Decked Halls 2021: Iron Man Irritated!

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KennedyHawk · 9990

Welcome to Decked Halls 2021 - Each year KennedyHawk (me) from the MCM crew puts out some decks near the holidays - this will probably be our last year making a deck for every hero so I wanted to try something new. What I'll be doing is visiting each characters preconstructed deck and reconstructing it. Each character will be able to drop 10 cards and add 10 replacements from other sets. Characters will stay in their preconstructed aspect. Cards are limited by a playset (how many you have in your collection if you buy one of every pack). So by the end we will be making some real sacrifices. Watch for audio casts on the MCM podcast and youtube feed in the coming weeks going over these decks.

If you are hesitant to deck building you can try using these decks in your collection as a new set of preconstructed decks that fine tune each one.


First up are the core set heroes - here is a Iron Man deck with a few thoughts.

Iron Man comes with a loaded aggression deck in the back of the Marvel Champions learn to play guide. Here we had to make some tough choices. Across all the releases we only have 5 copies of Nick Fury and not an infinite supply of Avengers Mansion so both of those got axed. We also used Hulk and Tigra in She-Hulk's deck so they had to be removed. I decided to cut Combat Training and Uppercut as Tony always has better options than those cards. Finally seeing so few Aggression card's left we removed The Power of Aggression.

Note we removed resources of the quantities/types:

2 wilds

4 physical

3 mental and

1 energy

You probably see where I'm going... to Repulsor Blast city!

So let's start adding some energy resources. First I want to monopolize on Iron Man's 2 THW so we plug in 3 copies of Earth's Mightiest Heroes - this means we also need some Avenger's allies - and luckily Valkyrie and Spider-Girl fit the bill with energy resources to boot. This Iron Man deck aims to be a minion murdering machine that can also manage threat fro the table so adding another copy of Relentless Assault didn't hurt. Deft Focus works well with Repulsor Blast and Martial Prowess helps us pay for all out attack events and trigger overkill on Relentless! With two slots left we want to make sure to draw into tech early so we bring a pair of Plasma Pistol's. This brings 9 energy resources into our deck really loading up.

Testing with this deck went pretty well - it was rough waters fielding my second deck of an aspect in the core but as we go through hero packs now the choices are sure to be difficulty to manage!

I hope you enjoy this reconstructed version of Iron Man. What cards would you remove or add to Iron Man's precon deck?

Happy Holidays!


1 Tigra

1 Hulk

1 Nick Fury

1 Avengers Mansion

2 Uppercut

2 Combat Training

2 The Power of Aggression


1 Deft Focus

1 Martial Prowess

1 Spider-Girl

1 Valkyrie

1 Relentless Assault

3 Earth's Mightiest Heroes

2 Plasma Pistol


Dec 08, 2021 Almirante73 · 1

Great idea. I really need this kind of reconstructed decks. Delicius for begginers.