Spider-Man Double Ally Partner Deck [Genosha Games]

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This deck utilizes the unlimited activations of Black Cat with the resource-saving Iron Man, supported by the amazing defensive capabilities of Spider-Man.

You can see the full breakdown and discussion on my channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mjZ27Sn_XBY.

This deck was also designed to partner with my previously featured Black Panther double ally voltron deck. The two decks are meant to be played in tandem during gameplay for amazing power and synergy. You can find the full breakdown of that deck here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bjReO4Tggj8.

The most important strategy for this deck is to use and abuse the penalty-free attack activations of Black Cat. She can take an Inspired right away, but she'll need an Honorary Avenger on her before she can fully gear up with Power Gloves and a Sky Cycle. She'll swing twice a turn for 3 damage each. Give her a third activation whenever you have a Get Ready in hand. She doesn't take consequential damage, so she doesn't need any further hp boosts. She'll be on point as your primary attacker.

All of the upgrades cost either 0 or 1, so Iron Man can equip them all for free. Hit points are activations, so make sure he gets the other two copies of Honorary Avenger. The single copy of Reinforced Suit is also just for him. That will give him a combined health total of 7, which allows him to do 6 activations without healing up. Put him on thwarting duty for a removal of 3 each time, which becomes 6 per turn when he's fully geared up. Don't forget about that 1-2 ping damage from Power Gloves when he does thwart. It can remove tough status or zap lingering minions.

Speaking of healing, we've included the same healing package in this deck: Inspiring Presence and First Aid. The former readies Iron Man three times and the latter grants him 6 more activations.

Not much needs to be said about Spider-Man. His main role is to defend and he has an amazing toolkit in his signature pool to handle everything the encounter throws at you and to also benefit from it with his card draw ability. He has a free resource on his Peter Parker side that will help to get the upgrades and events in play. Aunt May is amazing for keeping his health topped up, so he won't have to waste turns recovering.

There are no Energy, Genius, or Strength cards in this deck because everything is cheap. The only expensive cards are the allies themselves and a couple of the hero cards, which you can easily pay for with redundancy cards or whatever else you've got in hand. Just use a Call for Aid to reset your deck whenever you need to.

The last thing to talk about is Ready for Action. This deck was not used in the original version of the Black Panther double ally voltron deck, but it's in there now. This card is fantastic in these builds. The idea was to still get value out of the allies even after they've run out of gas and have to wait for more healing cards to cycle back around again. At first I was using Teamwork, but the problem was that it requires the hero to be available, which sometimes doesn't happen the way you want it to. Ready for Action fixes this problem by putting the agency back on the ally. A tough status means another activation for 1 cost. If things are looking grim for the hero, you can also use it for an emergency block.

Give this deck a try. Try out the original Black Panther deck too. It's even more fun to play both decks together with a partner. See my deck tech video for strategy tips on how to really synergize your gameplay and get the most efficiency out of these fantastic buddy decks.