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MegiDolaDyne · 4282

Cable is perhaps the most exciting new card to come out of Age of Apocalypse. A one-man card draw engine with no once per turn limit, he can go absolutely crazy taking out side schemes left and right. All you have to do is combine him with Uncanny X-Force and... hm.

There's a bit of a problem.

Who, exactly, can actually play these two cards together?

Obviously you can't play Cable with Cable. Deadpool's out too, since he has a different Cable in his deck. Domino and X-23 both share a problem where they have really important non-X-Force allies that'd ruin your Uncanny. This leaves Angel and Psylocke as the only two heroes in the game who can actually play Cable with Uncanny outside of multiplayer shenanigans, and Angel would rather just focus on his Aerial gameplan like always. This leaves Psylocke as the only viable option. Luckily, she does it really well.

The most obvious thing Psylocke brings to the table is Psychic Kicker. This card should need no introduction, it's strong enough that people will even play it in decks where Cable's the hero and can't even use it half the time because he's dealing with personal stuff. Combining it with the X-Force strategy is practically a no-brainer. Combined with Command Team, you can jump Cable multiple times in a turn and simply mow down side schemes left and right. A little less obvious is Leadership Skill. A pretty underrated card in general, this thing has a few cool synergies in the deck: first, it's a way to make sure Cable hits just the right threshold to finish off a side scheme to get your card draw. And it's a skill card, meaning it can be searched with Training Regimen.

Of course to get all this card draw we need some side schemes. The villain will surely provide some, especially in a multiplayer game, but if we're solo or the encounter deck isn't cooperating we need a backup plan. Call for Backup is the most obviously strong one, it can either search Cable if you find it early or someone like Fantomex or X-23 if you already have him. Build Support has a few nice targets to find; it can get our Uncanny, it can grab X-Bunker, Team Training, and if you're fully set up it can recur your Command Teams. And then we have Rally the Troops, which is weaker than the other two but it also costs 0. In a solo game, if we have Cable, Uncanny, and Mission Leader in play, you can just drop this onto the board, take it out in one shot, and then draw two cards for free. That's a good deal even if you get literally nothing out of the ally healing, and with all the ally readying you have you'll most likely get something.

This deck controls threat insanely well, but Psylocke is known to have some issues with damage. Luckily, we have the brand new allies Marrow and X-23 to help with that. While their 1 THW is piddly, it'll still get pumped up to 2 with Uncanny in play and they can help chip at side schemes with no consequences. Otherwise, they'll help you deal big damage, especially when paired with Psychic Kicker. Deadpool can also help with damage; once you have so much thwarting power that you don't even know what to do with it, who even cares about an acceleration token or two? With our X-Force synergies, Angel is also a bit more exciting than he would be in most decks. These allies are also slightly more expendable than Cable and Fantomex, and Psylocke can be pretty frail, so they're fine as emergency chump blockers too. We also have Crew Quarters, which for my money is still one of the best ways to deal with Psylocke's frailty.

Other possibilities for inclusion:

The other two side schemes. Superpower Training doesn't have great targets but you do go resource positive by getting Weapons Training into play, so that's something. Specialized Training is a super powerful card that this deck has more than enough thwart to clear, but Psylocke kind of struggles to make use of the training card you get for it since she doesn't tend to stick to any single basic activation type.

Instead of Fantomex you could consider a Deathlok package; certainly Cable would also appreciate a copy of Inspired or a Reinforced Suit. The problem is deck space, we really don't have much to work with. The list as it stands is pretty tight.

That about sums it up. Now get out there and get jumping.


Apr 01, 2024 Web-Warrior Fanatic · 8991

This deck is absolute fire. Cable doing Cable things even as an ally! Really powerful combo combining him with Uncanny X-Force. Shoutouts to @jerpanic for putting me on this deck!

Apr 01, 2024 journeyman2 · 20575

Ran a similar build at the LGS Friday, but I really like your choice of Rally the Troops here. Will for sure be implementing that in mine!

Apr 01, 2024 Dansome · 1

I've been playing a deck like this the last 5 games, but I like your version better. I didn't even think of Leadership Skills. Great!

Apr 01, 2024 Man-is-Obsolete · 3765

@journeyman2 was going to say this looks familiar! This is indeed a strong build, having seen something similar in person.

Apr 03, 2024 Oh Hey, Kevin · 13

As loath as I am to leave the Cerebro/Professor X package out of any Psylocke deck, doing so here makes a lot of sense since you're leaning so heavily into X-Force. Plus, Xavier's thwarting would largely be wasted in a deck that already does it so well.

Can't wait to try this out!

Apr 06, 2024 LutherBob · 1

I look forward to trying this! I love Uncanny X-Force, so this really does speak to me!

Apr 07, 2024 mv2392 · 96

Very smart deck. I haven't ran Uncanny X-Force yet, which is crazy because I love the Team cards. Want to try this out soon.

Apr 07, 2024 Sluggie · 4

I'd run the 3rd Command Team instead/before the Leadership Skill's and just straighten and reuse Cable at the full 3 thwart (4 with Inspired as below) vs SS rather than give him a +1 still at 0CD. If he's not taking CD, then who cares if the straighten does excess thwart?

No Superpower Training when you have discarding ID upgrades? Sure Training Regimen can get those Skills from Deck, but you can time this PSS defeat (should be v.easy for X-Force deck) to get the upgrade back even sooner - even the very next action. Speaking of PSS...Specialized Training? Again, in an X-Force team deck! If you have a PSS slot count worry, then you can drop Rally the Troops for Innovation.

Um, how many Ally slots you got for 6 allies? 2 of whom (Deadpool & Fantomex) should prob never leave play with a 3rd (Cable) planned in write-up as always taking 0CD because always thwarting SS as X-Force team. I think you REALLY need The Triskelion somewhere. And with those 3 allies, I'd just drop the most others and use 3* Inspired. Fantomex & Deadpool can both easily pull multi-role duty sometimes when needed and remain permanent allies.

I'd say you probably have enough triggers (psionic or X-Force) to run a Team-Building Exercise. And/or even X-Gene.

You may wish to still consider X-Force Recruit for keeping the team whilst you are in AE. The +1hp doesn't hurt either.

If you are looking for more skills, perhaps Target Acquired.

Apr 07, 2024 MegiDolaDyne · 4282

`@Sluggie Thanks for the feedback, though you didn't need to come out so aggressively. I explained every card choice in the writeup.

Leadership Skill is very good in this deck as a search target that's much cheaper to get into play compared to Command Team.

Superpower Training is fine if you feel you need another side scheme but it's worse than the three we already have. Specialized is really hard for Psylocke to take advantage of even if she can clear it pretty easily. Six allies is frankly a pretty low number, Psylocke is frail and she will have to chump block here and there, even with the likes of Fantomex and Deadpool.

Trisk is a possibility but it hasn't felt necessary.

Inspired coudl be worth a slot but space in this list is super tight and there's no way we have room for 3 copies; the stat bonus isn't super relevant compared to the bonuses we already get from Uncanny and Kicker.

Team-Building Exercise is fine with 13 targets, but I don't think it's mandatory; Psylocke already gives us plenty of resource gen and Cable supplements it with card draw. Definitely not X-Gene, only six targets and they're cards we don't particularly care about.

I considered X-Force Recruit but ultimately decided against it; with good sequencing you usually don't need the X-Force trait in Alter-Ego form.

And as for Target Acquired, while I did post a kind of popular deck that ran it, I've never actually had any success triggering it because it's a Hero Response and Psylocke spends so much time in Alter-Ego. Leadership Skill is far superior.

Apr 07, 2024 MegiDolaDyne · 4282

@SluggieThough I might add, sorry if my response came out overly defensive. I think a lot of your ideas do have merit, and I'd like to see your list. But at the very least I'd strongly urge you to keep at least two Leadership Skills in there.

Apr 07, 2024 Sluggie · 4

@MegiDolaDyne Sorry, it wasn't meant to be that aggressive. I apologize. Definitely some good points, and play group style has impact on choices too. I figure if ya gonna pay to get 0CD effects onto allies, may as well try to plan not to block with them so you don't have to keep paying for new ones. Spend a tiny bit more (once) for the permanent buff (Inspired) and work on main ID doing defense/recovery.

Apr 09, 2024 RTimMorris · 147

Great build! Looking forward to trying this one once AoA gets to me.

Apr 10, 2024 corbintm · 1057

This deck is fantastic! Made a few changes, tons of fun regardless!