Kate Bishop



Cost: 2.
Health: 2.
Attack: 2. Thwart: 1.

Action: Exhaust this ally and discard 1 card from your hand → deal X damage to an enemy, where X is the number of printed resources on that card.

"You see I', literally pointing arrows at your, right?."
The Rise of Red Skull #11.

sigh. This card is ruff.


  • Recap: I like calculating at; 2 Damage per 1 Resource. 1 Thwart per 1 Resource
  • Total Cost: 3 Resources
  • Goal: 6 Damage or 3 Thwart or a combination of the two.
  • Actual Value: 4 Damage or 2 Thwart or a combination of the two.
  • Summary: 4 damage is 2 resources worth of damage (very bad) and 2 Thwart is 2 resources worth of thwart (okay).

Ability Analysis

Kate's ability turns 1 resource into 1 damage. If you pitch a card worth 3 resources, you'll deal 3 damage. It's not an efficient use of resources but, I don't think that's the intention of this ability.

In my opinion, Kate exists as a means to use cards that might have been leftover in your hand at the end of your turn. Cards that didn't quite fit in the strategy of your turn. Cards that you were planning on discarding anyway.


Hoh boy. So obviously, her base numerics aren't that good. Thwart is fine, as is using her as a meat shield, but the real goal of this card is to use her ability. You can use it with something like Sky Cycle to trigger twice per turn. I also think that you may want to look at running cards like Team Training, Teamwork or Strength In Numbers to further cover your bases.

I think a deck that runs Kate is a deck built around variability and adaptability. You're not building for big upgraded allies like Iron Man, Ronin, or Giant-Man, but instead looking to throw out allies who have very niche uses (Wonder Man, Ant-Man or Stinger).

You're looking to optimize every turn by filling in the holes of that turn with actions that would normally be less optimal.

You could run a card like this in Leadership Hulk, as a means to capitalize on Limitless Strength and the fact that it's Hero Mode only. Strength In Numbers decks may actually help Hulk have some decent turns. Both Captain Marvel and Black Panther have multi-resource cards that you may sometimes find yourself not using.

Ultimately, it's a very niche card that requires a particular mindset when attempting to play. Similar to the O.G. Hawkeye, I don't see this being ran in nearly all Leadership decks.

RolandWright · 2413
Don't forget to mention that the main benefit of her ability, (albeit in most cases she'll only do one point of damage from using it), as a result she doesn't take any consequential damage, so you can keep her on the battlefield for a long time if you don't use her to defend ... — bmay511 · 288
I agree; consequential damage is a significant cost for an ally despite in being present in basically all of them. Don't underestimate the ability to deal damage, let alone very notable damage, without ever having to suffer backlash from the attack. — TheDoc377 · 1

Wow, this card is great!

  • 2-cost allies are pretty much the cheapest ways to block villain attacks, and blocking villain attacks is great
  • this one also attacks for 2 before blocking
  • there are lots of Avenger synergies you could take advantage of

Don't look at that text box expecting to do Big Damage, that's not what it's for. Use it to plink Tough status cards off of enemies, and/or sneak in a 1-damage shot when you have an especially awkward hand.

Fry · 227