Player Side Scheme
Cost: 0.
Threat: 5.

Victory 0.

Characters other than Cable cannot remove threat from Technovirus Purge.

While Technovirus Purge is in the victory display, Nathan Summers and Cable gain the PSIONIC trait and Cable gets +1 THW, +1 ATK, and +1 DEF.

NeXt Evolution #6. Cable #8.
Technovirus Purge

This is possibly Cable's greatest asset. A card that, once defeated, turns him into a 3-3-3 powerhouse for the rest of the game and lends both his forms the Psionic ability. Admittedly, cards that rely on Psionic are limited at the moment, but the +1 boost to all stats is more than worth the cost of entry.

Even better, Cable can pull this card during setup with his Alter-Ego ability, ensuring you get to take advantage of the victory condition as soon as possible. Even better than that, it costs nothing to put into play. This is literally as close as FFG has yet come to just giving us a boosted hero. I thoroughly enjoy the way they are dancing around their own power creep. It's fun to watch.

MacGhille · 194

Great card to take Cable to 3/3/3. If you have Mind Scan in your opening hand, I normally fetch Technovirus Purge as part of his setup phase. That way I can clear it in one turn at the start of the game. However, if Mind Scan isn't there, I'll grab Build Support or Superpower Training as the starting player side scheme to help build up Cable faster when playing solo.

DoxaLogos · 205