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dr00 · 42059

School's out... for summer! Schooooool's out... for-EVAAAAA sick guitar solo

Bobby's here to jam out with some great tunes by the pool with his good buddy Domino. Hey, luck is definitely a superpower.

slip n slide

Slip n Slide

Playing this deck is simple. Get Domino and Cryokinetic Perception out as quickly as possible, place ICE cards from your hand back on top of your deck, ???, and PROFIT. Well, it's a little more complicated than that.

Domino Domino Domino Domino Domino DUN DUN DUN DUN

Call for Backup gets Domino directly. Also, you know, Domino... gets Domino directly. Cos it's Domino. The card you want. Anyway, once you have her, Call for Backup is helpful for- oh, hey, look at this crew here.

  • Caliban: be sure to bring lots of sunblock for him. He burns super easily. He also digs for Domino, but sometimes you get Snow Clones instead. That's all good though. They're still decent allies to get out anyway.
  • Ironheart, Maria Hill, Nick Fury, White Tiger: just drawin cards, but what else do you need? Just keep in mind that White Tiger won't draw anything with Rapid Response or Call for Backup. Big sad, but you still got the other options, and she's still gonna draw you lots of cards.

Once Domino is out, you've got First Aid x2 and Rapid Response x2 to keep her out as long as possible. And don't be afraid to keep her out on the table for a while without using her. You really want that value once you get Cryo down as well.

Cold as Ice

Superpower Training gets Cryokinetic Perception directly. Also Cryo-actually, you know how this all works. But if you already have Cryo, you could grab something ELSE. The ideal target in most cases is Ice Slide though. It really makes this deck sing once you get Iceman's stats to 2/3/3. Power Belt is also great as a fashion accessory and some extra resources and health. Frozen Solid is your last option, but it's still decent value if there's nothing else to grab.

And finally, Build Support gets you Team-Building Exercise or, well, that's it. But it's great in multiplayer! And you can take it out if you'd like something else, like more healing, a copy of Lead from the Front to pump up your whole board when Iceman is about to pop off, or anything your heart desires. I love the consistency though.

And there's lot of ICE cards. 13 in fact! Really the only ones that aren't are Cryokinetic Perception itself (doesn't matter though), and the Power Belt. Don't forget the Snow Clones are also ICE traited. There's plenty of cards in the deck to trigger your readies.

We Got the Moves

Once both Domino and Cryokinetic Perception are in play, you always want to start the turn with using Domino's basic action to attack or thwart, then place and ICE card on top of your deck. Later in the turn, use Bobby's basic attack, triggering his Freeze! ability. This will then trigger Cryokinetic Perception, drawing yo-oh hey! Lookit that! An ICE card? Ya don't say! Then you ready and can attack again or even thwart if you feel like it (but why would you?? Just keep throwin' them snowballs like Buddy the Elf).

Ice Slide boosts your stats to make those readies more impactful. You also have Morale Boost as an option. It doesn't seem like a lot, but it feels really great having this available, pumping your basic ATK to 5, 6, or even up to 7 for the round. Hitting for 10+ and putting -2/-2 on the villain feels super great. If you want to get spicy, feel free to replace them with Lead from the Front to also power up your Domino and Ice Clones.

Don't Forget Your Towel

There's a lot of great card drawing options, and Team-Building, Cryo, and the Belt all offer some great economy. Once you've activated with Domino, then Iceman, you should have plenty of Frostbites out on the villain. Arctic Attack is a great option to swap with the top of the deck with Domino. After you get out Frostbite, it hits for 6, and you can easily pay for it. As mentioned, Snow Clones are another great option. You'll almost always be able to play them and get that minus consequential kicker right away.

Sometimes you get exhausted by encounter effects. That really sucks, but it's not the end of the world. Sometimes you take a while to get all your pieces out. Don't worry! Be happy or whatever. You'll get it out, and you'll have some great combo turns that will definitely help you sliiiide to victory.


Jul 08, 2024 corbintm · 1491

I cannot believe you linked to a lonely island song in 2024 lmao

Jul 08, 2024 dr00 · 42059

@corbintm leave no stone unturned, no boat unboarded lol

Jul 10, 2024 tjjj · 223

Just don't draw exhaust treacheries and you should be good

Jul 10, 2024 JeepKnee · 1

Add "To Me My X-Men" for some extra spicy Domino shenanigans!

Jul 11, 2024 dmct · 1

Every time I see you post a new deck, I know I'm in for some enjoyable jank. Love the deck. Nice to see a build not based on X-Men spam. Never thought to use domino for him.

Jul 15, 2024 dr00 · 42059

@tjjj if the deck would stop giving them to me!

@JeepKnee i wanted to minimise the amount of x-characters in deck for Caliban to dig more deeply for Domino, but that's a great option as well!

@dmct always aim to please :D