Spider-Woman Punch and Counterpunch (Decked Halls 2020)

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KennedyHawk · 7992

This holiday season KennedyHawk returns to his Decked Halls series and brings each hero a gift with a new deck built using his least used aspect for each hero. For 14 days this miniseries will provide a short deck overview of a deck Kennedy is enjoying this winter season. Whatever holiday you celebrate we hope it brings you joy and look forward to an amazing 2021. This deck focuses getting Spider-Woman to a stat line of 3/3/3 and then using readying tricks and counter punch to get at least 3 uses of those states. Holiday colors chosen on purpose.

Audiocast: https://mcm-podcast.com/2020/12/21/decked-halls-2020-spider-woman-aggression-protection/


Dec 21, 2020 +6hitpoints · 37

Looks super cool. I’m tempted to try it out. I do have a question though. I noticed you included Electrostatic Armor which is good for defense. But you also included Counterattack which I’ve always thought was a card for players who didn’t want to defend. So is Spider-Woman trying to defend more or not, or is it whatever you have on hand?

Dec 22, 2020 jonnielawman · 1

Kennedy I listened to the podcast about this deck and just now played it. Thanks it was a lot of fun. I don't normally play Spiderwoman, but this deck made her fun.

Dec 22, 2020 KennedyHawk · 7992

@+6hitpoints All good points. I think I take the approach of take the damage you can get. Building up for DEF certainly can take the "attack" out of Counterattack so I tend to not use it in the same turn as Counter-Punch. Really I'd like to swap it out once we get more 1-cost upgrade options in Aggression. You could swap the Counterattack for a Jarnbjorn and Mean Swing if you want to keep the cost curve low. I've found keeping it out and using it to deal damage on non Counter-Punch turns was enough for me! Glad you found a Spider-Woman deck you enjoy!

Dec 22, 2020 KennedyHawk · 7992

@jonnielawman Glad you found a deck to enjoy with Spider-Woman. I've mainly been running her in Justice and Leadership for all the cheap events and upgrades.