Iron Man - Justice Like Repulsor Lightning

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KennedyHawk · 11184

Iron Man's hero deck is all about energy and mental resources. You want a ton of energy resources to power his Repulsor Blast and mental resources to trigger Rocket Boots. Justice is the best core-set pairing for this. It helps keep threat under control as Iron man ramps up. Also it has a ton of Energy and Mental resources and feeds off of mental with For Justice!.

This deck is a bit odd, it uses three copies of Haymaker, Emergency, and Tenacity. Mainly for just the energy symbol. In total 25/40 cards in your deck are energy cards so each Repulsor Blast should hit for 7+ damage which is outstanding. As more cards come out and we have more choices to enhance the Energy resource suite this deck will only become more consistent and better.

Some things to watch out for: -Make sure you use your mental resources wisely. Iron man needs those as well to be as efficient as possible. Use Stark Tower to recycle boots and keep yourself airborne. -Watch out for Iron Man's nemesis deck. Electromagnetic Backlash can really punch you if you flip too much energy.