Agent Coulson's Army of LMDs

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DoctorWhomst · 124

EDIT: Swapped some cards

Out: x3 For Justice! In: x2 Counterintelligence, x1 Beat Cop

Edit 2: Swapped some more cards. Thanks to journeyman2 for the recommendations Out: x1 Interrogation Room, x1 Sense of Justice. In: x1 Beat Cop, x1 Under Surveillance

As I was perusing my cards the other day, two cards cought my eye. Firstly Rapid Response. Everyone knows this card is great. Recycling your allies like Maria Hill, Squirrel Girl, or even Hawkeye after using his arrows, is incredible. The second card was Agent Coulson. Mostly used for Black Widow decks, but still quite good for finding copies of Counterintelligence in any Justice deck.

Now, these are in two different aspects, but, Spider-Woman can use two aspects at once. Thus, this idea was born.


This is fairly simple. The idea is to get Agent Coulson out quickly, and use his ability to find Rapid Response. Use Coulson to block the villain every round, put him back out with Rapid Response, pull back RR with Coulson's ability, wash rinse repeat. Any other cards are just icing, except maybe Contaminant Immunity, which is great, and of course the wonderful Pheromones.



Rhino expert w/ Legions of Hydra: W, 0 threat on stage 1b

Ultron expert w/ Bomb Scare: W, 0 threat on stage 2b

Risky Business expert w/ Goblin Gimmicks: W, 0 threat on stage 1b

Mutagen Formula expert w/ Goblin Gimmicks: W, 2 threat on stage 2b

Kang expert w/ Temporal: W, 0 threat on stage 4b

Klaw expert w/ Hydra Assault: W, 0 threat on stage 2b

Rise of Red Skull expert campaign:

Crossbones: W, 0 threat on stage 3b

Absorbing Man: W, 0 threat on stage 1b

Taskmaster: W, 0 threat on stage 1b

Zola: W, 0 threat on stage 2b

Will update as I test the deck


Feb 21, 2021 DukeWellington · 117

I love this idea. I wish I'd thought of it.

Feb 21, 2021 gustave154 · 6

Spider Woman is S tier just because of this infinte loop lol

Feb 21, 2021 DoctorWhomst · 124

@gustave154She's really good, yeah. Not just for this loop, but really because she can use any ally in the game plus Leadership cards, which can lead to some crazy stuff.

Feb 21, 2021 Kingbarbarossa · 27

This is bananas. Just played a quick standard mutagen, the control on this is absurd. Nice combo!

Feb 21, 2021 DoctorWhomst · 124


Feb 24, 2021 zephyr100 · 1

@gustave154``@DoctorWhomst Once Gamora comes out, then Spider-Woman will lose exclusivity on multi-aspecting. Of course she will still be the best at it.

Feb 24, 2021 DoctorWhomst · 124

@zephyr100 That's true, but this particular combo will still be exclusive to Spider-Woman. Super excited for Gamora though!

Feb 24, 2021 journeyman2 · 20

This is awesome! Without For Justice, are there enough targets for Sense of Justice? Maybe -1 Interrogation Room -1 Sense of Justice for +1 Under Surveillance +1 Heroic Intuition. This might be overkill with all of the Counterintelligence happening though!

Feb 24, 2021 DoctorWhomst · 124

@journeyman2Thanks! Yeah, you're right about Sense of Justice, I like your changes, but Heroic Intuition is a little unnecessary, as Agent Coulson and Beat Cop do all the thwart you'll need. I'd make the changes you suggest, but with 1 more Beat Cop instead of Heroic Intuition.

Glad you enjoy the deck!