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MiguelCantillo3 · 11119

English / Spanish

              I appreciate a like!

This deck was tested by Loki in heroic mode. I am delighted to be able to share it, since from my point of view it is fucking amazing. You will draw from 10 to 15 cards per turn, even more, and you can reach +7 base ATK with Spider-Man.

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Deck Target:

The main goal was to add the maximum number WEB- WARRIORS by boosting Web of Life and Destiny and Across the Spider-Verse. And if you add it to Spider-Man hero ability, defending with an ally WEB-WARRIOR will make you draw 2 extra cards and add +1 ATK, thanks to Warrior of the Great Web.

Cards and Combos:

As always, there is nothing better than explaining the deck through its combos:


Spider-Man was discarded for Spider-Man, despite combining with the 2 copies of The Power in All of Us, the 3 copies of Warrior of the Great Web and be a good option to reduce the threat. Since they're both Miles Morales and Spider-Man it ends up being less situational.

              Aprecio un like!

Este mazo fue testeado por Loki en modo heroico. Estoy encantado de poder compartirlo, ya que bajo mi punto de vista es jodidamente alucinante. Robarás desde 10 a 15 cartas por turno, incluso más, y podrás alcanzar un +7 ATK base con Spider-Man.

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Objetivo del Mazo:

El objetivo principal fue añadir el máximo número GUERREROS ARAÑA a razón de potenciar Web of Life and Destiny y Across the Spider-Verse. Y si lo sumas a la habilidad de héroe de Spider-Man, defender con un aliado GUERRRERO ARAÑA te hará robar 2 cartas adicionales y sumar +1 ATK, gracias a Warrior of the Great Web.

Cartas y Combos:

Como siempre, no hay nada mejor que explicar el mazo a través de sus combos:


Se descartó a Spider-Man por Spider-Man, pese a combinar con las 2 copias de The Power in All of Us, las 3 copias de Warrior of the Great Web y ser una buena opción para reducir la amenaza. Ya que ambos son Miles Morales y Spider-Man termina por ser menos situacional.


Aug 01, 2022 Josebu · 1

Gracias por compartirlo y explicarlo. Me ha encantado!

Aug 01, 2022 MiguelCantillo3 · 11119

A ti @Josebu como siempre :) :) :). A ver cuando juguemos una partidita

Aug 01, 2022 Erathis · 15

Consider Warrior of the Great Web is "max 1 per character" I'd say it's a fairly easy place to cut two copies. I'd probably also drop Scarlett Spider, Spider-Ham, and Spider-Man Noir simply for being pretty bad cards. I mean they add to the Web-Warrior count for Across the Spider-Verse but you'd still have 7 Web-Warriors in the deck.

That gives you a pretty healthy 5 cards to get other advantages from. Say Armored Vest, Unflappable, and 3x Hard to Ignore/Energy Barrier. Or maybe some Thwip-Thwips or something else. There are plenty of good cards to choose from.

Just some thoughts.

Aug 01, 2022 teamcanadahockey2002 · 6880

I've been a working on a deck with pretty similar concepts to this one for a while now, but one snag I discovered is that if I'm planning to stay in hero form for most of the game, then Bait and Switch and SP//dr don't work effectively as there's not enough threat on the main scheme (at least as lower player counts). Was wondering if you could share any insights you have?

In my testing, in a solo game (or even two handed solo) theres usually only 1-2 threat on the main scheme when I start my turn which SP//dr will remove to play her trick unless theres a side scheme in play. And if there isn't any threat on the scheme, this is a problem for her as she can't thwart to trigger the excess damage to return to my hand so SP//dr usually needs to be played first.

And then for Bait and Switch, the problem I encountered is that it costs 2 ER to play, which does get refunded by his hero draw and the draw from Web of Life when my blocking ally leaves play. But that means that you dont really come out ahead playing 2 cards to get back 2 cards. Normally it would be worth it because you get to remove 4 threat, but if there isnt any main scheme threat to remove anymore, then the card doesn't 'do' anything except cycle the deck. With SP//dr removing threat first, usually my first Bait and Switch removes very little threat and if I have a second one in hand theres almostly certainly no threat left on the main scheme anymore anyways. (Shame it can't target side schemes..)

The two main fixes I've found for this are to play 3/4 P to hopefully get more threat on the scheme, or to flip more often. The challenge I've found with flipping through is that it ends up negating the natural villian attacking you costing the activation for your card draw anyways so I don't come out ahead there either.

Anyways, sorry for the long post here... I was curious if youve found any strategies to help counter the threat issue. Love to hear if youve found any good ideas here. TIA!

Aug 01, 2022 MiguelCantillo3 · 11119

Thank you very much for your comment @Erathis

I consider the three copies of warrior essential, since as long as Spiderman is not a web-warrior, you will not be able to play any other ally, being the main strategy of the deck.

Personally I consider it important to include the maximum number of web-warriors, since for each ally draw 1 card and add 1 more ATK to spiderman, it is more than efficient, in addition to the ally's own skills as Scarlet Spider, that playing it is totally free in addition to combine especially well with Across the Spider-Verse. Like Spider-Ham, it is a very interesting card in the deck, since I do not consider bad cards but cards without synergies for specific decks, without considering being the case of Spider-Ham as a web-warrior.

And I am sorry for my English

Aug 01, 2022 MiguelCantillo3 · 11119

Hello @teamcanadahockey2002. Excellent analysis and explanation. Thank you very much for sharing it.

First of all, I'm sorry if I couldn't understand a part of the explanation, since it's not my native language.

I personally did not find these drawbacks, however, I only tested it with Loki which has quite a few secondary plans.

It is true that I constantly tried to exchange between hero and alter-ego, with the aim of getting the most out of Aunt May, since I consider her exceptional. In addition, Spider-Man presents an additional resource in alter-ego.

In turn, the first card I used to use on my turn was Bait and Switch, reducing 4 "free" threat as you said. And when by chance there was no more threat, I used the damage of SP//dr, performing the combo two turns seen.

And during some turns I really felt the pressure of the threat, since for Spider-Man and the rest of his allies it is not especially useful to use his INT, therefore, Bait and Switch and SP//dr I consider them the solution.

Sorry I don't give you a better answer @teamcanadahockey2002

Aug 01, 2022 teamcanadahockey2002 · 6880


Thanks for your response... I really appreciate your efforts to communicate here in English. I did want to make sure of two things based on how you responded though.

The first is to clarify about Loki having extra schemes (what I assume you mean by 'secondary plans')... Bait and Switch is main scheme only, so you can't use it to help there, correct? What was your main way to clear side schemes otherwise?

And the other point of clarification is about SP//dr. The way you phrased it above you made it seem like you used her to attack if the main scheme was clear. However, this wouldn't trigger excess damage. Does this mean you are just using her for the card from Web of Life and Destiny, but aren't returning her to your hand then?

As always, I appreciate your willingness to respond in these threads. Take care my friend :)

Aug 01, 2022 MiguelCantillo3 · 11119

Exactly @teamcanadahockey2002. I only used Bait and Switch to remove threat from the main plan, and SP/dr or any ally to remove the secondary plans.

Regarding your second entry, I'm glad you mentioned it, since I've gone unnoticed that it must be leftover derived damage and not just derived damage.

I don't understand how you have so much threat left over!

Aug 01, 2022 teamcanadahockey2002 · 6880


I have the opposite problem... there isnt enough threat generally left to be able to play these combos when I'm at low player counts.

Aug 02, 2022 squallmago · 1

Does spiderman have the WEB-WARRIOR trait ?

Aug 02, 2022 Totorbiturac · 1

Hello @squallmago ! He hasn't but Warrior of the Great Web gives it to him.

Aug 02, 2022 Zack · 34

I really liked your deck, is pretty consistent. So it inspired to me to build a similar deck with sneak attack in order to be more greedy and get more card draw and buff attack: es.marvelcdb.com

Por cierto, tenemos una comunidad muy chula en Español con grupo de Telegram y tal, por si te interesa unirte.

Aug 03, 2022 MiguelCantillo3 · 11119

Me gustó Zack! Parece muy interesante.

Respecto al grupo podría ser divertido. Como hago para formar parte de el?

Aug 04, 2022 Zack · 34

Aquí tienes el grupo de telegram: t.me

Es una comunidad muy activa. :)

Aug 12, 2022 Mckiediz · 31

I fail to see the real purpose of this card Team-Building Exercise, does Spider man have the "web-warrior" trait now?

Aug 12, 2022 Mckiediz · 31

all right, I get it ! Forget my previous post! Great Deck!

Aug 12, 2022 MiguelCantillo3 · 11119

No problem @Mckiediz!

Aug 12, 2022 MiguelCantillo3 · 11119

Muchas gracias @Zack! :). En cuanto tenga tiempo para hacerme telegram estaremos en contacto. Gracias!

Aug 13, 2022 Tejoon · 1

Hola ,buenas ,soy nuevo por aquí y estoy interesado en aprender más de este juego tal cool y en especial poder entrar en la comunidad de telegram....es la de tómense metrics?, gracias.

Aug 16, 2022 MiguelCantillo3 · 11119

Hola @Tejoon! Yo lo tengo aún a la espera. Por lo que pude ver es un grupo de telegram de "La Mano de Thanos", y que si por casualidad no los conoces debe de estar bastante bien, aunque yo solo los siga por podcasts.

Aug 26, 2022 Charles · 533

Hi ! Very nice deck, but i think there are some mistakes there :

  • When your Web Warrior ally is defeated, you have +1 ATK with Warrior of The Great Web. But, to the end of the phase ! So, if you defend with an ally, you lose your +1 ATK at the beggining of your turn. That mean you have to suicide your allies to have +1 ATK and get a use of it.

  • You draw 1 card with your ability when you are attacked. And you draw a card if a web Warrior is killed. But you’ll never get 2 cards at the same time if you defend with an ally, because you’re not the target of the attack anymore ( or maybe i’m playing wrong … )

Really cool deck anyway !

Aug 27, 2022 MiguelCantillo3 · 11119

Hi @Charles! The analysis of the first point you mention is excellent. If you want to get +1 ATK you will have to do it through overlapping allies. It's one of the reasons there are so many Spider Warrior allies in the deck.

Regarding the second point if you have the right to draw two additional cards. Since unlike Drax, he mentions you as a player and not as a superhero. Just like if you play in multiplayer you defend another player, you will not draw the card.

I hope I've helped

Aug 28, 2022 MiguelCantillo3 · 11119

Also @Charles, I forgot to comment to you. It is not an error in the description if that is what you mean, but through Bait and Switch two additional cards are drawn in addition to adding +1ATK

Aug 28, 2022 Charles · 533

Thanks for your answers @MiguelCantillo3 !

Sorry, my english is quite bad … but yes, you can draw two cards with your ability and Bait and Switch in a same villain turn.

But, in your description, you said :  «  defending with an ally WEB-WARRIOR will make you draw 2 extra cards and add +1 ATK, thanks to Warrior of the Great Web »

How ? That’s the point i miss … you can draw one defending with Spidey, and one if an ally is dying ( with Web of Life and Destiny ), but that will work with 2 attack of the villain, right ?

You won’t be able to draw two cards on a single villain attack ( or i’m missing something … )

Thx again !

Aug 28, 2022 MiguelCantillo3 · 11119

@Charles Te lo escribo en español a ver si tenemos más suerte y acertamos con el idioma. Tampoco me adapto yo muy bien.

Si el villano te ataca robarás dos cartas aunque defiendas con el aliado, porque el villano ha iniciado el ataque contra el jugador (de Spiderman). Es decir, robas una cartas porque el villano te ha atacado a ti como jugador, y otra carta adicional al morirse el aliado. Sin embargo, si no utilizaste Bait and Switch no sumarás +1 al ATK. Para que lo tengas en cuenta esto en Drax es diferente.

Como resumen. Si en un turno defiendes con un aliado utilizando Bait and Switch. Robarás 2 cartas. Si en el turno del villano vuelves a defender con otro aliado robarás otras 2 cartas más. O sea, 4 cartas en un mismo turno. El mazo está así de roto aunque te parezca raro.

Sep 17, 2022 Aralsensei · 1

Acabo de probar el mazo y me ha encantado, se nota que tiene mucho trabajo y está muy tematizado. Solo una duda con inventiva la tengo que jugar estando en alter ego para poder tener el rasgo genio pero la puedo usar también en modo héroe ? O tengo que cambiarme a alter ego para ganar el recurso ?

Sep 18, 2022 MiguelCantillo3 · 11119

@Aralsensei Me alegro que te haya gustado y sobre todo que le estes dando uso. Eso es, jugar una carta implica pagar su coste, de manera que para jugar Ingenuity necesitas estar en alter-ego para conferirle el rasgo Genio, sin embargo, una vez hayas jugado la carta no necesitarás estar en alter-ego para utilizar y agotar Ingenuity dandote un recurso, ya que "jugar" no es "utilizar" como puede hacernos pensar en español. Al igual que también se hace referencia a "jugar" y "poner en juego".

Apr 19, 2023 Levati · 208

@Charles You can draw two cards from a single villain attack - one from your ability when the attack initiates and one when an ally dies defending against it. It's because your ability triggers when the attack sequence begins, before defenders are declared or damage is dealt. (compare this to Drax, who triggers as a response to the attack sequence finishing with him as ultimate target). So the villain initiates an attack against you - draw a card - you declare an ally defending, it dies - draw a card from Web of Life and Destiny.

May 13, 2023 Gorigondio · 1

Buenas! Gran trabajo como siempre en tus mazos.

Solo tengo una duda. Pones que puedes llegar a +7 ATQ, pero no se como es posible, por si me puedes poner un ejemplo.


Sep 14, 2023 Carquinyoli · 216

@Gorigondio, con Guerrero de la Gran Red Spidey gana +1 ATQ cada vez que un aliado Guerrero Araña abandona el juego. De modo que si los tres que puede tener en mesa abandonan el juego (al atacar o intervenir) ya suma +3 ATQ a sus 2 de base (y roba 3 cartas por La Red de la Vida y el Destino), plantándose en 5. Ahora para incrementar más el ataque de Spidey queremos aliados que se vayan de la mesa tras una sola activación: Si uno de los aliados que abandona el juego es SP//dr (por daño derivado sobrante) puede volver a la mano y la puedes volver a jugar y hacerla intervenir (2 de daño derivado y 2 vidas) con lo que vuelve a abandonar el juego (otro +1 ATQ), y si en mano tenías y juegas al Aliado Spiderman Otto Octavius y atacas, como tiene 2 vidas y 2 de daño derivado también se va y te da otro +1 y así ya tienes los 7 ATQ. Como cada vez que se va un aliado robas, y tienes Espíritu de equipo e Inventiva, de recursos irás sobrado para ir bajando aliados. Lo siguiente es muy rocambolesco pero yo apunto que incluso podrías llegar a ATQ 8 (o 9) si juegas a Spiderham, y cuando ataca o interviene descarta una carta con 3 iconos de aumento y también se va (o 2 aumentos y el enemigo atacado tiene represalia). O a Seda atacando si el villano tiene represalia.