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KennedyHawk · 11814

You thought Hawkeye Aggression was busted? Wait until you get a load of this. Turning 1 excess damage into 4 is fine. It's even better when done multiple times per attack. Enter Nadia in the Red Aspect. Let's dive into this week's deck of the week. Special shoutout to dr00 and all the others who discussed this hilarious deck concept with me.

The Mission

Wasp's giant form allows you to spread damage from your basic attack out as you see fit. There's a few cards from Galaxy's Most Wanted that can make this totally busted - and that's our plan here. We want to get Wasp totally decked out - I'm talking:

3 Hand Cannon

3 Follow Through

Combat Training

and maybe even playing Giant Help.

With upgrades in play in advance you can get Wasp up to 17 base attack with the perfect 5 card hand. Let's math it out. They next key is to make sure you have as many copies of Follow Through as you can on the board and find an opportune moment with many minions.

2 Base attack + 1 from Combat Training + 6 from Hand Cannons + 2 from Rapid Growth + 6 from Skilled Strikes!

Let's exit magical fairytale land and be more reasonable. Maybe we have Wasp's Base 2 + 2 from Hand Cannon and 1 copy of skilled strike. That's 6 ATK - but... if we have 3 copies of Follow Through that can be so much more. Consider playing against Ultron with 3 Ultron Drones in play. You can use your 6 to deal 2 to each Drone, but since that is excess on each drone - each will gain 3 more damage from our copies of Follow Through. So you've now killed the three drones and done 12 to Ultron (up from what should have been 3 without our new favorite upgrade). Things get even wackier the higher the number of minions you can barely overkill.

Dollar Dollar Bills

Everything about this deck is expensive - with 17 cards costing 2 you are going to be penny pinching. You need to priorities getting Hand Cannon and Follow Through ASAP so we've got our basic double resources and two copies of The Power of Aggression. You'll want to use Nadia's alter ego ability wisely and shuffle Genius and Nick Fury back into your deck often!

What if the minions run and hide?

This can often be a problem for minion crushing based decks. Luckily the Guardians wave came to deliver. We have 3 copies of Looking for Trouble and 1 copy of Angela to make sure we have minions on the board when out combo is ready. Don't be afraid to use Spider-Girl to let minions linger on the board until you have more to kill in a big swing!


As always I like to include some hot swaps for if you want to reroute the deck a bit.

Ally Heavy [add some more allies for blocking and minion weakening] +1 Valkyrie + 1 Wasp -1 Looking for Trouble -1 Martial Prowess

Pump it Up! [get your attack even higher, use means wing to maintain Hand Cannon's longer] -1 Looking for Trouble -1 Martial Prowess -1 Skilled Strike +3 Mean Swing

Overkilling for Days [add more overkill events and uses for excess damage] -3 Skilled Strike + 3 Relentless Assault +2 Moment of Triumph -1 Looking for Trouble -1 Hand Cannon

I hope you enjoy this week's deck of the week and it has you buzzing until next Saturday! Until then overkill some minions!


Aug 01, 2021 Marctimmins89 · 83

I had a good chuckle listening to your Podcast episode on this deck yesterday. Great concept for a deck. I'm looking forward to adding the Aggression cards to my collection that pull Minions out of the Encounter Deck.

Nov 08, 2021 journeyman2 · 3799


I came to a remarkably similar deck back in April and ran it through GMW with Justice Ant-Man. I think there are some changes I’d make, like putting an Energy Spear on Bug (probably dropping Melee for it), but it is so fun to just blast Pinpoint Strike again and again and get full heals every time from Moment of Triumph. Small But Mighty is pretty much an additional overkill. You might enjoy my write up!