"On the Beat" - Ghost Spidey and her Amazing Friends!

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jfosk11 · 49

Anyone who currently has small children knows that Ghosty is the hero on the beat - the Spidey team's resident detective. While Gwen's 3 DEF makes her a natural fit for Protection in Marvel Champions, the release of Upside the Head in the Psylocke pack motivated me to try Ghost-Spider in Justice!

*She's the one and only Ghost-Spider - Gwen Stacy!*

This deck is built primarily for solo play. While it has solid threat removal, it is designed to have solid answers to all problems...and keep Ghost-Spider ready to go!

We want to capitalize on Ghost-Spider's 3 hero ability to defend + ready in the villain phase...and do it again during the hero phase! Unlike the typical Protection deck, we'll primarily be relying on Ghost-Spider's hero events to ready during villain attacks. Ghost Kick and Pirouette and Punch are almost always online, with Web Binding on tap for minions and Phantom Flip if a scheme gets out of control. We've also got Warning to shave off some damage if Ghosty's 3 DEF can't absorb an entire attack.

During the hero phase, we've got an assortment of interrupt & response events to ready. The headliner is Upside the Head. This allows Ghost-Spider to chip away at the villain (or an elite minion), ready, and then activate again. The confuse can buy you time to build or recover in alter-ego as well. Ghost-Spider's natural thwart is low, but Making an Entrance can help you clear side schemes and provide healing, allowing for longer stretches in hero mode. Boost her low thwart with Heroic Intuition or Civic Duty and then Turn the Tide to keep the damage coming in (giving you another source to ready, of course!).

We want to maximize events, so I've only included two allies: both Spider-Men. This is partially for thematic reasons, but both are strong heroes for Gwen. Peter can provided a ready if you get stunned/confused, and you can avoid his requirements with Across the Spider-Verse. Miles is not a web-warrior, but provides burst THW/ATK. You can stash Young Love away with George Stacy to keep him on the board longer as well (gross...go away, Dad!).

*Spidey team does it all*

You can swap the allies for other web warriors or basic ally staples (such as Ironheart) as well. Ghost-Spider can block a second villain attack if needed, but risks losing the second ready in the hero phase by doing it. Bumping up the ally count for chump blocks is a valid approach; I've tried to maximize interrupt & response events for this deck.

Mulligan priorities include Heroic Intuition, Web-Bracelet and George Stacy. Otherwise, I've included a few staple Justice cards like Skilled Investigator and Sonic Rifle.

This is my first published deck, so I'd love any feedback in the comments. Thanks!


Sep 24, 2023 celric · 428

Upside the head is a great addition for Gwen. More allies would make the deck stronger. Congrats on your first posted deck.

Sep 25, 2023 jfosk11 · 49

Thanks! I'm definitely considering more allies. My initial games have been solid without, but Warning seems the likely candidate to cut for more allies. It is not performing well against low ATK villains that can't clear Ghost-Spider's +3 DEF, and I'm not sure it does enough against tougher villains. Having it stashed away on George Stacy helps, but we'll see if it sticks around.