Hawkeye - I Have An Arrow For That

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KennedyHawk · 16096

Everyone’s favorite hero takes a new spin on the Aggression aspect. Check out this Hawkeye deck to see him as more than just a bow. This powerhouse aggression deck relies on the stable of Avengers allies in the aggression aspect. You’ll notice 6 allies all with the Avengers trait and a copy of Avengers Tower to allow more board space. This is mainly to make sure by midgame you always have a target for Earth's Mightiest Heroes. This is the main way to fire off additional arrows in the same round.

The Basics

The goal of this deck is to set yourself up for a use of Hawkeye's Bow and then a big basic attack each round. The bow usage is pretty natural for Hawkeye but using cards like Mean Swing and Skilled Strike can really boost his basic attack to the level of an arrow. This allows you to conserve arrows on Hawkeye's Quiver for the ideal moment and use your base attack. Note Hawkeye can get to 4 attack with the use of his bow and Combat Training so with a mean swing you can jab for 7 (or more once Jarnbjorn is in play.

Steady Ready

Hawkeye can usually fire two arrows per round using his hero ability to ready his bow. This deck comes with several readying options including Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and Battle Fury. Using these cards you can either sling multiple arrows or end the chain with a souped up basic attack! You’ll want to have allies available so be sure to get some cheap allies out quickly.


Hawkeye needs to keep his deck fairly cheap. The cost of arrow slinging can be high until you get both Expert Marksman down and with the ability to shoot 3 arrows a turn that’s a big cost to cover. Luckily the cost curved on this deck is fairly low with 35/40 cards costing 0, 1, or 2. Make sure to take advantage of 0 cost cards mentioned above (Earth's Mightiest Heroes, Mean Swing, and Skilled Strike) as they can have a big impact without hitting your hand too hard. You’ll notice the single copy of Martial Prowess which can also help with arrow costs. If you want to go the sling multiple arrows route you can consider dropping your tower for a Helicarrier.

Who Is Gonna Thwart

This decks main weakness is thwarting potential. Depending or the villain match up you may consider swapping out a few cards for copies of Chase Them Down. For the most part you will be counting on allies to thwart. So stay in hero form as much as possible and let’s your allies like Sentry keep the thwarting stable.

But He’s Squishy

It’s true! Hawkeye has low natural HP so recover when needed and don’t be afraid to block with an ally when needed there are enough allies In the deck that they can chump block when needed. Try to soak multiple attacks with high health allies like Hulk!

Mulligan Tips

I think you really want to search hard for Hawkeye's Quiver and Expert Marksman. Other primary keeps are Jarnbjorn, remember even if you don’t get arrows to start spending your turn on basic attacks while you build your board is fine.

Hot Swaps

People often ask me what I would sideboard or swap out. I’ve mentioned in the write up a few but here are some specifics

Add Chase Them Down x2 Drop Skilled Strike x2 Do this in minion heavy scenarios. Doesn’t hit your fost curves but gives more threat control.

Add Helicarrier Drop Avengers Tower Do this if you want to focus more on multi arrow turns and less on your basic attacks.

I hope you enjoy this Hawkeye deck. It’s been a blast in the games I’ve played and I’m sure will be refined further with more time! Keep shooting those arrows and don’t give in to the temptation of dual aspects ;)


Sep 08, 2020 dr00 · 33691

this looks like a really fun starting point when i finally get my box

do you think that with Explosive Arrow, Hall of Heroes might be worthwhile?

Sep 08, 2020 KennedyHawk · 16096

@dr00 There’s definitely room for it. Probably drop one Battle Fury and bring Hall of Heroes. It’s been pretty good without the card draw but I’ve been sniping other players minions in multiplayer I feel like I would trigger Hall multiple times per game!

Oct 21, 2020 sc00ter1979 · 1

What am I missing here? I have lost on Rhino and Klaw terribly, then tried Kang for giggles and also lost terribly. :(

Oct 31, 2020 neothechosen · 8822


It's marked as a multiplayer deck. Probably harder to play it solo because it has limited thwart options.

Dec 13, 2020 KingOfRohan · 3342

I used this deck last night, buddy was Ant-Man Justice, had a blast! We almost turned the corner on Zola on Hazard mode but couldn’t quite do it. Great design!

Mar 06, 2022 CyberCoyote · 1

I took two humiliating beatings from Crossbones with my own aggression deck, played this one with a couple different Allies who never got played and kicked his candy @$$ in about 8 rounds. Thanks