are not enough targets for it, especially once your allies are out.

Other Heroes. I think there are several other heroes that could run this sort of deck. Cap A of course, he can do everything. Cap M probably as she has tons of resources and incidental healing if bad defences. Definitely not Iron Man - as well as not being able to play a key ally he would double down on the long fragile set up phase, and he hardly needs any help in the late game.

Buddy Deck

I plan to play this along with my They Were Expendable deck once I can face the chore of two handed solo again. That is another leadership deck playing more conventionally that I can make up with only one set of cards between them. Leadership seems to be the only Aspect that you could do this with, partly due to the mass of allies. Unless you fancy a challenge?