Honor Among Thieves

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A Thief and his Dog 44 35 9 1.0
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Honor Among Thieves - For Campaign 0 0 0 1.0
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journeyman2 · 22316

Our daring band of misfits and rogues are out to pull off a heist! Fortunately, they collaborate instead of compete, for they know the code:



Was super excited to bust out the Sly Cooper reference on this one, even though I think the second game is the best one!

Planning the Perfect Heist

The core concept here centers around Thief Extraordinaire. This is the first time an identity has had meaningful use for its exhaust in an AE centered deck!

  • The real power of Thief Extraordinaire is setting the top card of the deck every turn!
    • Perfect boost knowledge means always knowing the next turn's incoming threat, usually leaving a low boost on top to guarantee the villain can never advance the main scheme!
    • Using Mutant Education to cycle Creole Charmer (on top of Professor X and Dazzler), the villain can be reliably confused every turn. Every turn the villain is confused, Thief Extraordinaire is selecting the encounter card for the round!
    • This perfect knowledge of the top card of the encounter deck at all times means reliably staying in alter-ego for extended periods, and potentially the whole game!
    • What's even better is that Thief Extraordinaire has its discard as part of its cost, meaning you still get to do it even while confused!!
    • To put this in perspective, if a 3-boost would have been the villain's scheme boost, and you discard it to remove 3 threat while leaving the villain a 0-boost, it is as if Gambit has just thwarted 6! Likewise, if Advance was set to be in the encounter spot, but you discard the other card, making it the boost for the round; that's as good as a confuse!
  • When the villain is confused and minions SCH for a negligible amount, some games, Gambit doesn't even have to deal with minions! Pulling off the heist from right under their noses! With low SCH minions essentially being free encounter cards, the tempo for setup is huge, letting him keep the lock going indefinitely. When it is time to win, Gambit has crazy burst damage potential!
  • Always being in alter-ego means 6 card hands + extra resources from Cerebro, Danger Room, Weapon X, Mutant Education, and all of his doubles (he hits doubles more often thanks to Mutant Education).
    • This means fast set up and the ability to flood expensive allies w/Training upgrades

It almost feels like Gambit is in a different game from the villain since there is very little the villain can do to disrupt this. An alter-ego strategy means:

  • More resources per turn
  • Never taking attacks->no risk of losing to damage
  • Status-lock the villain
  • Perfect control over the top of the encounter deck->no risk of losing to threat
  • Quickstrike always whiffs (like Belladonna)
  • Can always deal with alter-ego obligations and attachments
  • Can play Weapon X and Cerebro from 6-card hands instead of needing to flip down from a 5-card hand

This deck feels like cheating a bit, but it's really just the card up your sleeve!

Assembling the Crew


Removed profanity since this is a family site, but you know the caption already, right?

In order to guarantee the confuse from Creole Charmer or the card draw from The Thieves Guild, Remy needs ways to tweak threat numbers outside of the unreliable Thief Extraordinaire. This will primarily be done with allies and Mission Training, where permanent/extended alter-ego allows for repeated use of Danger Room, Cerebro, and X-Mansion

  • Professor X is the mastermind, in constant contact with the whole crew, getting them ready and in position for additional thwart, damage, or use of Thief Extraordinaire!
  • Dazzler is the demolitions expert, setting things off so the crew can infiltrate!
  • Blindfold is the pickpocket, stealing key items from the mark and leading them away from the scene! Stack the deck in Remy's favor, either before or after using Thief Extraordinaire to increase the odds of getting what he wants!
  • Banshee is the communications expert, shutting out the guards' comms and leaving them in the dark! Excellent minion tech, I've had games where he confuse-locks a minion parallel to Remy confuse-locking the villain. With Mission Training or X-Mansion, he can do this for the entire game! In one 2-player game with a Voltron deck partner, Banshee locked down a Werewolf Pack from the Horror show mod and kept it in front of him the entire game so it wouldn't be shuffled back, saving the Voltron ally from any risk of being hit by its effect!
  • Marvel Girl is the conwoman, chipping a minion while putting the main within range for Remy to safecrack!
  • Storm is the getaway driver, laying down some fog cover and pulling the crew out in the The X-Jet! Rearranging threat with her ability can really line things up nicely!
  • Forge provides the tech for the heist, setting up bases of operation at the X-Mansion, Cerebro, Danger Room, Utopia, and providing a getaway vehicle in the The X-Jet!
  • Rogue is a beater with an extra health thanks to toughness! In solo, there won't be many attacks to block, so soaking retaliate into her tough to cue something up for another heist crew to clear is a niche positive! After a single flip, she'll be free the rest of the game!
  • Cerebro pulls the crew together!
  • The heist plan is run through the Danger Room, where each crew member receives their Mission Training! It is almost always best to pull a copy of Mission Training from the deck instead of the discard. This thins the deck and guarantees that it is never drawn in place of a more useful card
  • The X-Mansion is the heist crew safehouse, healing one crew member every turn! Alternate between the skillsets with the most utility in terms of stats and ability
  • Beat Cop is our man on the inside. Removing one threat per turn allows for precision control over the heist. We can also order him to plant evidence and apprehend an obstacle in our way, even from alter-ego! Beat Cop's damage works through stunned, ignores retaliate, and is trigger able from alter-ego to clear pesky Patrol minions

The Cooper Gang receives help from Sly's ancestors in the form of techniques recorded in the Thievius Raccoonus, while Remy has his loyal band of mutants!

The Longshot Gambit

Usually, Longshot is a bit of a gambit. But nothing is ever really a longshot when playing with Gambit!

Using Thief Extraordinaire or Blindfold to put a star boost on the top of the deck guarantees that Longshot will defeat a non-elite minion! With a Mission Training and some healing from X-Mansion, Longshot can stick around all game, clearing patrolling guards out of the heist crew's path. (And minions with Patrol can block Remy's alter-ego thwarting, so they need to be cleared!)

Of course, Longshot won't come out unless Gambit is throwing the cards around in hero form, so at least once there needs to be a hero turn to either play Longshot or play Honorary X-Men to set up a future play. While in hero, may as well Charge de Card twice and gain any additional counters from Natural Agility and Molecular Acceleration, setting Rogue up to be played for free from alter-ego!

  • Longshot is the wild card of the heist crew. Sometimes uncertain, but with Remy's guiding hand, they can call the villain's bluff, up the ante, and go all in!

Money Heist

The goal is to steal enough money that we can move to a tropical island and hang up the gig for good!

One benefit of staying in alter-ego is always having a 6-card hand size. Having an extra card up the sleeve, really helps to win those games of 5-card draw!

  • Molecular Acceleration won't place a charge counter when spent, but it is perfectly playable in alter-ego!
  • Mutant Education is not a card I recommend in any deck except Gambit, where it is never dead and even preferred! The key targets are Molecular Acceleration, cycling economy, and Creole Charmer for the confuse (remember, there is the option to only shuffle 1 card back in if there is only 1 of these, don't thicken the deck with jokers that won't be useful)
  • Weapon X combos well with Mutant Education, sometimes immediately drawing a card that was put back in the deck. This is a great use for Remy's health while he camps in alter-ego! X-Mansion can always heal it up in a pinch!
  • Forge sets up remarkably fast with all of the double resource recursion and pulling Cerebro in alter-ego means it is always playable immediately
  • Cerebro is worth it even trying the odds at the top 5 without a psionic partner. With the amount of deck thinning there is, odds are pretty high! With Mutant Education to put Rogue back in the deck, Cerebro can pull her and play her for free! (Particularly with a Psionic ally out)
  • The X-Jet is a resource that can be used on anything, but in this deck is a lower priority, as value from it is dependent on flipping up and playing Honorary X-Men
  • Utopia is great to ready a Mission Training ally, stats and activation effects are the name of the game here. But once Honorary X-Men is on Remy, Utopia can allow for double Thief Extraordinaire turns! Triple with Professor X! This means he can set up Longshot and still set up the top card for the villain phase!

Everyone remembers this scene from Now You See Me right?

Thieves Guild

This card is so much fun, but when given the option to trigger The Thieves Guild or Creole Charmer, the latter is always the correct choice even if it wastes threat. A confuse is worth so much more than a card, even with a higher upfront cost vs The Thieves Guild. The extra turn in AE means more resources next turn from larger hand size and AE supports. If the villain is already confused, go right ahead and line up the Guild! Unfortunately, it is very hard to trigger the draw, being almost entirely luck dependent (except on turns where he can Thief Extraordinaire multiple times!). At worst, the scheme empties and Guild whiffs, but usually it is just 1 extra threat off a scheme.

Signature Cards

With Remy's time primarily spent in alter-ego, his hero cards will be underplayed.

  • Thin the deck by playing Gambit's Staff and Gambit's Guild Armor with extra resources when possible. Flipping up when the boost is known can guarantee a ready off the armor, and the staff is excellent vs toughs or enemies like Badoon Assassin and Shifting Apparition

  • Royal Flush is his signature attack. The endgame of this deck usually is play x2 Royal Flush for 18 and attacking with a board of allies and Gambit for another 12-14. Each charge counter spent on Royal Flush will boost each instance of damage on it. Just note that his hero interrupt must be used before the counter from Royal Flush is placed on him, so it cannot be used towards itself

  • Natural Agility is normally a great card, all but guaranteeing trigger Gambit's Guild Armor when you defend for 7+ (I've gone as high as DEF 16). Getting a counter can also make the most out of the few hero turns he needs to win


Sometimes you just need a do-over on the heist! Here is what we are looking to start out with:


In 2-4p, Remy no longer has perfect knowledge of his boost/encounter card every round. But giving a partner knowledge of their boost can really help perfect defense decks or help a partner with the decision to chump, tank, or defend. With constant confuse and boost knowledge, multiple players can safely flip down at once. Higher scheme thresholds of multiplayer are easier to stay down against, but will take more work to set up for Creole Charmer. I've played this deck at all player counts, usually spending most of the game in alter-ego and still carrying the thwarting and confusing for the team.

Scarlet Witch makes a great partner, since Remy can use Thief Extraordinaire out of turn to manipulate the top card of the deck for her, and she can use Scarlet Witch's Crest or Chaos Control for him!

Other Versions of this Build

Initially this started as an "only AE" build, but the realization of how good Longshot is, made me add him, The X-Jet, Utopia, and Honorary X-Men that previously had been left out. The previous iterations had the following cards:

  • Under Surveillance was included for awhile, and is useful vs villains with low threshold main scheme 1's, like Ultron, letting the villain scheme once without popping it and then getting things back under control with the AE thwart and allies. This is one that is worth teching in sometimes!
  • Breaking and Entering was cut because Gambit-J already has so much thwarting potential! With it gone, Sense of Justice was also dropped
  • Operative Skill was very awkward, since the decision to use an operative counter had to be made before knowing how much Thief Extraordinaire would thwart for, either resulting in too much thwart and shutting off his other cards, and/or completely wasting a counter.
  • Foiled! was an idea once Longshot joined the crew, since setting up Longshot meant leaving Remy vulnerable to scheme boosts on non-confuse turns. The idea was to always be able to calculate incoming threat, but it was often unnecessary, and so many times Remy leaves a 0-boost on top of the deck. It also had bad match-ups, like Master Mold, where it is blank. It does have some good match-ups, like Spiral, and it did save us one game vs Magneto!


The current build has won games entirely staying in alter-ego, staying in alter-ego until the final turn, and with a more flipping strategy. Minions can either be ignored or dealt with via allies. With the villain confused and a few 1 SCH minions out, we always have perfect knowledge of the next turn's threat. Being able to ignore things instead of deal with them, generates a lot of tempo, contributing to the feeling of Gambit playing another game entirely from the villain

  • For example, Mutagen was an all-AE game until the final turn, confusing Green Goblin and taking a couple threat per turn from minions. Banshee is excellent at confusing them, while Longshot can instant-delete them when necessary. Beat Cop and 2 ATK allies can do some work, and at worst, Remy can don the jacket, flip up and instant-kill with his attack events.
  • Zola is weak to confuse and has plenty of schemes for Creole Charmer to target, while also harboring 0 SCH Quickstrike minions that Gambit excels with. Longshot is very strong here
  • Against Drang, it is important to flip up once early to remove the spear, but once stalwart is gone, perfect AE can be achieved and we don't even mind the indirect from Badoon Ship.
  • Venom was easier than expected. Gambit's confuse can outpace Venom's steady and Royal Flush matches up really well with the Bell Tower and Venom's attachments. Down to Earth is a negligible mod for all-AE Gambit and Charged Card getting around retaliate is relevant.
  • Project Wideawake is probably the hardest matchup for this deck, since staying in alter-ego is very risky and steady/stalwart really hampers the ability to slow down scheming. He does match up nicely with Warn the Others, but this is a tough one.
  • Master Mold is also tough, if opting not to use the Magneto ally. MM doesn't get a boost card when scheming, so it is impossible to set the top card of the deck, and stalwart turns off all of the confuse. Gambit will need to build allies and counters early, tanking hits with Natural Agility + Rogue while burning down MM's relatively low health pool. Teching in Under Surveillance can go a long way, but this is beatable without it. Longshot is very strong here
  • Magneto is really a great match-up as well, since we dodge his magnets in AE and Remy's high thwarting out of the gate rushes him down to his strained form.
  • Scenarios without starting threat are tricky, since Gambit can't trigger Thief Extraordinaire or play Creole Charmer. Dazzler makes the best opening here to stay down, but flipping up is also viable. Having a confuse when flipping back down is key

Assembled and ready to pull off this job!


Mar 03, 2023 Man-is-Obsolete · 4709

Playing alongside this a few times with different heroes and scenarios and it indeed runs extremely well. Banshee confusing minions is a fun little combo.

Mar 03, 2023 noob_song · 1

Love the Sly references! One of my favorite trilogies.

Mar 03, 2023 bangejr · 1

It handles threat very well and can really close out games with the counters it builds up during the course of a game.

Mar 03, 2023 journeyman2 · 22316

Thanks @Mikepelf always a pleasure! It must have been weird to not be the Justice player for a change haha

@noob_song Agreed! I also liked Thieves in Time. Wish they would bring Sly back! The PS2 era of amazing trilogies from Naughty Dog, Insomniac, and Sucker Punch was my jam. They're all still doing amazing work, but I've got a lot of nostalgia for those platforms

@bangejr That was fast! Did you try it already? What scenario? Thanks!

Mar 03, 2023 Theberg123 · 1493

Super cool use of Longshot! Might mess with some of the tech you mentioned and some ratios depending on matchups, but what you put together looks super cohesive!

Mar 03, 2023 saintmatthew · 39

looks at this deck "You son of a b*tch. I'm in."

Mar 06, 2023 dr00 · 42059

we've had so many great games lately with this deck. it's been such a monster at the table and does so much work. i love that there have been so many different avenues for playing Gambit

Mar 07, 2023 CSal · 127

Great deck. Ran it against expert Klaw tonight and it was smooth sailing. Didn't stay down all game but about 90% of the time.

Mar 10, 2023 journeyman2 · 22316

@Theberg123 Thank you so much! Yes, you have to weigh the benefits of Longshot vs the benefits of the top card. Fortunately, there are ways to use Thief Extraordinaire 2-3 times in a turn, so you can even do both!

@saintmatthew Glad to have you on the heist crew!

@dr00 Thank you so much! Always a pleasure to play together!

@CSal 90% is about right I think, sounds like good piloting to me! Thank you!

Mar 10, 2023 noob_song · 1

@journeyman2 I did like Thieves in Time as well, but the original trilogy was just so special. Would love more Sly! Absolutely, doesn't get much better than those PS2 trilogies. Three of my favorite game companies to this day. Super excited for Spiderman 2 and Ghost of Tsushima was one of my favorites in recent years.

Mar 12, 2023 Kamehameha · 43

This deck is fire! I just used it against expert Magneto playing with Rogue and it did the work. I think I used all the pieces/gimmicks of the deck. I was apprehensive about Longshot going into the game but I triggered his ability twice because of Thief Extraordinaire. So clever! Even playing 2-handed, Gambit only rolled up to hero a couple rounds (most often by choice to dish out some damage). This deck does so well at controlling the board

Mar 14, 2023 journeyman2 · 22316

Thanks @Kamehameha Sounds like you played it right! In 2p+, staying in alter-ego gets easier but you lose a bit more of the control over the top deck. Longshot definitely gets more viable with more minions around!

Apr 05, 2023 Arczi · 1

I'm not gonna lie, Gambit is not hero type I like in MC. He reminds me a little bit of Ms Marvel (which I also don't like). I'm not a hero flipper type guy. But I just obliterate Ultron with this deck, and it was 100% controlled game with Remy. I flipped Gambit every turn, with constant Ultron Confuse. Ultron couldn't even finish his first main scheme (the one with 3 threat). Finally a deck, that gives full advantage of all X-men supports that works only on AE form. Plus Gambit's Stick helped with control over drones on the board. So for me it's definitely a hero that is going to have problems with some scenarios, but still this deck uses full flipper potential of this hero. Cheers.

Apr 12, 2023 Ezradore · 1

I couldn't agree more about Sly 2 being the best!

Apr 26, 2023 Vortilion · 199

"What's even better is that Thief Extraordinaire has its discard as part of its cost, meaning you still get to do it even while confused!!" I dot think thats true, cause his action is a thwart action. So it would only discard his stunned status card.

Apr 27, 2023 journeyman2 · 22316

@Vortilion We actually know this works from a very old ruling about Defender of the Nine Realms. In order to clear confuse with a (thwart) event, you must pay the costs to play the card. This is the numerical cost in the upper left as well as any costs before a cost arrow. The confuse only replaces the "effect" of the card, the part after the cost arrow.


If you don't believe me though, here it is from the designers!

Apr 27, 2023 journeyman2 · 22316

@Arczi Glad this one could give you a way to enjoy Gambit! He's shot up to one of my favorites

@Ezradore The bottle clink is so nostalgic for me

Apr 27, 2023 Vortilion · 199

@journeyman2 ? I know that it replaces the effect, thats not what I was talking about. You do the discard, but you won't remove the threat! So saying "you still get to do it even while confused" is not quite correct. You only get to see the top 2 cards and discard one.

Apr 27, 2023 Vortilion · 199

I think it was just a misunderstanding. ;-)

Apr 27, 2023 journeyman2 · 22316

@Vortilion Ah yeah, I’m saying that you still get to do the discard there, which is the more important piece in my opinion. Maybe I’ll reword it for clarity

May 11, 2023 Schnautza · 52

This deck paired with a Valkyrie aggression just cruised thru Taskmaster. Gambit only flipped to hero twice - once when he happened to draw a hand full of good hero action cards (two of his double resources and the triple attack all in the same hand), and once on the final blow for another triple attack. He picked up 4 of the captured heroes which meant he didn't play much of the X-Men heroes, but since they were so cheap, it allowed him to get all the supports out quickly for the extra card economy. Valkyrie did what she does best, melting all the minions and then bursting down Taskmaster. Was a surprisingly good combo.

Jun 29, 2023 DeckHardCain · 61

Very fun deck, really enjoyed staying in AE for most of the game and controlling everything, thanks for sharing!

Oct 10, 2023 Aorakis · 1

hi there, i tried the deck vs Klaw Expert, it was so... sooooooooo.. SOOOOOO SLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW...

I guess i haven't played it the right way, coz it was a pain not falling asleep :D

It took me ages before being able to put the Boss to Zéro HP...

Oct 10, 2023 journeyman2 · 22316

@Schnautza @DeckHardCain Sounds like a good time! Thanks for sharing!

Oct 10, 2023 journeyman2 · 22316

@Aorakis I love playing this deck against minion heavy encounters, and Klaw is so fun! So many low SCH minions that really do nothing (except die to Beat Cop!) and his weakness to confuse/shutting down his double boost on attacking, means he cycles his deck much slower than a normal Klaw game. Starting with targets for Thief Extraordinaire and Creole Charmer is just really good for us as well.

The deck can be slow, but I usually find that villain phases are so much shorter because you control everything (which I personally like, it means I spend more time playing than the villain does!). There is some player skill in knowing the encounter deck really well and what to leave with Thief Extraordinaire, which can add some challenge. But the scenario is so locked down, even a slower than average game is a guaranteed win. At a certain point, you have to stop looping Creole Charmer and start looping Royal Flush (it’s really good against the 3hp guard minions), since it will burn most villains down in 1-2 turns.

I have some gameplay footage on my YouTube channel, piloting this deck against Ultron, if you still find yourself struggling I can upload a Klaw video for you! I’ve had a lot of fun against Klaw, Mutagen, Zola, Drang with this deck because it’s so funny to have a bunch of minions out and even teaming up they can’t outpace you on the main scheme!

Dec 07, 2023 KyubiiKobi · 14

Blindfold doesn't stack. She just lets you look and discard. Though I can see why say its stacking. Amazing Deck!

Jun 09, 2024 almostalive · 8

Very impressive, one-of-a-kind deck building. Since no one else has mentioned the card, yet, I've found Float) Like a Butterfly to be a great addition / replacement for bringing down the villain faster if need be (in AE form while using ally attacks as well as for the showdown in Hero form with Royal) Flush).