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Revolution · 61



The goal of this deck is making your allies stay on the board as long as possible,
utilizing them as cannon fodder only if necessary, since captain america defends very well by himself.


Team Training is your best friend here as First Aid helps keep board presence high while Inspiring Presence helps synergize with Earth's Mightiest Heroes and Sky Cycle. Note also that Sky Cycle and Inspired are free plays on Iron Man. Rapid Response synergizes perfectly with Agent 13 and Falcon for some easy threat clearance.


You can actually replace Earth's Mightiest Heroes with Teamwork, depending on what you prefer. The former gives you more flexibility, the latter sinergyze better with Agent 13 and upgraded allies overall.

-Tips & Hints-

The best option is switching between hero and alter ego every turn in order to draw more cards and use Steve's Apartment for big 7 cards hands, plus optimizing Steve Rogers passive ability. Heroic Strike is also a very good choice for slowing down the villain.


Oct 07, 2020 BananaCrapshoot · 282

Iron Man seems like a bit of a waste if you aren’t going to use any upgrades for him to get some mileage out of his ability. The other hawkeye or squirrel girl even might serve you better.

Oct 07, 2020 zephyr100 · 1

@BananaCrapshoot He has inspired and sky cycle.

Oct 07, 2020 Revolution · 61

@BananaCrapshootInspired and Sky Cycle are in the deck and, btw, they are the only 2 cards in the game you can attach to Iron Man ;D (Honorary Avenger not considered :P )

Oct 07, 2020 BananaCrapshoot · 282

@Revolutionwow somehow I completely missed inspired and sky cycle and for some reason the only upgrade I thought I saw was rapid response. I apologize.

Oct 08, 2020 neothechosen · 51

Sweet deck! Do you plan on using Reinforced Suit when Ant Man comes out? It would add a 3rd upgrade for Iron Man. And if so, where would you cut? (and btw you can attach him with Enraged too... not so incredible though ;p ).

Oct 08, 2020 Revolution · 61

@neothechosenyeha! Absolutely. 2x Reinforced Suite will easily replace the 2x First Aid. I need to playtest a lot, but I'm planning to add the new Antman and Stinger and, why not, maybe even Giant man could find a spot in this deck!