Float like a honed butter knife

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stilonxy · 5452

What's better than 1 extra damage? Well, 2 obviously. And a ton of control.

This is no flashy deck with huge numbers, just a really solid build that offer reliable and consistent damage output and control.

Not much to say here. Initially I tried Float Like a Butterfly with a basic attack build as it synergize well with Upside the Head but I figured you fall behind on thwarting and Upside the Head is applied after the attack. Hence came the idea to do a more event focused deck with the inclusion of Honed Technique.

Press the Advantage hits for 4+draw, One by One for 4+3 and Venom Blast for 8 which is great value with fairly simple setup. Adjust your basic activation according to the situation. Honed Technique is easy to both build and trigger with Finesse and Quincarrier. Build Support is there for a fairly easy Quincarrier grab. Switch it for Deft Focus if you wanna.

A quick note regarding Hall of Heroes. During play testing this card has proven to add great value as you easily can go A-E. You can however swap it for something else like Melee, or Lock and Load as a backup for when you need a confuse.

Speaking of Melee, I've play tested it but S-W greatly benefits from low cost cards. It's a matter of taste and I simply find it a bit awkward to use in this deck.

Kinda lazy write up. I've figured writing isn't for me. Might do a proper one later, however I feel like the deck speaks for itself pretty much. Still wanted to share this awesome deck.

That's that. Enjoy =)


Jun 29, 2024 zambal · 1

Nice deck! Surprised I haven't seen this combo before for Spider-Woman.

Jun 29, 2024 Onsentape · 1

Seems a good deck ! i'll try it !

Jun 30, 2024 Rey Rey Pod · 4

Looks like a pretty solid deck and I like the pairing of Float Like a Butterfly with many options to attack via the Aggression events...! An option to also perhaps include Prof X for that confuse as well as an easy way to complete Build Support in one hit!:)

Jun 30, 2024 stilonxy · 5452

@Podbreaker thanks for the suggestion :) ! While Professor X is a tempting card for Float Like a Butterfly builds, it sadly doesn't synergize that well with this deck imo. Basic cards are fairly awkward to use as S-W, even more so when they are expensive, and you need an odd number of basic cards unless you wanna go over 40. Instead I opted to include Psylocke and Spider-Girl to increase the # of confusions :)

Jul 07, 2024 dr00 · 42059

wow, i was totally working on a deck just like this haha. amazing. i hadn't considered Honed though. how are you liking it?

i was also thinking Lock and Load would be very good. have you tried that one? seems great for getting an extra Sonic Rifle when you need it

Jul 07, 2024 stilonxy · 5452

@dr00 I take that as a huge compliment coming from you :)

At first glance it might seem like an odd choice, as you only have 8 fairly cheap attack events. However, it's well worth it's cost in the long game and is fairly easy to build. Float and Honed together really makes One by one a kicker.

I've tried other options, and I feel like you could drop One by one and go a more heavy on allies w/ Boot Camp instead of Honed to get similar numbers. My experience is that, given all the control you have, the board gets crowded really fast with only 3 slots and it can feel a bit awkward.

I've indeed tried Lock and Load. It's a solid back up card, however I'd say the biggest benefit is one less card in the deck. I feel like S-Ws toolkit is so good already. I've rarely found myself in a situation where I felt I missed having it.

Jul 07, 2024 dr00 · 42059

yeah, i think i was running 1 L&L, 1 Sonic Rifle on mine actually. i only tested a few times. will definitely give Honed Technique a try! seems great with Finesse for sure, and One By One hitting for 4 gives you a much better shot at hitting again

this was my list if you want to take a look. i hadn't tested it too much though, just a few games. marvelcdb.com i'm seeing now with my reliance on Concussive Blow and Scare Tactic, Honed definitely doesn't make as much sense there, but Martial Prowess has a lot of targets. so cool that we had very different approaches to the same core strategy. love to see it

Jul 09, 2024 stilonxy · 5452

@dr00 Indeed, that's really cool! I love your take, and Martial Prowess makes a lot more sense in your build. I love the inclusion of Aggressive Energy. Is there any reason you didn't include Hall of Heroes? I know that S-W doesn't benefit much from going into A-E, but with a confusion build Hall is great to set up big turns.

Jul 11, 2024 Hodgkin · 1

Loved the deck and had a blast playing it. Thanks!

Jul 12, 2024 stilonxy · 5452

@Hodgkin happy to hear! Thanks for the feedback :)