Star-Spangled Beatdown - Captain America Aggression

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diesel · 57

I've been sitting on this deck since the Hulk pack released and just never got around to posting it. Absolutely one of the best (and most fun) decks I've played. Enjoy!


  • Build on the "Stun Lock" concept, but pivot from Protection to Aggression, using a bunch of the great new cards from the Hulk pack release.

  • By pairing Cap with Aggression, we can capitalize on the advantages that stuns give us in a way that Protection never could: by putting higher damage levels directly on the villain.

  • Stack the deck with resources - leveraging Cap's native advantage here (Super-Soldier Serum), along with Martial Prowess, to get consistent value out of Drop Kick.


  • I play almost exclusively 2-player with my wife

  • Green Goblin Mutagen Formula / Under Attack - won easily - Iron Man Justice partner deck

  • Rhino / Kree Fanatic - won easily (10 cards left in encounter deck on first pass) BP Leadership partner deck

  • Klaw / Kree Fanatic - tough win - BP Leadership partner deck

  • Mutagen Formula / Doomsday Chair - Ms. Marvel Justice partner deck



Early Game

  • As with most decks, build your engine on your first pass through the deck, managing the board state as you go.

  • Don't be shy about using "I Can Do This All Day!" to double-thwart.

Mid and Late Game

  • After one pass through your deck you should be pretty well setup. I usually have two or three of Helicarrier, Super-Soldier Serum, and Martial Prowess in play.

  • Most turns you should be able to put a stun on the villain, but adapt to the board state! You may need to throw away most of your hand for a timely Shield Toss to clear the shit-storm of Goblin Thrall's that flipped during the Villain Phase. The deck is pretty flexible - use it!

  • If you're lucky enough to have the cards and resources to do it, a nice little combo is Heroic Strike or Drop Kick to stun the villain, playing Toe to Toe for a free five damage (clearing the stun), then re-stunning the villain with another Heroic Strike or Drop Kick.

  • There aren't any big damage-dealers like Swinging Web Kick, Supersonic Punch, Hulk Smash, etc. - but you will put consistent damage on the villain and stay in Hero form longer, allowing you to keep Cap on the offensive.


Drop Kick

  • I did not think highly of this card when I first saw it. To my mind, having to pay all resources still makes it situational - but this is definitely the right situation. Four damage and a stun for a net of three resources works just fine for this build.

Martial Prowess

Toe to Toe

  • Good for taking on low ATK, high HP minions.

Other Considerations


  • With the emphasis on resources in this desk, Jarnbjorn makes a lot of sense. It's my personal belief that effective use of Jarnbjorn requires a deck built around it (see my review on the card page!) and it's just not my focus here.


  • I don't love this card, but if the scenario is lacking minions, you may want to swap out the Relentless Assault for the extra and villain-hitting ability of Uppercut.

"You'll Pay for That!"

  • As with most Aggression decks, this deck can struggle with threat, but Cap's "I Can Do This All Day!" ability, Agent 13, and Fearless Determination all do a lot to offset that weakness. I've not had too much trouble yet. You'll also be actively limiting the opportunities to play "You'll Pay for That!" through stunning, as a result, this card get's left out.


  • Always a consideration, but ultimately, the villain should be incapacitated enough that it's just not necessary.

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I borrowed (stole) this format from Brian-V. Hopefully you don't mind :)

Cap Drop Kick