She-Hulk Deck Wins

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GodEmperorDoom · 20

Record: 4-0

Key Cards:

Hulk Toe to Toe Gamma Slam One Two Punch

General Mulligan Strategy:


Situational Keeps:

Double resources are pretty much universal keeps regardless of hero. Your strategy after that is largely going to be shaped by your hand/encounter. If there is no real penalty for nuking the boss down as quickly as possible and you can manage 8+ damage on your first turn, prioritize damage. If you can't position yourself to burn through Phase I on your second turn prioritize board state.

If you see a hand like this: Toe to Toe, Toe to Toe, Gamma Slam, Card, Card, Card.

Keep it, this is a potential Turn 2 kill.


Rhino W/ Under Attack (Win)

The deck had just enough threat management to make true solo Rhino feel somewhat controllable. She Hulk can reliably switch to alter ego despite the tight threat margins. I think I got about 6 damage out off her flip as I am kind of playing her like an angry green iron man and loading her up with upgrades and supports.

Klaw W/ Running Interference (Win)

I pretty much ignored any and all schemes, with the exception of Klaw's +hp scheme. Threw stuns out for free turns to build up. Once I had a comfortable board I just started blasting, and ended Klaw with a 14 point Gamma Slam.

-1: Martial Prowess +1: Spider-Girl

RoRS: Crossbones W/ Default Campaign Setup (Win)

I probably could have ended this in 3 turns pretty easily, but I had to deal with a couple of tough statuses. Toe to Toe is ridiculous with She-Hulk. I think they key strategy with this deck is to plan to win the game in 3-4 turns or plan to lose, much like mono red aggro decks in MTG. I am likely going to tune the deck further in this direction by dropping 1-2 allies, for more punch stuff cards.

RoRS: Absorbing Man W/ Default Campaign Setup (Win)

Who needs strategy when you can just punch holes through all of your problems. The things this deck can do with aggressive mulligans for explosive starts is pretty amazing.

-2 To the Rescue! -1 Tigra +3 Counterattack