Call for Captain Marvel! - Spider-Woman

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Alexin · 199


Who says a superhero can have only one suit? Here we have two superheroes, and close friends, paired together to beat one villain after another to dust.

This deck is centered around putting Captain Marvel in play, boost her, support her and keep her alive. She will give you extra cards every turn, and will help you to combine your aspect cards and boost Spider-Woman to attack and thwart with power.


Ideally, you want Deft Focus and Finesse as early as possible in play, since they are your resource generators. You have 9 superpower cards and 14 cards with a cost of 1, so these resource generators really help you to play with a lot of options. In the starting hand, you´ll want an ally to defend you from first attack and also give you extra cards. Another essential card that you may use in first turn is Pheromones, your most powerful card. And, if you draw Captain Marvel but cannot play her because of putting into play resource generators, keep her in hand. You want to have her soon enoigh along with you in the field.

Early game:

Buy time to bring in your resources, a Med Team, Captain Marvel and her upgrades. In solo games, Pheromones should give two turns of safety (one as here and one as AE), but sometimes you´ll face villain´s activations through encounter cards, so having an ally will always come in handy.

Mid game and Captain Marvel:

Both Inspired and Power Gloves upgrades are for her and no one else. She will be attacking or thwarting for 3, doing 1 extra damage to an enemy (so can actually attack for 4) and giving you an extra card. Each Inspiring Presence will be a rinse and repeat of the above for cost of 1, and even if you don´t have the upgrades, it should be a strong play (depending on your hand). Finally, you have plenty of heals with Med Team. Take your Captain to the hospital whenever she has two hits and you´ll be using her every turn. Innovation is fantastic resource here, it will heal her and count as a leadership card to boost your hero.

In mid game, you should be able to defend with your hero. It´s easy to play at least two aspects in any given turn, and now and then even three, and these turns are good to defend with hero if you have Indomitable in play. Even if you don´t, you can ready in your turn with Self-Propelled Glide. You shouldn´t be afraid to take hits, as you have not just Med Team, but also Contaminant Immunity to heal up and get tough status. And don´t forget Preservation, that heals your hero and counts as a protection card to boost you.

Late game:

With the card drawing and healing engine going on, you can go for big play. Three copies of Self-Propelled Glide and one of Ever Vigilant (that requieres the first) will allow to ready your hero for big attacks or thwarts of 3-4 in average. It´s the time for Venom Blast that counts as agression card and cycle those card drawing allies, and fuelling your Captain Marvel with Inspiring Presence. Time to die, villain.

Controlling the plan:

You´ll be most of time in hero form, with two exceptions. In solo games, after you play Pheromones, you can have a quiet turn with an extra card bu switching to AE once. And, if you have the Jessica Drew's Apartment, you can switch to draw an extra card. Normally, you won´t do this in the turn you go from hero to AE, as most of your actions requier hero form and therefore doesn´t help if you switch to draw the card at the start of your turn, but maybe you can do if you are playing allies and need extra resources.

This will help controlling the plan, but for an extra edge, you have your big thwarts from Captain Marvel, Inconspicuous and your hero.

Boosting with aspect cards:

You have 13 leadership cards and another 13 protection cards, along with 2 agression and 2 justice cards. On top of this, both tutoring allies Kaluu and Brother Voodoo can help you selecting the event you need. Deck has 18 events which are plenty to make sure they almost always will hit when tutoring. There is extra drawing with your other allies Maria Hill and White Tiger. By mid game, it´s easy that your hero is a 3/3/3 or even 4/4/4 every turn. There are two copies of The Power of Protection and 8 protection cards with a cost of 2 or 3. Enough amount to give high chances of these "power of" cards being played as a double resource. What happens if not? They can be played a single resource but counting as a protection card to boost your hero, which is nice if you are not playing any other protection card. There are no copies of The Power of Leadership as there are just three leadership cards with a cost of 2 or higher. Call for Aid works like an accelerator, 4 of your 5 allies are avengers and the card cost if 0. However, you need to be very careful with it, specially if you have essential cards in your deck. Before playing it, pay attention to how many cards are in deck, and how many allies (and which ones) are still there, and play taking this into account. When you play it, you again a leadership aspect card played to boost your hero, having the same amount of cards in hand and getting an ally that might need to play.

Final thoughts:

I am having so much fun, with lots of decision making between the aspects, boosting here and ther, getting ready and the effect of all cards. And most of all, the enormous joy of watching Captain Marvel wreaking havoc. Enjoy!:


Nov 19, 2021 Brian-V · 43253

Love this deck concept, looks like a ton of fun. Tutoring for the aspect you need is a nice touch. One question, are you sure that spending a resource counts as playing an aspect card? I was under the impression it didn't, but I could be wrong. So many Spider-Woman decks I want to try right now, well done!

Nov 20, 2021 LordVader13 · 3

I love the concept of this deck, but I do agree with @Brian-V, I don't think playing a resource card counts as playing an aspect to boost Spider-Womans base stats. With that being said, I don't think that minor oversight takes away from this deck at all. Great job and I look forward to giving this deck a go! Cheers!

Nov 20, 2021 Alexin · 199

Hi @Brian-V and @LordVader13. Resource cards are labeled as aspect cards and considered as such when deckbuiiding, with restrctions of Spider-Woman. I'd think there should be a way to play them as aspect cards. As rules read, resource cards can only be discarded to generate resources (and I don't think discarding this way counts as playing), but "some resource cards have card text that is active while using the card to generate resources". This is the case for Innovation, Preservation and The Power of Protection and the reason why I believe they could count as playing an aspect card. Even if not, I'd keep them in the deck accoriding to my games tested so far. Thanks so much for your inputs!

Jan 18, 2022 eapfel · 1

Resource cards are discarded, not played. The triggered Response abilities on them are always active, but it still doesn't count as playing a card.