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KennedyHawk · 6686

Hey all!

KennedyHawk here fresh of a few 3-4 player games with a new Fabulous Hawkeye deck - this time with Protection cards. I know, I know. Green cards are gross - so let's get them out of our deck ASAP. I used an Unflappable pun so obviously this deck is top tier!


Might not be America's Ass but close enough. Let's check out the deck.


Hawkeye is a great toolbox character. Once set up he has answers to everything.

stun we got that Electric Arrow

confuse we got that Sonic Arrow

villain is tough no big deal Vibranium Arrow

the list goes on and on.... but how to do we get set up so that we can see all the tools we need when we want them? Deck thinning. Just like our boy Hawkeye we want our deck thin and lean. So while you might not be defending as the protection player you come bearing gifts. Dump your 3 copies of Armored Vest, Electrostatic Armor, Unflappable, Honorary Avenger, Endurance, and Down Time AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Get these out on that first pass along with Expert Marksman and Hawkeye's Quiver. Assuming you get this all done you can eventually thin your deck down to 16 cards.

10 arrows 3 resources 3 allies

At this point you just shoot 1-2 arrows a turn depending on what the team needs. You have a good shot of placing two status conditions each round and can be prepared for big AOE shots if someone gets swarmed.


-This deck really only works in multiplayer when you can dump all the upgrades on yourself an other players. You'll need two friends to make this deck efficient.

-Brother Voodoo is a great reroll when your quiver reveals a less than ideal hand.

-Helicarrier is key. If you can get that down early you'll be able to dump an upgrade on it each round!


This isn't the best deck in the world but if playing a 4 player game with some friends and you want to just sit back and shoot some arrows. This is my recommended way to go.


Sep 14, 2020 bloki · 2

I love this, and any deck like it that takes a fun thought to its natural conclusion. Excellent work.

Sep 14, 2020 dr00 · 8905

1 DEF and builds a whole deck around cards that require defending and taking no damage, then tells everyone else at the table to do it lmao

people said hawkeye protection could work what an absolute madlad

Sep 14, 2020 ImpossibleGerman · 6532

This is horrifying.

I love it.

Sep 15, 2020 Peekay · 2

This is great idea, this deck takes supporting your team to the next level!

Maybe a bit too selfless though, Hawkeye doesn't build at all and could be sacrificing late game effectiveness

Nov 14, 2020 zephyr100 · 19

@Peekay Oh I don't think so. With such a small end-game deck, he is bound to keep getting good cards.