"The Danvers Advantage"

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maddox · 29

Originally brewed for Solo Champions League, I would say this might actually be my favorite deck in the game. It's versatile, powerful, and consistent. As long as the villain doesn't have Steady. This feels like a pretty tight list, but I'd be happy to discuss tweaks and improvements in the comments!

This is a Captain Marvel ally voltron deck. So you want to hard-mulligan for your signature ally, or else a copy of Call for Aid to fetch her. CardGameCalculator.com tells me there's an 82% chance to draw one of those 3 cards by Turn 2, without factoring in Nick Furyand his draw-3 ability. A third copy of Call for Aid would bring those T2 draw odds up to 90%, which isn't a big enough leap to warrant giving up any of our blue upgrades.

Anyway, start slamming upgrades on Captain Marvel, keep her healthy with First Aid, and enjoy dealing a ton of dmg/thw to everything, while drawing up to 2 extra cards per turn. Sky Cycle is your top-priority upgrade, and I want to point out that the new Sidekick card is a strictly-better Reinforced Suit, as this deck usually flips down to heal once or twice per game, so the bonus healing on Captain Marvel is just awesome. We generally don't have room for those clunky 2-cost cards that tend to go in "the sidekick package," BUT if you're ever specifically fighting Zola, go ahead and swap out the 2 Call for Aid for 2 copies of Side-by-Side!

Finesse, Deft Focus, and Clarity of Purpose are all top priority resource-generators that will help you play Spider-Woman's top-tier signature event cards as often as possible. One cute lil' combo in this deck is putting Clarity on Bug to turn him into a little energy battery for you each turn. If that doesn't work out, Clarity is still good using it the old-ouch!-fashioned way. Contaminant Immunity is great for recovering some of that health while protecting yourself from the next villain hit.

Press the Advantage is hopefully drawing us some cards, thanks to Pheromones, Professor X, and Mockingbird.

There's probably a decent argument for running Psylocke over Brawn for a little more consistency on the status effects. I'm just hesitant to add a second 4-cost card to a deck that wants to be playing multiple things each turn. Throg could be another flex slot, too. I was actually considering a random copy of Suppressing Fire, as 0-cost aspect cards are great for Spider-Woman, and you're going to want the extra healing if you've been using Clarity of Purpose on yourself every turn.

Other cards I've considered, but ultimately decided against: Boot Camp - too expensive for a marginal effect. Sunfire - a nice tech card to have for some matchups. Get Ready is obviously solid here, and you could probably afford the extra consequential damage, with 3 copies of First Aid in the deck. I'm just not sure what you'd cut for it. There is definitely a version of this deck that cuts Nick Fury and one copy of First Aid, converting those two grey basic slots into colored aspect cards like Reinforced Suit and your favorite red card.